Best Team Names of January 2024

Swiftie Trivia
- A Never-needy, ever-lovely crew
- Ha Ha Ha, Fuck the Patriarchy 
- My Best Guess, Fearless
- Taylor can I please touchdown there
- This Is Us Trying
- Where's the Scarf, Jake??"
- Death By A Thousand Hops
- You’re on your own kid… to find a table
- Trivia (Taylor's Version) 
- SUPERBOWL BOUND (Taylor's Version) 
- Beer Drops on My Guitar
- the Folkwhores
- Slaylor Gift From God 
- Lavender Haze-y IPA
- Kelce's Kum Dumpster
- Brew belong with me 
- Karma is my answer on the sheet winning this quiz for me

The Office Trivia
- Dwight Privilege 
- Meredith Palmer-Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Trivia Team- For the Cure
- Probably the thing I do best 
- People persons, Paper people 
- I am Shroot!
- Meredith your boob is out
- Maybe next time you'll estimate us 
- Assturd and Chevy
- I wish Toby would Scranton Strangle me
- Re_ The Office Trivia
- The Computrons
- The Computrons
- Boner Champs
- Kevin & the Zitz 
- Save Bandit! 
- My Santa is Black, just like my Jesus.
- The Bill Buttlickers 
- Sort of an Oaky Afterbirth 
- Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for a Cure
- Aesop's Foibles 
- Bullets for Toby 
- Hour Long Shower With Guys
- Buttlicker?? I barely know her! 
- The finer things club 
- Our $5 went to rabies awareness

Antonio's Sports Bar
- Queefmasters

Brass Monkey 
- Last time I puked was January 1, 2024 
- Hung like Epstein 
- Fuck Kanye West… and his Teddy Bears 
- The last time a cup made this much hype, 2 girls were involved…
- The Hungry, Hungry Hippos ate my Zamboner 
- Anal with a Condom = Brown Stocking 
- The 2013 special edition of Hungry, Hungry Hippos featured Chris Christie Raising funds for my Disney Wedding
- A troll is not mythical. Have you met my mother-in-law? 🧌 
- I went down for breakfast at Tiffany’s and found maggots in her Klimt. 
- If Santa isn’t real, whose lap am I sitting on at the mall? 🎅🏻
- Damn, Cher is old as fuck! 
- Hey Katelin, does this smell like Chloroform to you?

Cafe Hollander - Brookfield
- Dont' Underrate the size of Uranus
- Thought trivia is never gonna let us down, yet here we are... 
- Ain't no HollanderBack girls
- The Devil Made Us Do It 
- Hollander? I hardly know her

Cafe Hollander - Madison
- Sok my DeJong 
- Our alcoholic friend was too hungover to be here 
- Totally Unnecessary Bringer-downer of Airplanes
- Quiz in my pants 
- I spent 127 hours in your mom
- “I’m Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I’ve learned after 21 years – you never know WHAT is gonna come through that door.”
- Edvard Munch on my nuts

Cafe Hollander - Mequon
- Hey, ya! War Movies Killed Us in Action!
- Ice Spice Fan Club 
- Fuck Dry January 
- Couple of Schmucks
- Please tip our wonderful Quizmaster Kelsey!

Caffrey's Pub
- The 11th largest land mammal is your mom
- Wyoming is not real
- We DID Start the Fire
- Hong Kong Schlongs”
- You know what else Dopey Dumbo and Tootles had in common?

