Best Team Names of June 2022!

Pixar Trivia
- Buzzed on Light Beer
- I hope they Pixar name
- A Thug's Life
- The 2319's
- I'm in love with the Coco
- Walt Quizney
- We only know Disney movies
- 4 Town Fan Club
- The Un-Incredibles
- Sunnyside PTA
- The Quizmaster makes my cheeks turn red
- Toyz II Men
- CGI Fridays
- Buzz and Woody, Giggle, Giggle
- Pixar and chill 
- Lightyears Ahead of the Competition
- I’m Trash! 
- Andy’s Mom Had Woody & Buzz Toys, Too
- To Trivia and Beyond
- Buzzed Lightyear “To Infinity and Bombed.”
- "Lots 'O Huggins Beer"
- These Pixar of Your Mom Last Night

1840 Brewing Co.
- I heard you sh$t in my bed
- Gas Prices… am I Right?!
- Dolphins Wear Helmets Too
- Blood, Sweat, & Queers
- We Hope the Supreme Court Steps on ALL of the Legos

The Baaree
- The Thiens-Villian
- FAFO: fuck around and find out 
- I wish I knew how to quit trivia 
- The hellfire club
- Mom's Spaghetti 
- Call Me, I'm Desperate 
- C's Get Degrees
- Cherry Poppin Virgins

- Can I pay my tab in DeutschMarks

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- “I can’t hear shit…”
- OJ Simpson killing it on and off the field.

Caffrey's Pub
- Quiztina Aguilera

Camp Bar Shorewood 
- I love you but my nose grows to lalaland
- How do you spell Kazakhstan?
- Seymour butts
- Bagdaddies
- I’m wrestling my demons and getting tbagged
- Kuwait Kuwait don’t tell me 
- Angkor’s twats

Camp Bar Third Ward
- Hey Ryan, how many “T’s” in the word idiot? 
- Quizzically challenged 
- Quiz cougar

Camp Bar Tosa
- Little red riding deez nuts
- Silk exotic: where dreams come true
- Oh you like dragon? (Dragon deez nuts across your face)

Deer Camp
- Dildo Gaggins
- Waiting for my pebble proposal
- High as gas prices 
- Wet dreams about brokeback mountain

Eagle Park Brewing Co.
- Slutty Slut Sluts for Dijonaise 
- Oy! My Goiter

The Edge Sports Bar
- Shot Ski Should be in the Olympics

Ferch's Crafthouse Grille
- The more we play, the harder we get

Fox River House
- Kid Rock’s Pediatrician
- It’s not John Hancock, it’s Herbie Hancock
- MY LEG!!!

Gathering Place Brewing Co.
- I’ve had Crunchwraps more Supreme than this Court

Hogs & Kisses
- Swamp Arses 
- Random Ass Team
- Balls Deep 
- Feelin Stoopid 
- Live Love Laugh Smile Forever

Iron Horse Hotel
- William Taft Also Got Stuck in a Bathtub 
- I’m Gonna Quiz
- Hey Jude, You Suck 
- Flat Bottomed Trunks, but Fat Bottomed Girls

Izzy Hops
- William Hung like a Horse
- The apple of Steve Buscemi’s eyes

Jack's American Pub
- Camouflage Condoms…you never saw us coming!
- I think one of my Dads might be gay
- Tits and Ass 
- Jelly Pus: Porn Site or Translucent

- Quiz in my pants 
- Testies
- Clueless in Belgium

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- My Anaconda don't want none unless you got Buscemi Eyes, hun
- I want my anaconda between Hillary Swank's red breast
- Light as a feather, stiff as Brigham Young's Anaconda
- The world's other venomous primate: Amber Heard
- Amber Heard beat Johnny Depp more than the Packers beat the Bears
- The cock-ness monsters
- West Ham get battered everywhere they go
- Ivanna Hugh G. Reaction
- Let get down to quizness
- Don't worry, Challenger, my first mission also ended in a premature explosion
- Fuck you, KYLE!!!
- Kyle has two syllables in American
- The Noblest gas ever is a Queef
- IF Kyle is one syllable, then Scotland is part of England
- Kyle is wrong
- Charles and Kyle has two syllables but DICK has one
- Who names their kid Kyle in 1922?
- Your mom named me Lance because of my long pole
- Khylleh (pronounced "Kyle")
- Kobe, permanently retired
- Our gas is noble
- Everything I touch turns to Gouda
- Don't quiz me bro
- Gerald Ford's barber
- Leo went ker-plunk in Titanic (there was room on the door)
- My wife thinks I'm out jogging
- Large diameter hoes
- Jack could've fit on the door
- Making a Murderer - featuring O.J. Simpson
- Greenland should be a country!
- Jack, there's room for 2
- O.J. was innocent
- Unwise beyond our years

