Best Team Names of September 2022

Schitt's Creek Trivia
- The quizapals 
- We’re all dating Jake 
- The sloppy mouths 
- We’re a little bit…Schitty at this quiz. 
- Disgruntled Pelicans 
- Simply the Best Name
- We’re Just Here for the Schitts and Giggles
- Don't Worry It's His Sister
- The quizzes has eyes III: The quizzening
- Simply the Best Team
- Pelicans in Sweaters
- Sunrise Gays
- Jazzaguys 
- Moiras wigs
- Sunrise bebes 
- That Schitts deep 
- Rays bumpkin dates
- Stavros groupies 
- I studied for this Schitt 
- Patrick’s ex-girlfriends 
- We are simply the shittiest 
- Schitt outta luck
- The Children With the troubled mouths foundation 
- One “schittty” threesome.

1840 Brewing
- The Spanish In-quiz-ition
- God Did Not Save the Queen
- Nocturnal Estimations

The Baaree
- Democratic Republic of Chads 
- Tusch Gardenz
- Libya's Labias
- Red Hot Tiki Peppers 
- Sneaky a Peaky at 'dem tikis
- We Left Hungry Kids at Home 
- Brett Favre with the Lead Pipe in the Laundromat
- Bo Diddly Fucking I Don't Know
- Say Cock Again
- John Williams Gets Out of Jail Free 
- Honey,  I nutted in my cheerios

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- My bird is so emu, it listens to Avril Lavigne.
- SPAM: Squirrels, Possums, And Moles 
- Prince Albert gave Queen Elizabeth a Happy Ending, if you know what I mean…
- I dreamt I was doing the Alabama Hot Pocket with Quizmaster Katelin in the Hot Tub Time Machine. 
- Hotter than Adam Levine’s Mistress
- The Walking Med Students: an American Horror Story

Caffrey's Pub
- Just did my fantasy draft, what does 'QB' mean?

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- God didn’t save the queen 
- When I think about books, I touch my shelf
- Arm bar, edging and smearing. Those are all things I’ve done in the bedroom
- Brett favre welfare fund 
- Best name: stroke my babinski

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- The Lewinsky Method: stroking cock for an executive response 
- I Got one hand in my pocket and the other is stroking the bottom of your foot

Camp Bar, Tosa
- London bridge was prince Phillips code name for oral sex 
- Beastiality boys 
- Sorry can’t text…. I’m pooping
- All hail the fat bottom girls 
- Dead wife, second wife, free wife 
- Dead queen, second queen, free queen 
- Climbing your way on top: a guide to smearing and edging

Deer Camp MKE
- Jumper cables worked better on my car than they did on Queen Elizabeth
- Easy as Sarah Palin
- I just bodiddly’d myself in the bathroom
- Hurricane Ian (Eatin) this Dick!

Eagle Park Brewing, Milwaukee
- David Beckham's Brazilian carpet
- Supposed to be studying
- Our score was not incredible 

Fox River House
- Trojan: Life is Delicious

The Iron Horse Hotel
- Master Quizzers
- Fun fact – camp Randall is the fifth largest city on game day 
- The thirsty squirrels
- Isosceles- Deez-Nuts

Izzy Hops
- If we win, my date will let me hit for the cycle tonight.
- Fuck, Marry, Kilimanjaro
- My Social Security Number is 420-69-8008 (haha boob)

Jack's American Pub
- Jacks American Nub 
- Yes we are on a first date, yes it’s going well, yes there will be a second

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- Can I put Buscemi eyes on my wife
- Couldn't think of a team name, so Phuket
- Phuket we can't think of a name
- Stormy Daniels starring in: Donald Trump's stolen erection
- 6pm trivia start?! -- Phuket!
- Ryan wears Crocs at home
- Jamaican me Clinton!
- I did not have sexual relations with those Crocs
- Lichtenstein my balls 
- Ryan, did you wear those Jorts to the Queen's funeral?
- How much spiced meat can your mom eat?
- The gonads are the largest organ in my body
- Bring back the slutty green M&M
- Toss my Randall Cobb salad
- You don't wear crocs, but you do wear Jorts... okay.
- I dreamt of wearing Jorts, but it's too cold
- We were hoping for one more week of Jorts 
- Quiz me baby one more time
- Brett Favre's Welfare Team

Magoo's on the Mound
- Your mom is the 11th biggest object in the solar system 
- If you ask one more Leo DiCaprio question I'm putting you in my pork barrel
- I thought this was speed dating
- I want to play pinball with Djibouti
- Nathaniel Ratcliffe and the Knight Stools 
- Sofa King Awesome