Camp Bar - Shorewood
- Not Idaho, Udaho
- 50 shades of Betty white
- your mom is the 11th heaviest land mammal
- The chumpy dumpers 
- No one wants to be a ginger…. No soul 
- Flaccid reflux
- Stress farts
- oh so you’re Peyton manning, that don’t impress me much

Camp Bar - Third Ward 
- jiz jam January
- cowboy tears
- cheeka cheeka risky business
- golden face shower
- Hobgoblin’ deez nuts

Camp Bar - Tosa
- Santa used to say hey hey hey before he met your mom
- Statue of Litterby
- Obama said go pack go
- This shit is bologna, B-O-L-O-G-N-A
- me myself and Sistine

Crafty Cow - MKE
- Taste My Gooey Beverage
- The Mother Cluckers 
- Poop Tacos 
- Doing White Star Lines on the Beach
- GOP: Greasy Old People
- "I am sick of these motherfucking shmucks stealing my motherfucking cheese"
- Mufasa didn't fall he was pushed 
- the host is funny and seems incredible in bed

Crafty Cow - Oconomowoc
- Quizspy Rose Blanchard
- Bumblebee Tuna
- The Cumquats

Crafty Cow - Tosa
Knees weak, palms sweaty, John blew it reading the Poland question already
- I'm too cold to be creative 
- Ride my train for 127 hours 
- Why'd you have to go and make trivia so complicated?
- Sofa King Smart 
- *Frozone voice* Where is my supersuit?!? 
- Where in the Samuel Hell Jackson is my cheese?
- Karma is a player in the Brazilian national team

Deer Camp MKE
- Who wants to be Oscar pistorious’ wife?
- it’s dry January somewhere
- floor 6 mafia
- one cock and a bunch of hens
- Hey Jude, Choke on These Walnuts

Eagle Park Brewing - MKE
- Betty White and the Golden Snatch 
- Horny Mormons 
- I'll Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Your Mom
- Luigi gave me crabs in my hoodooos 
- Paint me like one of your french girls, Alex 
- Yesterday was the worst day in Dallas since JFK's assassination
- Queen Elizabeth likes to sit on my Face 
- Guts on Boar Cum Best: Doogie's Loogies
- Banana Hammocks in Paradise 
- We Already Told Our Mom's We Won
- Okay, So You're the Quizmaster, That Don't Impress-A-Me-Much

Eagle Park Brewing - Muskego
- My resolution only lasted 69 seconds
- I’d Triceratop your Leaning Tower of Pisa ANYTIME
- MPS NEEDS a snow day!!
- Was dumbo an Asian or African elephant?
- Paint me like one of your Buscemi- eyed girls
- There’s no I in beer 
- Lightly sedated gingers
- Six on the Beach

Gathering Place Brewing - MKE
- Doc Brown's Cat Was Named Epstein
- Han Solo - Emphasis On Solo

Gathering Place Brewing - Tosa
- Dog Grandma 2
- It's Alright to be Itty Bitty
- Coincidentally, my girlfriend also calls me the leaning tower of Pisa 
- I’ll show you my sword if you show me yours 
- Hennything is possible
- Chris Christie: The Fifth Hungry Hungry Hippo and Defeated by Vowels
- Deconstructed Salmon

Good City Brewing - East Side
- Burt Reynolds’ Mustache & Dolly Parton’s Knockers 
- Stickheads

Good Works Brewing
- Beer Pressure
- Joe Barry's Firing Squad
- I lost my virginity at Toyotathon

Hacienda Taproom and Kitchen
- “Polar Vortex” was my nickname in college
- “Le Cordon Bleu Balls” 
- Who is Simone Biles’ husband?
- This is Too Much Pressure
- Vodka Made from Grapes 
- Stifler’s Mom has Got It Going On 
- Did Not Beat It

Izzy Hops
- The Wizards of Ozempic 
- Buc-ee’s du Bois 
- America Runs on Bottled Horse Cum 🐎 
- Dr. Dre’s Oooy Gooey War Machine
- Bill is short for WILLIAM!!! With an A!!!
- Never Gonna Win This Game
- DJ Schmuck’s Disembowelment Disco 
- Izzy Hops? No! He’s Running! 🏃 
- I’ve had it with these motherfuckin’ questions on the motherfuckin’ quiz!!! 🐍✈️
- Short Broke & Ran Through 
- Throbbing Members 
- Crouching Woman Hidden Dildo 
- Squeakity, Squeak, Squeak, Squeaker 🐿️

J. Leinenkugel's Barrel Yard
- Smarter Than Your Average Beer Drinkers
- Drinkie Slinkies

Jack's American Pub
- These damn monopoly questions, week in and week out
- Quizzy Osbourne

Lion's Tail Brewing - Neenah
- Crystal Methodists
- We Thought This Was Speed Dating
- 2024: Year Of the Sad Boys
- Can We Haz Gift Card Plz?
- "Wait! This isn't milk in my Cap'n Crunch!!"