Magoo's on the Mound
- You like apples? How about them winter bananas? 
- a Hard Night's Day
- What would you do for a Klondike Bear?
- Recipe: Wrap wife in thin spaghetti for Angels on Whore's Back
- Did Sarah Palin see the January 6th insurrection from her house? 
- Calamine Lotion, because its topical

- Al Gore Invented the Internet 
- Eat my ASSMAN
- I've had sex with stranger things than Marc Rubio
- Go down, give head, make me a sandwich 
- What's Obama's last name
- Suck my John Hancock
- Grease Me Up, I’m Home Alone and want to go to the Chocolate Factory

Milwaukee Ale House
- Amber Heard's Legal Team
- Hunt, Mike
- Nation of Quizlam
- They Drink Ketchup, Don't They? 
- Party Foul Beer Emergency
- KerPlunk Deez Nuts 
- Loser Jumps in the River

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- I'm actually smarter than this quiz would indicate 
- JFK's mind blowing trivia team
- Didn’t Burger King have a Joey Fatone burger? 
- I Wish I had a King Cobra

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- The ASS MAN will leave the light on 
- Chew on this and we will leave the light on for you 
- Happy Pride Month Bert and Ernie!!
- Mozzarella originally came from my Italian grandmother 
- My Hancock is retractable 
- Raging lesbians
- Let’s get ready to rumble in your moms Libya 
- Earth Wind and Fyre fest 
- Fiveskins 

MKE Brewing Co
- An orgy of oysters
- When you think of garbage, think of Akeem! 
- Patriotically correct ❤️ 
- Freedom of playing trivia 
- I'd rather die than bike 112 miles 
- Hulk Hogan's stinky farts
- The John Handcocks
- Simba is a bitch

- Childhood Trauma: Champagne of Tears
- Smash or Pass - Miles Teller?
- How I met your Mother in 1989
- Betty Lou fell 75 stories into my Tromboner
- Libya, more like Labia

- I’ve fallen 73 stories and I can’t get up 
- Sucker, I barely know her
- Dwayne “The Rock Hopper” Johnson 
- You must be 5’11” to ride the rock n rollercoaster
- Chuck Yeager may have broken the sound barrier but our score broke the smell barrier. AM I RIGHT?!
- At least I had sex today

Pete's Pub
- David Gruber had sex with my wife
- If I don’t win my wife won’t let me back in
- Big bad bowser’s ballsack
- Clit Eatwood

Rally Time, West Bend
- Today Was The Day That Amber Heard Almost Caught Captain Jack Sparrow
- Jared Went To Jail For Eating Too Fresh 
- You Are Now Free To Move Sound My Dick
- It's Blowing Harder Than Your Mom Out There 
- Preserved Penis Envy 
- My D Is Worth More Than 2 Points
- Was Easy-E Thinking About Sting When He Sang "F@#k The Police?" 
- The McLean Makes Me Go Kerplunk In The Toilet

Raised Grain
- Big Nessie Doesn’t Go Shallow- big Nessie goes deep.
- Quarter Pounder? I Barely McKnow Her
- Quiz On My Face 
- Not here to win- we just like the playlist
- This Trivia is harder than my Johnson

Red Star Bar (Whole Foods, Streeterville)
- We Came Back From Our Honeymoon For This?!
- Quiz Pics > Dick Pics 
- The More You Play With It, The Harder It Gets 

Rock Bottom
- Quiz Khalifa
- Our food was cold

- Gotta use your Goldfinger before you give me your Anaconda
- Nation of Quizlam
- The Quizmaster's mom is drunk 
- I'll rotini your weenie
- The Stuttering I I Italians 
- Marquettowa

State Line Distillery
- Kayaking with my Sluts
- 99 problems but student loans ain’t one (anymore!!)
- A cloister of Oysters 
- Do the Chicago bears really count as an NFL Franchise?
- Should’ve had a V8
- R.I.P. (Rest In Paisans) 
- Gaslight, Gatekeep, Golden Girls
- President Tiny Hands Ketchup Throwing Extravaganza Name

Station 1 Brewing
- E = mcHammered
- John Triviaolta

Third Space Brewing
- Not Cooler by the Lake
- Hotter than
- SCOTUS, you mean SCROTUS

The Turn
- 7 Eggplants & A Peach

UpDown MKE
- Prima Donna Mommas 
- Albino Rhinos and Third Wind
- Extra Virgin Mary Christmas Carol Channing Tatum O’Neal Patrick Harris 
- Thomas the Spank Engine
- Napoleon’s Dick in a Jar
- Kennedy wasn’t shot. His head just did that.
- Dennis Rodman’s Pierced Nipples 
- David Gruber Fucked My Wife
- Caesar wasn’t stabbed, his back just did that
- Our Score is Kerplunk

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
- Miller Time
- Nothing to Luge!


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