Best Team Names of May 2023

Disney Villains Trivia
- The Captain Hookers 
- We Got Curves Like Ursula
- DreamWorks is better
- Mistresses of all evil 
- Poor Unfortunate Souls
- Ursula's Octo P*ssies
- Hellen Parr is dummy Thiccc (with 3 c's)
- Bibidi Bobbodi Booze
- Haukuna My Tatas
- Gaston’s No-Belle Prize 
- The Maleficent Seven
- Walt Jizzney’s Special Vault
- Poor unfortunate hoes 
- Name a duo better than belle and beastiality
- Malificent’s Meanies
- Poor Unfortunate Souls 
- The Park Hoppers

1840 Brewing
- Kansas City Queefs
- AmsterDAM We're Good At Trivia

The Baaree
- Tom Petty and the Red Hot Titty Peppers 
- 40 below! 
- Did she say "Iconic Penis?
- 5 dozen eggs and an idiot sandwich
- Big Long Bush AKA 2 in the Bush is worth 2 points in the hand

- My moonshine brings all the cows to the yard
- Our expectations are not so great

Brass Monkey
- As dense as whatever that stupid star you asked about is.
- Winnie the Sh*t
- Pfister in the Astor
- God finished off what Ike couldn’t.
- Bob Ross’ Happy Little Accident
- I have the body of a porn star all my clothes say XXX

Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- Osama bin chow chow

Caffrey's Pub
- Rollie got Fingered by the IRS
- Yes mom, of course I’m studying
- Why does a tire company rate food?

Camino - West Allis
- Don’t stare at me with those Buscemi eyes
- only bad bitches lose trivia

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- Rollie Fingered Who?
- Cialis In Wonderland: the best way to die hard
- The party vegetables
- Dat ascot tho
- We're half the team we used to be 
- anal odor, my bumble experience
- Dodger? I hardly know her!

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- the struggle Israel
- Igomma let you finish but that ain’t Chris Pratt
- She Reagan on my Ronald until I trickle down
- Cuming like Niagara Falls

Camp Bar - Tosa
- f*ck marry kill: Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Marco Rubio
- omg Danny Devito I love your work
- Tinder: Obey your thirst
- Leonard DiCRAPrios anal odor
- Props for Plato 
- All dogs win at trivia
- higher than the US debt ceiling

Camp Trippalindee
- Taking Care of Quizness
- January Jones Fan Club

Crafty Cow - Milwaukee
- I'll scuttle your flounder
- My drinking team has a trivia problem

Crafty Cow - Oconomowoc
- Electrical haze, hazy during the day, electric at night. Saving you from a singular testicle fright
- past grandpa's bedtime
- we're all homos, homo sapiens

Crafty Cow - Tosa
- Sarah Palin can see it from her house!

Deer Camp MKE
- May the 4th team be below us
- Lindsay Lohan’s coke dealers
- Juneau more than one city in Alaska? Because we don’t
- can I get a hoy yaa?
- Cream puff me with your pine nuts daddy

Eagle Park - Milwaukee
- Pete’s Dragon was the zodiac killer 
- This weather is really a Bah-raining on my parade
- New Orleans Jazz in my pants
- The seventh largest land mammal is your mom
- Hey! The beige Lexus out front is getting towed
- Lead is my favorite peanut butter
- We met on bumble and got engaged six weeks ago.

Eagle Park - Muskego
- Quiz Khalifa
- Moist Makers
- The scrotums
- I think one of my dads might be gay

Fox River House
- Give Me Those Steve Buscemi Bedroom Eyes
- Jokers + Midnight Tokers

Gathering Place - Milwaukee
- Zayne Malik Me Till I Moana 
- I sure do love pizza, it would be a shame if I couldn't eat it
- Is Bricklaying a Competitive Motarsport?
- Broncos Are The Sportier Horse When You Just Murdered Your Wife
- Tap it Thrice

Gathering Place - Tosa
- Shark Girl and Lava Boy
- Since when is blowing up toilets newsworthy?  I do it every day!

Izzy Hops
- The live action Little Mermaid animals are abominations
- I Louvre it When She Mona my Lisa
- Lose Yourself in Deez Nuts 
- FUBU: For Ugly Bald Uncles 
- The Barbie Movie: Directed by Clint Eastwood 
- Coolio could solve the Debt Ceiling 
- Crisis UR MOM 
- Peter Dinklage is Daddy
- Phil and the blanks

Jack's American Pub
- Rooster? I hardly know her!!
- Is that a Peter Dinklage in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
- JFK can’t smile anymore

Lion's Tail - Neenah
- Insert Formerly Racist MLB Team Name Here 
- More Like Bore-a-fil
- Frank Sinatras Mob Contacts
- We Love Tan Cardigans
- 2 nurses 1 cook
- Quiz Khalifa 

Lion's Tail - Tosa
- Skewing the median participant age way up
- I know what isn’t 2 sizes too small
- My field has been plowed this season
- Why do I suddenly have the urge to throw dynamite in a toilet
- I would give my one nut to win trivia

Magoo's on the Mound
- ALL Males are C*cks!
- Should've stayed at McGinn's
- The only birds we know get flipped

- I would eat flounder, Sebastian, scuttle, and your mom’s p*ssy
- Deez nuts, got em! 
- I came on Eileen
- Suck ya like Dyson 
- Smartinis
- Tweedle Deez Nuts 
- Jane’s got jungle fever
- Why is Boris Becher wearing tighty whites
- Mom’s spaghetti
- Dufresne did a whole lot of whacking in prison 
- Makin me Erectus