Lion's Tail Brewing - Tosa
- the hottest planet WITH an atmosphere is Uranus.
- Trash dick, sweet dick, small dick?
- Man landed on the moon in ‘69 just like I did your mother Trebek

MC's Pour House
- Marked Safe from the Epstein List
- Win, Booze or Draw 
- Fuzzy Handcuffs for Christmas 
- On a scale of casey Anthony to Jared Fogle how much do you like kids
- I Want More Whine 
- Not the Longhinis 
- Our Beer Nutz Are Cold 
- Draw us like one of your french sprinters
- Marks Boozy Babes 
- I don't know what HD is but my Doc says I have 80 of them 
- Know it Ales
- Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber
- Shove it up your Warhol
- 3 Blind alcoholics 
- Nation of Quizlam

- Camel racing? Talk about fat humps. 
- You're doing awesome...just kidding.
- Smuck my chorizo 
- Futzin my schmuck 
- Would bang the Arizona mascot 
- Mr. Weasley's Pullout Game Weak

Milwaukee Brat House - downtown
- I’ll slurp Lyle’s bath water with consent

Milwaukee Brat House - Shorewood
- But my husband says a hand is 8 inches... 
- I quizzed a girl and I liked it 
- Yo-yo ma's official fan club
- The original Irish Cream is Murphy Mom
- I stand with Pluto 
- Elephant skin or ballsack question mark? 
- Two things we can’t reach: Uranus and your anus
- Never gonna give you up (or your mom) 
- Rosa called shot gun
- I don’t play monopoly, I don’t believe in capitalism 
- Taylor swift put Travis Kelce on the map
- Schmucks on a plane
- Jason Kelce's girlfriends fan club
- Hitchhikers guide to your mom 
- The answer to life, the universe, and everything…. 69 
- Kitty doesn’t mind jacks small balls 
- The allman brothers fucked my mom

Mo's Irish Pub
- Is Ordering a Black Velvet Cheating?

Mobcraft beer - MKE
- I want to hold your Horse Standard Measure
- People keep saying it's Dry January, but it feels pretty Wet to Me!
- Les Quizerables
- My cousin stole my Virginity. #Alabama
- Peter Dunklage took a Tinklage
- Announcement: To the owner of the maroon Toyota Rav 4, your lights are on
- My Dad has a nice Chorizo

Mobcraft beer - Woodstock

- Cocklerbur? I hardly know her
- O'lydias? more like O'lydi-YAAASSSSS
- people keep calling this dry January, but it seems pretty wet to me
- No one ordered dried hibiscus???????
- help stepbro I'm stuck on this question
- In gay ken we trust

Oggie's Kitchen and Bar
- Drink Wisconsibly or I'll give your racing sausage cheesehead

On Tap
- Left Nut

Ope Brewing Co
- 5 Deaf Germans, a Korean, and an Arab walk into a bar...
- C-U-Next-Tuesday. Enjoy Portland
- Moister Than an Oyster 
- Jerry Jones calls Jordan Love Daddy (but probably not because he is racist)
- I like big sacks, tight ends, and a strong D! Yay Football!
- ¡adios huevos! (Someone’s getting neutered tomorrow)

Panther Pub
- Bert destroyed my Ernie last night
- Michigan can suck my upper Schmuck
- Six feet from the edge of quizzing

