Best Team Names of January 2023

The Office Trivia
- That’s What Cheesehead 
- The Plops
- Michael Scott Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Prom AM Race For The Cure
- This is Hard....That's What She Said 
- Two Bullets for Toby 
- Our Safe Word is Foliage
- Meredith's missing uterus 
- No cookie! 
- Two bullets for Toby
- Should’ve Burned Raised Grain Down When We Had The Chance 
- Justice For Sprinkles 
- How do they know whose penis will open up to accept the other person’s penis?
- Why Waste Time Say Lot Word When Few Word Do Trick
- The Dementors 
- Scott’s Tots
- Scrantonicity 2 (Not Scrantonicity) 
- Tan almost everywhere, Jan almost everywhere

1840 Brewing
- Taking a Train Down to Mexico to Find the Unabomber
- In Dog Beers, I've Only Had One 
- Southwest Baggage Claim 
- I Quizzed In My Pants
- we don’t eat a$$, we just suck a$$

- E.T. deez nutz
- I asked Van Gogh a question... WHAT
- Not as sexy as the Tesla Modelsc

Brass Monkey - West Allis
- Hawkeye Couldn’t See a Snowplow Coming
- Answer the Questions, Turn in the Answer Sheet, and Tell Your Quizmaster to Fuck Off!
- Hairy tug nut
- Rumor has it, Quizmaster Katelin blows better than Old Faithful

Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- I got dumped on New Year’s eve
- Ladies and gentlemen the winning team of trivia
- Masters of motion 
- The vanilla bean weenies 
- Poop Francis the Turd

Caffrey's Pub
- Georgia isn’t the only thing that’s going hard tonight
- I usually enjoy long walks on the beach with my girlfriend until my LSD wears off and I realize I’ve been dragging a mannequin through the parking lot of a 7/11.
- Gradey Dick in this Bungwhole
- Whooper Whooper Whooper Whooper

Camp Bar - Shorewood 
- Be my new years quiz? 
- Sex Toy Story: I’ve Got a friend in me!
- The big gulp… I should call him
- Real, fake, fake, real was my last 4 girlfriends
- Girls go to college to get more knowledge 
- Flaccid reflux 
- What’s going on in your cave of wonders?
- You can spell Mohamed any way you want, just don’t draw it 
- We’re all hanging 11 at camp. No ear flaps 
- The doctor told me hang 12 means you’re above average?

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- Spoonfed D Bags 
- Botox Hoer
- Deshaun Watson Happy Ending Weinermobile 
- Get that grande ass in my wiener mobile
- Elaine’s cave of wonders 
- 4 guys with preparation h trying to win trivia 
- Trivia newton John
- Die hard for Uranus

Camp Bar - Tosa
- Our score is Andrew Tate’s IQ
- I have a venti wiener (mobile)
- The Vatican spells pedophile with a silent P
- Oops I did it again in the cave of wonder
- 11..: inches

Crafty Cow - Milwaukee
- Once Upon a Quizmaster:
- Winnie the Shit
- Dirty Deeds Done for Cheese
- Turd Furgeson, It's a Funny Name 
- Sad Girl Corner
- Sigourney's Beaver - LIVE AT THE LUXOR

Crafty Cow - Oconomowoc
- Hulkbuster
- Dumpster Fire
- I don't care, give me the blue lobster
- Witches Titties

Crafty Cow - Tosa
- My javelin is 10 inches long 
- No sleep til Dick Lick 
- More like the Drafty Cow because my Udders are cold
- Size Doesn't Matter to Little John
- Cream Pie is the #1 IG Food

Deer Camp
- Otis Redding this dick
- wined dined and 69’d

Eagle Park - Milwaukee
- The Spoonfed Hoers
- Rollin’ up to trivia in the Wiener Mobile 
- Hey kids, come check out my wiener Mobile
- We already told our moms we won
- My p is not silent 
 -LL is not too cool to be proactive about rectal health 
- It’s my birthday, and all my girlfriend got me was this beer and some preparation H 
- "Preparation H, the toughest hemorrhoid cream in the west” —John Wayne
- Fidget with my eleventh digit
Eagle Park - Muskego
- 69… nice
- It’s my birthday and if you don’t pick me my night is ruined 
- Citra Ass Down
- Scooby Doo and the case of the haunted microphone 
- Tits McGee and the midnight lint rollers
- Hangin 11 on Neptune with Al Gore and Muhammad

Fox River House
- Christian Dads Who Vape
- Quiz on my Pants

Full Circle Winery
- Hot Pursuit!

