Pixelate Me Mate: 1.0

🧠 Quiz Me Gently: a new segment of uselessness here at Quizmaster Trivia! Posts under this tab will feature our "best team names" from each month and worthless blog posts (like this one) that will further your growth as a human not one bit. 

🖼️ So, we'll be posting a useless blog post, once per week (or less, or more), just for fun. 

🤔 If you've played our pub quiz you've seen this question before: the dreaded pixel photo. Let's get started with these 10 for now. How many did you get?

Answers from top to bottom:

1. Will Smith 
2. The Biebs 
3. Serena Williams 
4. Amy Schumer 
5. Robert De Niro (from Heat) 
6. Billie Eillish 
7. Johnny Depp 
8. Kit Harrington 
9. Patrick Mahomes 
10. Zendaya


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