Perspective Brewing Co
- My Warning Sign is Tickle me Pink 
- Not Great Expectations 
- Cable? In this economy? Okay boomer.
- The Better Late Than Pregnants
- The Freezing Fucking Hippos 
- 49 reasons we love the Packers!
- No One Cares What our Team Name is

Pete's Pub
- Buy Hur Dinner and Ben Hur Over
- Leaning on my tower til I Pisa
- if you Parma on my Sean I’ll Ghengis your khan
- you may not be the father, but you are the daddy
- Attention Guets, there will be free drinks until 11 PM per Pete’s Pub ownership

Pilot Project Brewing
- Ain't No Party Like a Donner Dinner Party 
- Latin Fire w/ a Side of Gringo (70pts) 
- Not Two Small but Mighty
- Michael Phelps did NOTHING Wrong
- She be Franken on my Stein Till I Cum Alive
- Spreaders and Pluggers
- The Bar is Kenough

Pomona Cider Co
- Make me pa-moan-ahh
- she feast on my donner til I party 
- John quincy Adam's one piece bathing suit
- Quizzy Tiegan + John Quizinski = 🙂
- Cock Ring Kens
- The 4th Monopoly Property..... Vagina Blvd.

Raised Grain Brewing
- Getting Tipsy for Gypsy on Epstein Island 
- Kanye West Needs the Electric Chair 
- The “OG” 3 Musketeers: Major Girth, Colonel Cock & the Privates
- Hunter Biden’s Dick Picks 
- Mackenzie stole $6 from us
- 68 and I owe you one 
- Joe berry deez your mouth

Rally Time West Bend
- I Double Dutch Ovened Your Mom Last Night
- Your Mom's Milkshake Brings All The ME To The Yard.

Sahale Ale Works
- Farmer Dave and the Crop Dusters

Schooner Pub
- Is Arby’s open?
- 2 in the Pink
- The Snow it alls
- Close encounters of the Yiddish
- Sofa King Smart

State Line Distillery 
- Canada, Eh?" ends with an H
- Jacob Elordi's Bathwater
- Sick Rhinoceros, inside rhinoceros, dirty rhinoceros 
- “I Don’t Care What You Say, Abraham Lincoln Had A Beard!
- We Planned the Taylor Swift Psy-op over Drinks and Trivia.

Station 1 Brewing Co
- Still Waiting for our New Year Balls to Drop 
- Cheers with the Beers and a Happy New Years
- Pertnear Genius’s
- Quiz Kids
- Kansas City Queefs

TAQ brewing
- Kylie Jenner Sucks

Third Space Brewing
- I thought we threw all the tea in the harbor

Uncommon Pints
- I didnt pee myself
- Buzz, your girlfriend, woof

Updown MKE
- Morning Head Call That ZZ 
- Iris You a Mercury Christmas and a Happy Bamboo Year!
- Countour Bottle: The Closest Some of You Will Get to Touching a Woman!
- Jim Parsons is Just Young Sheldon But Older 
- Daisy Dukes Make Me a Hungry Hungry Hippo
- Buzz, Your Girlfriend… Woof! 
- ETCREAM- ET Cat Rules Everything Around Me 
- I Give Human Top and Take Animal Bottom
- LSD: Leo Smooj DiCaprio 
- Leo Got Django Shortchanged at the Oscars

- Yesh I'm addicted to porn  porn me another beer

Wahlburgers at Hy-Vee
- Even my brain farts smell
- The Scranton Stranglers
- Don't eat the yellow snow

Who's on Layton
- The Quizzard of OZ
- Paula Abdul is a fool... But we're not :)

Whole Foods - Streeterville
- I don’t know what we’re doing here we just came for avocados
- Shut up and let me think motherfucker!
- Mommy's little tee ball bench warmers!

Whole Foods - Tosa Tavern
- Where the H is Bangladesh?
- Joe Biden was at each inauguration of John Adam’s, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Johnson & Donald Trump.
- Foggy Bottom Girls


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