Best Team Names of July 2023

Harry Potter Trivia
- Dumbledorks 
- Harry Squatter - The Boy Who Lifts
- It's WauwaTOsa, not WauwatoSA
- Seamus Finnigan Gonna Get It In Again
- Blue Quaffle 
- Harry Potter Grabs the Snatch
- P-p-p-poor st-st-st-stuttering P-p-p-professor Q-q-q-quizzel 
- Hufflepuff Murder Bears 
- It's trivi-O-sa, not trivio-SA! 
- Go, Go Power Grangers! 
- I got 99 problems but a snitch ain't one 
- Drinko Mouthful 
- That's so Ravenclaw
- Umbridge is the CEO of Oceangate
- Neville gonna give you up, Neville gonna let you down 
- 40 pints to gryffindor
- Harry Cooter
- The Golden Trio 
- Mischief Managed
- Blue Quaffle 
- Muggle in the streets, wizard in the sheets 
- Hit it and quidditch

Amp Haus
- The boozie cherries - we drink to think 
- Publicly Educated...and it shows.

The Baaree
- All Airports Smell Like POO! 
- Let's Get Quizzical!! 
- Feelin' the Bern... but not in Uranus
- Is that a dormant volcano in your pants or are you happy to see me?
- Hunter Biden's Only Fans 
- Weird Barbies 
- Ten Fuckin' Ducks Fuckin' Candles
- Only a white man from Texas would think a rapper is more dangerous than polio
- Don't you call me a leotard!

Brass Monkey 
- Sexually, I identify as a Little Caesar’s Pizza. My pronouns are Hot and Ready.
- I have an active volcano in my pants.
- Full Frontal Nerdity
- I call Quizmaster Katelin Tokyo, because Tokyo Swallows

Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- Dumber than a 5th grader
- Will Smith really died at the Oscars
- maga divers

Cafe Hollander - Madison
- It quiz what it quiz
- risky quizness 
- the beach that makes you old timeshares, LLC 
- the gaslighting, gatekeeping, girlbosses
- Quizimodo
- I quizzed on my TESTicles

Cafe Hollander - Mequon
- Suck it England, I am free to come in last in trivia today 
- Stupid is as Stupid Does
- New Mexico: land of enchant-Dicks

Caffrey's Pub
- Emily Dick in WHAT?!
- You know who else can’t swim? Your mom
- James and the Giant Penis
- Game of Thrones >>> Friends

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- Someone wrote the entire pledge of allegiance
- Under a black light this place looks like a Jackson pollock painting
- Roxanne gave me a Woody now it stings when I pee (pictured)
- your mom borders India
- Surely not EVERYONE was kung fu fighting
- Fuck animal eyes!
- Survey says steve Harvey’s bussy broke the Richter scale

Camp Bar - Third Ward
- Milf Tits 
- Stars, Stripes and Maple Leafs
- The price is death
- Ur Mom
- healthcare hoes #3nurseswalkintoabar
- Richter? I Hardly Know Her!
- 11ft tip to tip! Steve Harvey’s Hairy….Mustache

Camp Bar - Tosa
- America, fuck yeah
- The Vanderschlopens
- Fon Du Lacking points
- I'm a Barbie girl, living in Jason Aldean's world
- OceanGate Safety Crew 
- Randy Johnson's Bird Sanctuary
- survey says, fuck

Camp Trippalindee
- Camp Trippin Balls
- S'mores Kits 
- Mojo Dojos

Crafty Cow - Bay View
- They Can't Lick Our Dick But They Can Eat Jimmy Carter's Nuts 
- The Pumken Blumpkin Cutiez

Crafty Cow - Oconomowoc
- ah jeez, I've got some of your mom's chest hair n my teeth!
- Sea cucumber enthusiasts
- Houston we have an answer

Crafty Cow - Tosa
- What did the deadbeat dad say to his kid? Bison
- You can lick our Richard
- There's no place like Oconomowoc
- Let me put my grillz on Will Smith's legend

Deer Camp MKE
- Camp Counselor 
- Pee Pee Poo Poo
- Titanic Swim Team 
- We Don’t Know Each Other
- Quizmaster? I hardly Know her! 
- John Mclane > John McEnroe
- Areola Grande 007
- Flaccid Reflux
- White Boy Summer
Eagle Park Brewing - Muskego
- Baby we’re a firework 
- MILFs are proof Oedipus got a bad rap
- I know hippos can swim, I saw your momma do it last week
- Prestige world wide 
- William Howard Taft: survival of the fattest
- we just broke up but still came to play trivia
- Sploosh, there it is 
- Richter? I hardly know her! 

Eagle Park Brewing - Milwaukee
Let me at 'em"- us to Ryan the Quizmaster 
- The Corsican Cheese Curds (a French man met a Wico girl in Paris xo)
- Survival of the fitness 
- Moby dick in her giant peach 
- Sneaky Sasquatch’s 
- The squirt locker
- Your mom is the second largest bird by height
- Fondle my sac
- Buy me two Long Island iced teas and I’ll fon du Lick your Willy.
- Yo mamas so fat it takes 165 years for albatross to fly around her 
- Repopulate my endangered richter 
- I like beer & im new here

Elm Grove Beer Garden
- Date night with an unconscious new born.
- US National Domestic Wake Boarding Team.

