Best Team Names of December 2022!

Merry Quizmas Trivia
- Cottonheaded Ninny Muggins 
- Mistletoasted
- That’s not the only thing Santa’s coming in tonight
- Resting grinch faces 
- The Christmas tree ain’t the only thing getting lit tonight 
- Noel it Alls
- Jingle Beers 
- The Ho Ho Hoes 
- Island of Misfit Beers
- 7 quizzers quizzing 
- Angels with filthy souls and dirty THOTS 
- Yule shoot your IPA out

1840 Brewing
- Resting Grinch Face
- Bruce Quizsteen
- “Gingers R Cool”-Thomas Jefferson
- Mariah Carey’s Holiday Dingoes
- Less answers than Southwest Airlines

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- Shhh, let it happen
- Does Thomas Jefferson Red hair match his jungle book?
- le tits now
- The mark twinks

Brass Monkey
- Quizmaster Katelin calls me Fred Flinstone because I make her bed rock.
- When Mikey Cyrus is naked and licks a hammer, it’s “art” and “music”… but when I do it? I’m “wasted” and have to leave Home Depot.
- The Meteorologist is Calling for 9 Inches for One Lucky Woman Tonight
- New Year, Same Shitty Me 
- Freddie Mercury’s Kryptonite was AIDS 
- HAHA She Said “Spanx” 
- Quizmaster Katelin’s Pants Bother Me… Take Them Off

Cafe Hollander, Brookfield
- Zippers vs. velcro debate of the century
- I know another word that comes before job (it got the most laughs from the people playing)

Caffrey's Pub
- Big Titze
- Fa la la la losers

Camp Bar,  Shorewood
- Taylor Swift Can Strum Our Banjo
- We Can’t Even Afford to Trade US Dollars
- Small smooth pillow penis 
- When I think about books I touch myself
- Chest Hair Sweater Vest
- Bullshit, the most common element 
- We’ll finish a gallon-sized peen!

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Santa has a big Pete Davidson
- Just the tip of MC’s Hammer 
- Survey says “Gouda is a top tier cheese” 
- Pillow talking going down a rabbit hole with bill Clinton 
- Snoop dog schlizzing on Lyndon B’s Johnson
- The Ho Ho Hos 
- In the air ducts there was a clatter
- Rob loves popcorn and tits 
- Britney’s Barbershop

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Dolly Parton's octopussy
- I know a bassoon when I see one
- Santa’s snowball loving sluts
- Getting messy for Messi 
- Quizmas carols
- Layne’s big booty bitches

Camp Trippalindee
- 2nd Date is Going Well So Far! 
- Twenty Twenty Poo, A Year In the Loo

Camino, West Allis
- Something cat related 
- Gerald Fords nut job 
- Tickle me el Camino
- I drive a dodge status

Crafty Cow, Bay View
- Pontius Pilate and the Nail Drivers
- Don't Tell Gale, Our Name is Gale 
- Guinness Guyz 
- Van Helsing Family Band

Crafty Cow, Tosa
- Zipper? I Hardly Know Her
- Should I Stop Down from Trivia? Yes/No?
- New boot groovin

Crafty Cow, Oconomowoc
- Rhone on a scone
- Fancy Chickens
- Hambuglers
- Christmas is canceled (southwest)

Deer Camp MKE
- Let’s take these pointless mushrooms and get in my coupe, bitch
- Quiz on my face
- “Slob on my knob” Marley

Eagle Park Brewing - Milwaukee
- Scooby Doo says all countries start with “R”
- We did not so Gouda…
- I lost my car keys so I guess I’m stuck here playing trivia now
- Hard knocks in season the Milwaukee ginger snaps down
- The ghost of quiz-mas pas
- Up on the rooftop, drunk, drunk, drunk
- Does my peen look right to you? 
- Jingle my balls and suck my mistletoes

Eagle Park Brewing - Muskego
- Potato maple leaf avengers
- Victorious Secret
- Ugly quiz-mas sweaters
- Idaho’s bland food diet
- Seattle Slew has a really large miss peacock
- Jingle Santa’s bells
- Ludicrous Speed 
- I like ‘em big and sprucy

Fox River House
- Muddler? I hardly know her

Gathering Place Brewing
- Bark Twice if You're in Milwaukee
- This Pen Doesn't Work
- Barrier Queef 
- The Hole Is Harder To Find Than You Think 

Izzy Hops
- My parents had sex to Michael Bolton and now I am here
- Hans Gruber Law Offices: One Fall, That's All!
- FDR, Feelings Deteriorating Rapidly
- Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This!
- King Charles is a two-timing HOE! 
- Dahmer’s Discount Meats 
- Put it in my Proboscis

Jack's American Pub
- The only thing worse than Canadians is French Canadian
- Poop Millionares 
- Nick Cannons 13th Baby
- Extended Puberty
- Lick-a my, suck-a my, jingle my bells
- Fuck Winter, Bring Back Summer 
- Tequila Mockingbird

J&B's Blue Ribbon
- Kangarussy I
- Kylie's Mom's Vagina
- Foundation in masturbation
- the Cum Buckets
- I've been on grinder and no women have contacted me
- Smash or pass - Post Malone

Magoo's on the Mound
- My wife said 6 inches was too much 
- I don't wanna go to work
- Nick Cannon's Panspermia
- Put your corn in my coconut 
- I Magoo'd on her Mounds
- Santa's Ho Ho Holes
- Couples Therapy
- Poo Poo at Magood

- Table Tennis Net is 7 1/2 inches on tinder
- Why Are People Baping In This Bar? 
- Extreme Home Makeover: McGillicuddy’s Edition
- Inside nut job 
- Kwik Trip 10s
- Cheerleaders are the 6th way to score
- Pepper my pro…pro….prostate 
- King Charles can suck my dinosaur!

