Best Team Names of February 2022

Marvel Trivia
- Lo-ki we tried 
- Aunt May makes my Peter Tingle
- No Wong Answers
- What if?? We won trivia?
- Kick names and take ass
- Hulk Smash My Ass 
- That’s My Secret Cap, I’m Always Horny 
- Up the Groot Chute
- Hulk Smashed
- Guardians of the Growlers
- Marvel at this Dick
- Harbulary Batteries… “not even close” 
- Stan Lee is Marvelous 
- Shang Chi and the Legend of the 10 Chinese Spy Balloons

1840 Brewing Co
- Whig-Ed out by how bad we did
- do re mi fa so….so so bad tonight
- Beer today, gone tomorrow

Ashling on the Lough
- Wings or Porn?

- Can I play your skin flute with my mallet
- kiss my ass and call me valentine

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- The New Host was “STU”pendous! 
- Number 16 took way too long to solve. 
- The electromagnetic pulse from my two penises will make your bedrock! 
- Bengalialialiali on this dick tonight (ow, ow!)
- Quizmaster Katelin can come after I give her MY word.
- China’s balloon was taken down by Katy Perry’s Firework Tits. 
- “Tires balder than my pussy” is apparently NOT the thing to say to the employee at Auto Zone.
- What do my love life and trains have in common lots of derailing recently

Cafe Hollander, Brookfield
- Amadildo
- Overworked and Underlaid
- In Yo Mouf” (team of dentists) 
- Yer a Quizzard, Harry 
- Captain Hook was Kung Fu Fighting

Caffrey's Pub
- I lost my money in pull tabs 
- Marco quizzed his pants
- Tic Tac Toe suckers

Camino, West Allis
- Great New York boobs. It’s a play on my name from the Chapelle show skit
- Googly balls
- Just the Q-tip

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- What’s the opposite of hakuna Matata? Because that’s our lives - all worries.
- The Soloist - The story of our sex lives 
- I’d like to die hard
- Pi hate pneumonic devices 
- The strongest muscle is in my pants 
- My mom walked in on me playing Finnish baseball
- Less faith in our answers than the Bayshore parking structure

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- I knew Innercores was a thing 
- If Taylor was in my bed, I’d be Swift
- You can shut off Niagara Falls but you can’t shut off this wet ass pussy
- Eternal Lettuce
- My tongue is the strongest muscle in Her body 
- The strongest muscle is the Butthole
- Great Wall of Giannis 
- Paul’s Mommy Let him come tonight 
- Thots and crosses aka Tic Tac Hoe

Camp Bar - Tosa
- Mufasa, proof that not all cats land on their feet
- Nas Should Have Left His Seamen on the Mary Celeste 
- My "Seamen" aren't missing, Your Mom Knows Where They Are
- Two Things That Don't Grow Old: Dark Humor and Unvaccinated Children
- Venus is the brightest but Uranus is the darkest
- We've got work tomorrow
- The plural of penis is penii
- Just The Q-Tip

Crafty Cow, Milwaukee
- Team DILFs 
- My Ass is Post-Panamax 
- Pontius Pilate and the Parrot Pandemonium
- The Butt Lords of Crime
- 2 1/2 to 3 Men 

Crafty Cow, Oconomowoc
- Gluttons for Punishments
- Consistently Confused Crew
- Slushy Puppies
- Fighting Mongooses
- Get this Mother F'ing Zombie Dusty Ramses off my plane

Deer Camp
- It’s been 86 years (the curse of libido)
- ball state: are your balls in good hands?
- Megan fox’s ham hole
- Should i stay or should i van gogh

Eagle Park - Milwaukee
- Quiz in my tube sock 
- Sorry, I’m late, my ride got shot down over the Carolinas
- Alex, can I send you a sword pic* for Valentine’s Day? (*Pic not to scale) 
- Iguana you glad I didn’t say quiz in my pants?
- Pluto is the brightest planet in my heart 
- Are you Ed Sheeran‘s brother or are you my dad, mom and a cat?
- If the Shire had Taco Bell, one of the meals would be fourth meal 
- I’m a postman, not an ass man —Newman 
- Barbie was originally a German sex doll

Eagle Park - Muskego
- Fortnite Saved My Marriage
- an awesome team name on your sheet as well  
- I can’t feel my face when I’m with you 
- Eyebrow lickers
- Shoot me in the balls and call me Kareem

Fox River House
- The Squirrel Girls…because we like nuts!

Gathering Place - Milwaukee
- Gnomon clap clap​ Gnomoff
- The First Two pages of Frankenstien 
- Quizlet University Alumni
- The Great Wall of [va]china
- John's Surprisingly Intimate Twilight Knowledge

Izzy Hops
- Tupac and Stacy’s Mom had a Summer of Love
- Pregaming Ass Wednesday
- Hitler’s Ungrateful Nephew is a Nepo 
- Baby Stephen Hawking’s Last Stand 
- Call Me Han cause I’m Flying Solo 
- 4 Min. Mike High Club

J&B's Blue Ribbon
- Wendy's eagles win the superb owl 
- Foaming at the MILF
- Putin in a Fat Man
- The Packers Season Collapsed harder than Bayshore Mall 
- Why is Steven Hawking's held tilted?