Fox River House
- I accidentally left my cocaine at the White House 
- Lick Dickers
- I am become Barbie, the destroyer of Ken’s missing genitals 
- The Peanut Gallery

Gathering Place Brewing - Tosa
- Last place with a Vengeance!
- Too young to know Leonard Nimoy
- The Garbage Fail Kids 
- Unicorn Farts

Jack's American Pub
- They moved splash mountain to my place 
- Trivia Crack Addicts
- Oppenheimer > Barbie 
- Coochie Crunchers

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- Four People, Three Hearts
- Nothing silent about our Ps
- Why did my team mate know "Bronies" so quickly?
- One night was the Scissor Sisters put FDR in a wheelchair
- My little pony? More like my little penis!
- My C*nt is also teardrop-shaped
- La La Lick my Balls
- Flags suck, bring back Buscemi eyes

Lion's Tail Brewing - Neenah
- Team Buzzed on Lightbeer
- I’m having nanavut today!
- Quizzly Bears 
- Ash Me a Question
- Brewsual Suspects

Lion's Tail Brewing - Tosa
- I could chukka this beer faster than I could think of a name
- More wrong answers than trees in the Milky Way!

- I'll splash on your mountains
- Yes we can, lick the dick and don't forget the peanuts
- They CAN lick our dicks
- Baby Squirrels Aren’t Called Squirtlets? 
- Our Team Abandoned Us
- Beliebers Since ‘09 
- I Got Sauce In The Bag, Swag

Milwaukee Brat House - Downtown
- Quiz Khalifa
- Michael Jackson was a Brony 
- Dumbfortly Cumb
- double fuck, lucky fuck, skinny fuck
- Mr. Quizmaster serenaded us creepily through the window
- three guys one dating app

Milwaukee Brat House - Shorewood
- If only Hilary licked dick
- Kama Kama kamakazi chameleon
- Quasi moto moto likes you 
- Sex panther eyes
- Our total says it all (69)
- They call my space needle the whale 
- 2 girls, 1 brain cell 

Mo's Irish Pub - Wauwatosa
- The devil's vagina
- Ride me like a quidditch broom

- Stars, Stripes, and More Human Rights
- Sons of Liber-Deez-Nuts
- Stifler's Mom: An American Monument
- Lick my Dick was Bill Clinton's Slogan!
- We thought Monica Lewinsky could turn her head 270 degrees
- Triv. Laugh. Love.
- Bambie's Mom, Done in 5 min
- Hard Rock Stadium: Also known as My Pants

- Tugger? I hardly know her
- Sledgehammer, i barely know her

Panther Pub
- We thought this was speed dating!

Perspective Brewing
- Wait, wait, I know that one
- Can we get a medical question pls?
- Game Boy is my Middle Name Baby 
- 77 was a Great Year for Headhunters
- Stallis Noobs
- Unexpected Absinthe 
- Barbenheimer? I Hardly Know Her!

Pete's Pub
- Gaza Strippers
- Don’t tell our friends how bad we did
- Espresso Smartinis

Pilot Project
- Bass drum more like bass dumb
- Is mayonaise (sic) an instrument?
- Cherry red riding hood
- Trivia aside, we are giving out free beer on me
- 8 1/2 barbies, 2 kens
- If Tom Hanks teamed up with Steven Spielberg to create a movie to star Miley Cyrus, it still would not be as bad as we are doing in trivia tonight

Pomona Cider Co
- the outciders 
- there’s a colonial woman churning butter on the wing of this plane
- cider I hardly know her?
- Worst bingo night ever 
- Yes, that is Stonehenge in our pants
- Barbie Appleheimer

Raised Grain Brewing
- Cocaine Bears 
- I Donut Know 
- Flights from POO airport to ASS airport were delayed due to storms in Uranus
- Roman numerals are hard xxix
- Fondle my polio sac

Rally Time - West Bend
- Saturn Has The Most Moons But The Biggest Moon Is Uranus 
- Saturn Has The Most Moons But I Can't Keep My Eyes Off Uranus
- Call Us Steve Aoki Because I Had Your Mom's Cake In My Face Last Night
- The Wet Noodles (Send Noods)
- The Perfect Man Has Two Fine Legs and a Silly Point

State Line Distillery
- Hot to Trotsky
- Big Triva Kenergy 
- Bottom Shelf Barbies

TAQ Brewing
- We’re Fan-TAQ-stic

Third Space Brewing
- They Can't Lick our Dick....Yes We Can
- How Happy of an Ending did Will Smith get in the Korean 'I Am Legend,' Paul?
- Flock of Shitting Seagulls
- Has Randy Johnson been to Dead Bird Brewing?

UpDown MKE
- Lightly Used Submarine for Sale
- Trivved for her pleasure
- 3 Bronies Looking for an AirBnb with Lax Rules, Please Contact Mike 
- FDR’s Presidential Hovercraft
- Mai Taight Punt 
- The Spotted Cows

- Kenilworth-less and no prospects
- Shibuya Roll Call

Walburgers at Hy-Vee
- Risky Quizness

Wisconsin Brewing / Lake Louie Brewing
- The Muppets of Oz for President 
- 101 Dogs and 30 wrong answers
- Garfield's Space Needle Complex

Whole Foods - East Side Tap
- Queef Ledger

Whole Foods - Red Star Bar (Streeterville)
- We got the koala-fictions
- Espresso Self

Whole Foods - Tosa Tavern
- We're a bunch of lama lovers
- (W)Hole Fools

- Bumble Butttttttttts
- The Baby Carried Us 
- Tacos Make Us Smarter 
- Shebooyah ya ya Roll Call!!! 
- My Little Bitch ^TM 
- Double, Lucky, Skinny, Dick 
- Los Zocalocos 
- Jeopardy Practice Squad
- Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
- Spectre? I hardly know her 
- Bad at trivia, but Good People


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