Team Names of the Month

Caffrey's Pub:
  • Toronto Maple Queefs
  • The Great Barrier Queef
  • Eat Pray Queef
  • A Boner a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
  • Lubrication is For Pussies
  • Tiger Woods, Sinking Putts Nailing Sluts!
Milwaukee Ale House:
  • Everytime You Text and Drive...The Fancy Restaurants Can Go Fuck Themselves
  • Robin Hood Actually Made Money at the Box Office???
  • Don't Stop Til You Get Enough...In My Pants!
  • Uncle Bob Touched Me
  • Hold On...I'll Get a Towel
  • Whiskey Business
Whiskey Bar:
  • My Girlfriend's 3 Feet Tall, But I'm Nuts Over Her
  • Sharks With #$%@!@* Lasers on Their Heads
Mulligans Irish Pub:
  • I'll S Your D if You L my V
  • Schindler's Fist
Milwaukee Brat House:
  • Crocs on, Cocks Out
  • Robocop and Unicorns
  • Team Gangsta Ninja Dropkicking Asians Crew Yo
The Black Rose:
  • Bieber-B-Gone
  • Quiz In My Eye
  • "Come on Cahaggen. Give Deez People Ayer!"
  • We're Not Spies, We're Just Hiking in Iran!
  • Full-On Double Rainbow
  • Rick More-Anus
  • Duke's Ass Fire
  • Pink Lip Violators
Grafton Ale House:
  • Clap If You Have A Big Penis
  • The Girl With the Short Blonde Hair Got Stood Up on A Date Tonight, So SERIOUSLY Make It Worth Her While, Because She Shaved!
  • $TEXAS


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