Gathering Place Brewing - Milwaukee
- The Upsehtti Spaghetti
- Move Over Michaelangelo, It's Brandon 
- George Bush did 7/11
- Jamm Street Animals
- Trader Hoes
- Silent Pee
- Trader Hoes 
- Hit me Brandon one more time
- Bark Twice if You're in Milwaukee -
- Vulva, Titties On Labia (VTOL) 

Gathering Place Brewing - Tosa
- Beer + Trivia = Utopia

Izzy Hops
- She queue on my Little John until I go KER-PLUNK! 
- Austin, I want you in my Butler
- Helen Keller is faker than lip fillers. “YYYEEEAAAAHHH” 
- Little John, wait… wrong Lil Jon
- Tucker Carlson in his bedroom with an M&M wrapper… 
- Don’t forget Dr. Dre discovered the white M&M 
- Who wouldn’t fuck the green M&M?
- No, Patrick, potatoes are not a root vegetable

Jack's American Pub
- Here for a$$
- The Packers teased me more than my ex
- Nick Cannon's 13th Baby
- I didn't know my penis was a hotel in Las Vegas
- Sexy M&Ms
- Fat Bottom Girls Make My Search History Go Round

JB's Blue Ribbon
- Kevin McCarthy....that's the joke
- T-swift is the female GOAT
- Yo-Yo Ma's so fat when she melted she rose the sea level 25 feet
- Would you like physical contact with my aubergine?
- Jim Abbott and the Bad Hand 
- Valencia's CB's
- Mormons have their own knock off Lego called brick em young

Magoo's on the Mound
- Taxes are the real Ponzi  
- Episode V: The Poo-Poo Pee-Pee Strikes Back
- I broke the 10 second barrier with my wife last night 
- Imagine adoring turkeys but roasting Eagles for thanksgiving 
- Ker-plunk in my pants
- Lebron James' balls smell like albumen 
- Go to Helena Handbasket
- Tucker Carlson's Wet Dream: Melts in your mouth not in your hand 
- I'd fuck all of the M&Ms 
- Paul Bunyan has BFG energy
- Flick my Vanilla Bean with your Tootsie Roll

- New year, same team
- You can lick my dick
- Helen Keller was a phony
- We picked Plato because it tastes good 
- It’s Gilly’s Not Cuddy’s
- Jesus, I hope we win the best name part 
- Quiz pics? More like Brett Farve dick pics 
- La Sambra
- The Slutty Ones

Milwaukee Brat House - downtown
- Quiz on my face 
- Quiz in my pants
- But nut trout pout 
- Your mom drives like Hellen Keller
- The diehard raging boners 
- Helen Keller's nubby tits 
- Hellen Keller felt my little John
- I’ve never lasted more than 10 seconds, just ask my ex wife 
- Blow jobs 4 Jesus 
- Horny horny hippos

Milwaukee Brat House - Shorewood
- Londoners call it “the tube” Americans call it “the Underground Railroad
- We're fat and dumb! 
- Russell Crowe eggs 
- Under the bleachers by Seymour Butts
- Make m&ms sexy again 
- Paul Bunyan the bfg 
- I just found classified docs here at the brat house 
- I have the need the need for weed 
- North by northwest and stormy Daniels the only two things to climax on a presidents face 
- I too climaxed at the top of mt Rushmore 
- The bastard sons of Darryl towers

Mo's Irish Pub, Wauwatosa
- Spitters are Quitters

- It's Kevin McCarthy's Party, and he can Cry if he wants to
- Is it dead in here, or are the Speakers fixed? We can Hear you!
- R Kelly: Trapped in Plato's Closet
- The only Weapon Sadam Hussein held was Satan's WM-D
- The Tallest building in Chicago is my Hancock
- Lil Kim is a Rapper #notapopdiva
- Scooby Doo and the Missing Classified Documents
- I Wish Kobe hadn't taken Uber Helicopter
- Suck my Lyndon B Johnson

