Funniest Feud Answers of November and December 2022

3 Sheeps Brewing

  • Name something you'd hate to be wearing if a cop pulled you over? Answer: Prison Jumpsuit
  • Ladies, name something you ex stuck you with? Answer: Chlamydia
  • Name something Santa might stop to do while delivering presents? Answer: Your mom

Fat Daddy's

    • Name something you’d hate to be wearing if a cop pulled you over? Answer: Strap-on
    • If you were about to “go all the way” with someone, what’s something that might make you have second thoughts once you see them naked? Answer: Wrong parts
    • Name something a wife might admit she loves more than she loves her husband? Answer: Kids from DEEZ NUTS!!!!
    • What does Barbie have that a man wishes his partner had? Answer: A box to cum in

    J&B's Blue Ribbon

      • What is an instrument the world farting champion could play with their butt? Answer: Harmonica
      • Name a reason you might be blindfolded? Answer: Firing Squad

      Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood

      • In the movies, name something that looks sexy when you see a woman do it in slow motion? Answer: Explosive diarrhea.
      • Name something you can pass? Answer: Kidney stones
      • If roles were reversed, what part of a human might turkeys fight over for Thanksgiving? Answer: Balls
      • Name something you would need to get if you were meeting your partner’s parents for the first time? Answer: Sex swing
      • What's one thing you'll only let your husband do once? Answer: "SHARTING"

      Pete's Pub

      • Name some thing that a billionaire might buy their partner for Christmas that a regular person would not? Answer: Twitter H2H 
      • If you were about to “go all the way” what is the thing that might make you pause? Answer:  Wrong Gender 
      • Name a food that is noisy when people eat it? Answer: Mac n Cheese 
      • What would you get that you would love to rub in your ex’s face? Answer: herpes
      • What eggs would you never wanna eat? Answer: Your Mom’s Eggs
      • If he were real, name something that would have happened to James Bond by now?  Answer: Baby Daddy
      • Fill in the blank: Child ________? Answer: Molester
      • If Santa had to lay off the elves, they might want to pursue a career in what profession? Answer: Dentist 
      • Instead of delivering presents, name something bad, Santa might do on Christmas Eve? Answer: Sniff the snow

      Rally Time, West Bend

      • If Santa had to lay-off the elves, they might want to pursue a career in what profession? Answer: Midget Wrestling
      • Fill in the blank: "Drop the...."? Answer: Soap
      • What would you not want to be wearing when pulled over by a cop? Answer: Strap-on
      • Name something a woman might have to force her husband to wear? Answer: Pants
      • Where's the worst place to be at midnight on New Year's Eve? Answer: Over the toilet


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