Milwaukee Brat House - downtown
- Quiz in my lederhosen… Or on my tits… Please 
- skin isn’t my biggest organ
- Singha ? I barely know ha! 
- Float like a butterfly sting like seal team 6
- EL Matador… Spanish for “the Matador” 

Milwaukee Brat House - Shorewood
- The rubber f&&kies 
- Couldn't decide between a discus or c*ck joke. PENIS! 
- Scuttle on Deez nuts
- Babylon my c*ck
- The British are coming in my Dyson 
- The true masters of the high renaissance Donatello, Master Splinter, and Shredder
- Alexandre Do my ass 
- I'll show you my wildebeest if you show me your peacock
- Seal team 69… nice 
- Jabberjaw was my nickname in high school
- I shaved my balls for this? 
- Mona my  Lisa 
- Abolish the lightning round 
- I bet no one gets lower than our score
- Peaky blinder…. I barely know her 
- Total eclipse of the fart
- My mom's a Karen 
- Heflefinger your mom at Guantanamo bay 
- These questions got me under pressure 
- Playing trivia like a Neanderthal

Mo's Irish Pub, Wauwatosa 
- Dr. Peppers botched surgery on Lindsay Lohan
- JFK’s Retirement Didn’t Go As Planned

- SEAL Team 6: The Origin of your Mom's Only Fans 
- Tiger Woods Loves Pawn Stars
- Gotcha, Bitch. (TM) Walt Disney
- That was definitely the space needle. F-you Karen
- All I want for my Birthday is  Best Team Name.
- Trivia makes me Homo Erectus

- An Italian, a German, and a Japanese man walk into O'lydias
- Dr. Fix my tits
- John Mulaney is my favorite president
- Bobby cox was known for major league erections

Panther Pub
- Fuxed Up Befor U (FUBU)
- x goin’ quiz it to ya

Perspective Brewing Co
- Brad's Pitts
- Finnish First
- Why would you blow up a toilet you have to vomit in?
- At the bar playing with myself 
- Team 51 minutes is a long time to play with balls.

Pete's Pub
- Blue Balls Hit Different in Antarctica
- the WFH Cauliflower Nuggets
- Afghanistan peaches make my wood holy 
- Serving our Cunt-try 
- Tricky d*ck is what they call my Polish
- At Least the Drummer had More Arms than Aphrodite

Pilot Project
- President John Cena 2024
- John Triviaolta
- We give a f&&k about the Oxford comma!
- How to lose a girl from Waukesha in 10 days
- Risky Bisqueness

Pomona Cider Co
- Choux pastry is not puff pastry 
- Quiz kahlifa
- Cuntry Gworls.

Public House 55
- Girl with the pearl necklace

Raised Grain Brewing
- I krakatoed his Grand Canyon
- Birthdays are overrated
- I googled the sh*t outta that.
- The jizmadter quizmater 
- The best pesto is made with deez nutz

Rally Time, West Bend
- Your Mom and I Distributed Forces Equally Last Night 
- Your Mom Was Green Goblin This Hard 8
- Leia Was Busy So Han Was Solo Tonight 
- Robot Sex: We Nut and Bolt!
- I Got Weasley In Your Mom's Harry Potter
- I'll Be Slytherin Down Your MOm's Chamber of Secrets Tonight
- Alabama, Arkansas, I Just Banged Your Mom And Pa

Red Lion Pub
- Krakatoa Pox

- Bucks In Eight
- Mouth Full Of Quiz
- Phil A. Sheo

State Line Distillery
- is there a Q in Ecuador?
- Quizimodo
- Manifest Destiney's Child
- Two Ladies and a tramp 
- Cream Daddies

Station 1 Brewing
- The Mighty C*cks
- Here for the Blood
- Wake Me Up When September Comes

Third Space Brewing
- The Rooster has sex with all of them
- I did not have sexual relations with that football
- Charlie Chaplin is not Black
- FUBU? I barely know you 

Uncommon Pints
- Chlorifil?!……..more like bore-i-fil!!

UpDown MKE
- Kanye West Goblin Pitt’s Twinkletoes 
- Long Live Zach the King! 
- I Matched with Fred Pinstone on Tinder
- Charles D*ckin’ down your mom
- She Jon on my Bon til I Jovi 
- Polish my Nice Weasley 
- Hey, You Guys Remember ET Cat?
- Call me Tina, cuz the Lightning Round took Me Out
- Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Where is my Supersuit?!
- Queen Elizabeth Blew Up My Toilet 
- Who Stole Pablo’s Escobar?

- where the f&&k is Lake Erie?
- Mustache you a question
- Odd Titty

Wahlburgers @ Hyvee 
- I thought this was speed dating
- We suck at the back side

Whole Foods - Taps (Chicago)
- Amazon Prime Time

Whole Foods - Red Star Bar, Streeterville
- George Santos Honesty Tour.

Whole Foods - The Tosa Tavern
- Deadly Tweeter
- I 69d at Miriam Webster College

Wisconsin Brewing Co
- You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish!
- 50% of Roger Federer's name is er
-  MILFs (Man I Love Frogs) 
- Confused Elephants: What do you call a confused elephant? EL-IF-I-KNOW! 

- Zocalo Hoes 
- Bruised Egos 
- Utter-ly Goud-a Trivia 
- The Jeopardy Rejects 
- No Need for Incognito 


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