MobCraft Dee Tacko
- New Year, Same old Piece of Shit
- I Quizzed in My Pants 
- Jeopardeez Nuts 
- Phil Crump Fan Club 
- Unlimited Breadsticks 
- Queef Latina

- Ever seen a pussy roar? 
- Philadelphia Pil-ligma balls
- The magic 8 ball told me to do it 
- All meat, no dress
- Aubergine Nicole Smith 
- In the 1982 PGA tour, the color of my balls were blue
- The platapussies 
- The eyes are the gateway to the Seoul 
- Did you know that in 2004 the Dave Matthews Band tour bus dumped 800 lbs of human waste on a tour boat in the Chicago river? 4 people were hospitalized. (it's true)

Panther Pub
- I thought this was speed dating
- Rub n pub
- Accidental Asshole
- Lavender Haze
- Oh Jackie, my Johnson

Perspective Brewing Co.
- Unabomber or Brett Favre? Who sends the best package? 
- Number of votes it will take Kevin McCarthy to become speaker of the house 
- Applause is great, the clap is bad
- Benedict Arnold's Champlain Navy
- If blue birds have blue babies and red birds have red babies, what bird has no babies?... swallows 
- Jeremy Tugnut
- Hungry Hungry Quiznos (RIP) 
- Two Old People in Search of a Team

Pete's Pub
- Nettie is our speaker of the house
- I’m Ron Tugnut. Who are you?
- Harvey Milked Your Mom

Pilot Project
- Multiple Scoregasms
- Al Capone's colossal eruption
- Win-terns
- We need a dog sitter tomorrow night from 5:30pm to 9:30pm - will pay
- I only read Playboy for the articles
- Sisterhood of the traveling pants & Nick

Raised Grain
- New Year, Same Shit Brain
- If my balls are orange, call a doctor 
- Alec Baldwin Shot First
- Raised Brain

Rally Time - West Bend
- Jonah Hill Has Screamed Less F#cks Than My Wife When I Come Home Late After Trivia 
- Uranus Is A Supermoon
- We are Pretty Sure The 'I Want You' Poster Was Bill Cosby
- This Game Went Down Faster Than JLo at the Superbowl Halftime Show

- Levi's Yellow Ball Seen by 1000s

- Should I Chop Off My Ear For a Prize?
- Ron, Tug Nut, Ron! 
- Ron's Lil Nut Tuggers
- DTF in the DMZ
- Mr. Potato Head's Isolated Limbs

State Line Distillery
- The Fearsome Fivesome 
- I'm Crin' Because I love you (by 'you' we mean Gigi)
- Know Nothing Party
- Puppy Pippa Pines for Permanent Parents Name
- Thanks for the mid 2000s playlist

Station 1 Brewing
- We Did Our Best
- Wisconsin Trivia Fans (WTF)
- No Frank-No Hope
- We Miss Kris, She Doesn't Miss Us

The Tosa Tavern
- Trivia Tricycle
- Bed wed or behead: Broadway edition
- Isheetz my drawers

Third Space Brewing
- It Is The Beer Necessities
- Die Hard Swingers
- 10 Balls in Your Mom
- Kennedy Should Have Ubered

Uncommon Pints
- Pomeranian Posse (Let’s go Pike)
- Bad ass mothers who don’t take no crap outta nobody
- The morning after Pilsners
- 3 penises & 4 wombats

Updown MKE
- Can I Put my Supermoon in Uranus? Please? 
- Unibomb Uranus
- Russel Chromosome 
- Christopher Walkin in on your Parents Banging
- She Tuggin on my Nuts til I Ron 
- Kwik Trip Enthusiasts Club
- Escargot to Trivia Night!
- I, Maddy, am Haunted by the ET Cat 
- Oops! All Pork

Wisconsin Brewing Co
- Two Pints Short of a Flight
- How much wood could a woodchuck
- 404: Name not Found
- 23 Root Vegetables
- Fuck these questions and your little dog too
- 2 zoomers fighting for their lives
- Obsessive Mathmatician 
- team comprised of assholes
- I thought this was speed dating
- Labra-dreidels
- Flattery and Puns will get you everywhere
 - Is that a nose ring or are you happy to see me?


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