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Quiz-mas time is here 
- quiz in her face
- Quiz for me daddy
- Donnie Wahlberg fan club

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Is that really six inches? 
- My Moby Dick is 6 inches
- Is 6 inches above average? 
- I don't always play trivia, but when I do.... I lose 
- Dragon deez nuts
- Back it up like a hummingbird
- Pretty sure I hooked up with Midwest j lo last night 
- I care more about this than my finals tomorrow 
- The nightmare before nut job
-  Hans gruber law offices…. One fall, that’s All 
- Our table swept the ugly sweater contest 
- Schlitz, tits, and clits
- Come with me but please don’t come on me 
- Uranus is bigger than all the planets combined 
- Error 404…. Team name not found
- King Charles makes me hard as chromium

Mo's Irish Pub
- 5 Inches Collectively
- Our power went out so we're here

- Prince Andrew asked me to swim at 3AM
- RIP Cedric Diggory
- The Shut the Fuck Up I Can't Hear the Host Team
- My D is worth more than 2 Points
- Hunter Biden's Tech Support
- Nick Cannon's Inside Nut Job
- Santa’s little sluts
- Julia Fox was our muse for going into Goblin Mode

MobCraft Dee Tacko
- The Hoes of Ivan
- Quiz on my Face
- 99 Problems but a Quiz Ain't One 
- The Quizmas Carolers

- The Platypussies 
- 69 dudes... nice
- All I want for Christmas is for Mariah Carey to stop singing that god damn song 
- John Fitzgerald Ken get this Moby Dick
- Tits Mcgee 
- Fo Shizzle, We're going to the Snooper bowl
- I put my shuttlecock in her rear port, and then quizzed in my girlfriend 
- Santa Rogan quizzes in his girlfriend
- T as in Troy? No T as in Titties out for Trivia

Open Door Taproom
- Christmas Cheese 
- Quiz My Pants 
- Sarah and the 7 Dwarfs

The Panther Pub
- Multiple Scorgasms
- 4th and shlong
- Sugar daddy cookies
- and in first place

Perspective Brewing Co.
- Does Jefferson's Carpet Match the Drapes?
- Pop the top, Jackie, let's live a little...
- Santa's Little Sluts
- I too explode in 5 seconds 
- Lawful Stupid

Pete's Pub
- Locks, stocks, and 3 smokin cocks
- WTF is marathon swimming?
- Your Mother did more than just Kiss Santa Claus
- Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animal
- Chad Nutmegged Bobby Bouche's Mom
- Fuck Southwest
- Hot D (house of dragons) on Sundays

Pilot Project Brewing
- Southwest still has our bags
- My library's big on tik tok

Raised Grain Brewing Co.
- Tragic Mike
- Why be great when you can be the greatest master bathroom 
- Baby got backgammon
- Talk to me goose
- Keep my team name out of your fucking mouth 
- Didn’t know the country, but she had a nice rack

Rally Time, West Bend
- The Busty Crustaceans
- Going Hard...Like Your Mom
- Santas Sack Is So Big Because He Only Comes Once A Year 
- I Mistletoed Your Mama For Christmas 
- It May Take Hundreds Of Years For Pluto To Rotate Around The Sun But I Saw Uranus Last Night :)
- My New Years Resolution Is A Mission Impossible...To Last More Than 5 Seconds.

- Our Table Has 4 Vaginas 
- MILF Date Night

- Blue Balls, Cold Balls, First Balls 
- Call me Mr. FlintStone, I can make your bedsheet rock
- My Balls Are Protected By My World Cup 
- World Wars? Water Thooooose?
- Jingle Balls 
- Quiz on My Face
- Moby Dick, more like Blow Me Dick
- Warren Buffet's Brazilian Spanx

State Line Distillery
- Quiztopher Walken 2
- Lady Gigis Little Monsters
- Now I have a machine gun! Ho ho ho! 
- Peppa’s Pig

Station 1 Brewing
- We Skipped Dinner at Mar A Lago For This
- The More You Drink, The Better You Think
- Snow It Alls 
- The South Pole Elves
- Making Pour Decisi….Choices 
- Christmas is Cancelled

Third Space Brewing
- I swear it feels like more than 3 inches
- Menstral Krampus 
- Isn’t 5 inches enough?
- Tell me what 6 inches looks like…please
- 7 Swans a Quizzin
- Kanye mistakenly thought Adidas stood for “All Day I Dream of Anti-Semitism”

The Tosa Tavern
- Trivia starts at 7, right?
- Moany Dick
- She Bumble on my Bitcoin till I Etherium
- We are at the hot bar tonight so now we’re broke
- So, we're okay with Michael Jackson again?

The Turn
- About As Good As Buzz’s Girlfriend…Woof
- Team AA Dropouts

UpDown MKE
- Who needs anal beads when you’ve got a big toe?
- Tarkin’s Orange Constricting Speedo
- Tricky Dicks
- Don’t Know Shit About Fuck 
- Krumpus in my Rumpus
- There’s Nutmeg in the Vaccine 
- Deck the Balls
- Fuck Ohio! 
- Yoko Ono’s Manequin Leg

Uncommon Pints
- Jolliest Bunch of Assholes……at Kwik Trip!
- Never gonna quiz you up

Whole Foods Streeterville
- Merry Quizmas
- My milkshake brings no boys to the yard
- The Dangling Chads.


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