Jack's American Pub
- I am giving up Trivia For Lent 
- Not Bad after a 48 hour bender
- I always finish in under 4 minutes

- The Bears still suck armadillos
- Paint my Mom like one of your french girls 
- Tickle my pear for a hard bone in Uranus
- #VD: Spread the Love
- I'm just a Po' Boy from a Po' Family
- My Tip is Chosen for its Quality 
- I Belize that photo of Oprah and Conan catching crabs in the White House is real 
- Call us East Palestine because we are a Train Wreck

- I’d rather be sucked on an airplane than out of an airplane 
- Fock Monroe
- Lodge Deez Nutz 
- I’ll show you my quality tip

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- is two penises a red flag?
- The Milwaukee THOT house 
- Quiz inside me daddy
- The current presidential code name is “dim light”
- three… Two… One… Penis
- the Vatican and their fiesta siesta

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Big hips don’t cry 
- The lightning round can go in the f’n woodchipper 
- The Thai restaurant was closed so now we’re here playing trivia
- Less Hugh Grant, more Ryan gosling
- Come on Eileen, but don’t come on me 
- Came for the schlitz, left with the shitz 
- sucked off on an aircraft 
- Came for the lunch box, left t0 eat your mom's box
- Naan of the above 
- Ready for march sadness
- Everything everywhere all at brat house 
- Your mom is a top 10 consumed fish (by weight) 
- Crater lake was my nickname in high school
- You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friends nose 

Mo's Irish Pub, Tosa
- Dumb, Dumb and Dumber.

MobCraft Denver
- The Hob Goblin Knob Slobbering Pecker Wreckers 
- Trivia Newton John 
- It Quiz What It Is
- 99 Chinese Spy Balloons

MobCraft MKE
- More Fun than the State of the Union
- Stop, don't touch me there! This is my tickle pear!
- I didn't think Trivia would be the one Fucking me Tonight
- It's better to be sucked IN a plane, than sucked out of a plane
- 1912 Titanic Swimteam
- If narrating a movie counts, then I Star on Pornhub every night
- Look man I have Rhinotillexomania"

- We met on bumble 
- If you saw me on tinder, bumble, AND hinge... no you didn't
- Were you the silent generation or the SILENCED generation 
- Judo-ka- to be kidding me it's not judoer
- free, spinach, pizza from Mars to Uranus
- It's Mr. Worldwide, Mr. 305 
- Salty Sea Men
- Cincinnati Zoo stole our sweet prince, RIP Harambe

Panther Pub
- Monica Lewinsky had on job … on her knees
- One Point Shy of a Good Time
- Triple Ps

Perspective Brewing Co
- Tom Brady Sees his Shadow Tomorrow: 6 More Years with the Buccaneers
- We Miss Old Kanye 
- Get Outta Here Devil
- I'd Give My Left Nut to Win Trivia
- Collectively, We Have 3 More Balls than Lance Armstrong 
- 99 Red Chinese Spy Balloons over US Airspace.

Pete's Pub
- Cube-shaped Hershey squirts
- Chick Fellatio
- Fat Tired Girls Make the Rockin World Go Round

Pilot Project
- Ferment-2-Be
- I got knocked up on Grinder
- The Dinner Rolls
- Honestly, that "Winter Storm" wasn't that bad

Raised Grain
- I’ll give you a deep head pump 
- Our drinking team has a trivia problem 
- Bukakke ruins carpet
- We drink and we know things sometimes 
- Butts and guts 
- We thought this was speed dating

Rally Time, West Bend
- The Heaviest Organ In QM John's Mom is My Dick 
- I May Not Be A Dentist But I Know How To Fill Your Mom's Cavities
- We May Not Be Smart, But We Got All The Booze Questions Right
- Princess Jasmine Kissed John And Started Foaming At The Mouth
- General Sherman was Constipated And Could Only Poo Jelly Bellys, Thimbles and Top Hats. 
- Crouching Women, Hidden Cucumbers.

Red Lion Pub
- What do Aaron Rodgers and an abused child have in common? They both shit and piss in a dark room for days at a time. 
- Did you know Scary Spice stole toilet paper from Nelson Mandela's bathroom? 

Second Salem Brewing
- The Snuffleupagus is Just Big Bird's Drug-Induced Hallucination
- SNOW Business Being This HOT

- She's Lookin' for a 4some

- Terry Bradshaw: 4 Super Bowls, 2 Penises
- The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Ron's Tug Nuts
- There's No Time To Die, Yoshi!
- This Trivia Host Gets Me Hardy ;)

State Line Distillery
- Legally buzzed
- We 8, no crumbs
- Quiztopher Walken
- Whisky Tango Foxtrot

Station 1 Brewing
- Love Stinks, Let’s Get Drinks
- Dumblenip’s Quality Tips 
- Here for the Beer

Third Space Brewing
- The Boys and their Goomadaas

The Tosa Tavern
- The Amazing Ashpoles
- Nagasaki on my Fat Man
- Live and Let’s Snow Blow
- Wine dine and 69 me

Uncommon Pints
- The Marvelous Guardians of Peter Parkers Pack of Hairy Tugnuts
- Party Boners

UpDown MKE
- Jeffrey dahmer was a vegan!
- Rizz master trivia
- Maddy is our Eye Candy 
- No Time to Drop Eggs 
- Let’s Hear it for Mushrooms!
- Genetically Modified Bois in the Hood

- My poops are poop shaped not cube shaped
- How’s your hole family 
- Millie’s Vanilli

Whole Foods - East Side Tap, Milwaukee
- Hamm Solo

Whole Foods - Red Star Bar, Streeterville
- Weenie Hut General
- Unemployed Hand Models Looking for Hand Jobs
- Shit, what's our team name?

Wisconsin Brewing Co
- but what did Stacy's Dad look like?


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