FeudMaster's Funniest Answers of September 2022!

Rally Time, West Bend

  • Name something that old people in a nursing home might look forward to? Answer: a Coffin 
  • You’ve been asked to house sit for a family that owns a mega mansion. What do you hope the house has? Answer: Stripper Pole! 
  • Besides decent food, name something that an astronaut has to go without when living on the space station? Answer: Piece of ass 
  • Name something found in Las Vegas that you’d like to see more of in your home town? Answer: Strippers and Cocaine 
  • Name something you don't want flat? Answer: An Ass 
  • Name a device you look through? Answer: Telescrotum

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood

  • Name a weather term that might also describe your partner? Answer: 12 inches 
  • Name something that your mom always told you to keep clean? Answer: My crotch 
  • Name something that a man might try to cover up on a first date? Answer: Dick size
  • If you went back in time 10,000 years, name a luxury item that you’d probably miss? Answer: Vibrator
  • Name something that a grown woman would lie about that a young girl would not? Answer: Body Count

Pete's Pub

  • What did your ex stick you with?  Answer: A Kid 
  • Where do crabs live? Answer:  (Your Mom's) Genitals  
  • What do you wish you could hit the delete button on? Answer: (Your Mom's) Crabs
  • Name something that a country singer would sing about that a rapper probably would not? Answer: Incest 
  • Name something that you hope your new lover does NOT have when you see them naked for the first time? Answer:  Leaves for Cigarettes 
  • Name a complaint you might have about your car that you might also have about your partner? Answer: Short Dipstick 
  • Name something that most men hate to admit they can’t do? Answer: Find the Clitoris


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