- Uranus is HUGE
- I put the Banana in Fruit of the Loom 
- Dickin' Around the the Stick and Aaron
- Your mom flew over my cock last night 
- Djiboutti Roll Call
- All Catholic people endorse child moldering 
- Angkor thots

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Pur-Mees-I-an goats
- The bastard grandsons of Queen Elizabeth II 
- The ginger Jamba‘s
- Is Pangaea confirmed, busted, or plausible?
- My heaviest organ isn’t on this list 
- The three newly orphaned corgis
- Dumb Dumb Idiot Girls = 2 cool 4 school 

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- One in one thousand gin drinkers prefer your mom
- The second most powerful person in the White House is Joe Biden's caretaker 
- Milf- man I love fall 
- Your mom is currently in my fruit of the looms 
- Was prince not part of Queen? 
- He was a sk8er boy, I was drinking $2 schlitz 
- Rehab is for quitters 
- Show me your snoods 
- There’s something about Djibouti
- Fat kids are harder to kidnap 
- My boyfriend's my groom of stool 

- At least we're Good at Math
- Fear and Loathing in my Anus
- Young enough for Leo, Old enough for Beer
- R Kelly pisses me off
- Fear the Beer
- I Want to Mount Your Kilimanjaro
- 50 Shades of Djibouti
- Henry the VIII's Stool Pidgeons
- The Biggest Organ in my Body is Yours

Mo's Irish Pub, Wauwatosa
- ElizaDeath - Zombie Queen
- Snow White’s Tramp Stamp

- A score over 25 is too high for Leo 
- Gene Simmons can kiss my One Direction 
- The Mail-DEEZ NUTS
- All trivia, no crack 
- Another one bites the dust- queen
- Grad student drinking fund investors
- R Kelly's next album... European
- My grandma doesn't wrestle but you should see her box
- JFK didn't make it to 90?? 
- Megan is also looking to choke on a ham "sandwich"

Perspective Brewing Co
- Hurricane Ian (Because we will Destroy You)
- Professor Plum in the Bar with a Beer Glass

Pete's Pub
- Bottom of the Barrel
- Try Guys Try Adultery

Raised Grain Brewing Co.
- Not your grandma’s Bible study
- God Save The Quiz 
- I’d Like a Sip from you Dong-pair-a-schlong
- Sipping Snowflakes
- Mr. Green, At Raised Grain with a Giant Pretzel

Rally Time, West Bend
- Lick The White Dog Shit 
- We're Not From Asia But Phuket
- Bill Clinton Loved His Stein Liechd
- Fu@k You Skinny Bitches Who Know Different Kinds Of Salads 
- Happy Dirty, Flirty, Squirty, 30 Kaivahn!
- Is This Heaven? No...Its The Colony of New France
- Our Score Says It All! (69 Baybeeee!)

Red Star Bar (Whole Foods)
- Malort Cohort

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Frank Quiznatras
- Diligent Drunks
- Belligerent Baddies
- One Singular Loving Penis

- Is Stephen Hawking Batman?
- Gimme a "Heel" Yeah 
- Having A Guinness At The Queen's Funeral
- Cut My Life Into Pieces, This Is Wii Sports Resort
- Ja Rule? You Mean Ja Mama! 
- Liquor? I Hardly Know Her!

State Line Distillery
- Maximum Capacity 
- We're Declassified Name
- Corn, It Has Juice.
- Hashtag Not My King
- God Save the Team 
- Harry Styles Spits in One Direction
- Snow Whites Tramp Stamp 
- Paul Hollywoods Soggy Bottom
- All dogs are lap dogs 
- Panic! At the trivia

Station 1 Brewing Co.
- Scranton Stranglers
- Beer for Dinner 
- Hurricane Ian Makes Me Wet

Third Space Brewing
- Old enough to rent a car…but too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio
- Where in the World is Davante Adams?
- Send Snoods
- Pablo Escobar the original rubber band man 
- Let me show you my biggest organ 
- Stool samplers

The Tosa Tavern
- Tiger in the Taint

The Turn
- Team Baefy Slayfees
- Team Old Fashionly Sour
- The Undynamic Duo

UpDown MKE
- William Taft’s 8.7 Inch Balls 
- Go Directly to Last 
- Alzheimer’s?? I Barely Know Her!
- Buckingham Estate Sale 
- It’s Corn!
- Princess Diana’s Revenge
- Resexualize the Green M&M
- We didn’t need anal beads to win trivia! 
- Cujo Grip

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
- 5 Shades of Grey


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