June's Best Team Names:

Milwaukee Ale House
  • Throbbing Goosenecks
  • We Came Here to Chew Gum and Suck Ass and We're All Out of Gum
  • Answer: A Bug, A Car, A Band. Question: Name Three Beatles Oasis are Not Bigger Than
  • Ty Pennington is a Homewrecker
  • Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum...I've Got a Sexy Englishman... in My Pants
  • Still Waiting For my Condom Shipment to Arrive

Caffrey's Pub
  • Pete Marshall ran off to New York to get Hitched: Gay Man's Paradise
  • America -> Home of the Red, White + Booze
  • Get Steve Irwin off the mic
  • Ryan Dunn is dead..... Sexy!

Whiskey Bar
  • Isn't Prince Albert In the Urban Dictionary Too?
  • Amsterdam Might Be Low But Its Citizens Are High As A Kite!
  • I Don't Do Coke, I Just Like The Smell Of It
  • Bill Clinton Only Has One Kid? Are You Sure?
  • Half Our Team Is Busy With Fortune Tellers Thats Why We Suck
  • I Gave LeBron A Dollar And Asked For Change Back. He Only Gave Me .75c Because He Couldn't Come Up With The 4th Quarter!

Replay Sports Bar
  • We May Not Go Down In History, Buy We Will Go Down On Your Sister
  • What's the worst part about raping a deaf person? Breaking both their hands afterwords...
  • Charlie Sheen and two dead hookers
  • How do you stop a baby from crawling in circles? Nail down the other hand.
  • I got tattoos on my arms to get laid and all I ended up with was this job

The Highbury
  • What Sort of Jew Tapes a Dollar to the Window? Shame on You, Joe Katz
  • I Came, I Saw, I Regretted It Immediately

Fanatics Sports Central
  • I Wish This Microphone Was A Dick
  • Too bad the titanic wasn't made out of NERF, that shit floats.
  • Why do we always suck when Kevin's gone-aria??
  • Wayne Rooney's Hair Club
  • On The Fifth Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me, A Scorching Case Of Herpes!
  • Well....Fuck

Milwaukee Brat House
  • I Won't Do Anything For Love... But I Will Do Anal!
  • Breast Friends
  • I'm West Allis.... I'm Sorry
  • I'm Not Gay But My Smart Car is. Blow Me...
  • Pete... Do you Schlitz or swollow?
  • If Men With Small Penises Drive Hummers, Ian Should Drive A God Damn Tank!
  • We Only Comment on Facebook Posts to Get Laid!

5th Ward Pub
  • We still don't know shit
  • Stop asking about Canada... No one cares.
  • Lebron Better Life Than U, Fewer Rings
  • Boy George W Bush
  • Sam is a slag P.s. Fuck England, Go America!

Dino'z Sports Bar
  • My Wife Sucks At Wrestling But You Should See Her Box
  • When You Weren't Looking I Rubbed My Dick On Your Scarf
  • I Love Watching Women Use The Shakeweight...
  • The First Thing Chris Brown Said When He Saw Rihana, "I'd Hit That..."
  • I'm Nervous So I'm Picturing You All Naked...And Don't Look Because I've Got A Huge Boner Right Now.

Jim's Place
  • Ninja Penguins on Coke
  • Have You Seen My Anthony Weiner?
  • Every Time Nickelback Plays on Radio, A Llama Die

Attebury's Pub and Eatery
  • They Call Me TNT, 'cause I'll Blow Up In Your Pants
  • I Think I'm In Labor, But We Came To Quiz Anyway
  • Angela Lansbury Used To Be Hot
  • Drink Apple Juice, OJ Will Kill You

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • The Team Formerly Known As Prince
  • I May Be Late To The Party but, I Always Cum On Time
  • E = M.C. Hammered

Grafton Ale House
  • What Do Cardinals Fans and Gay People Have in Common?... Both Love Pujols
  • Would Have Won... But Kelsey Had to Poo
  • Dear Wickens, Thanks for Bringing this Shit Weather Back With You From England
  • Are You the Quizmaster, Because I'm the Trivia Keeper!
  • Is it Weird That the Picture of Princess Leia Turns Me On More With the Buscemi Eyes?

Three Lions Pub
  • Congress is now one weiner leaner
  • Even with the clue, we have no fucking clue.
  • Dirk Nowitzki has got To be Swinging a Cedar down there
  • My Nephew Dexter was Just Born Today and He's Already Bigger than Tink

Duke of Devon Pub
  • Colombo's Dead and We Know Who Did It
  • I Just Saw Hugh Hephner's Runaway Bride in the Bathroom with Anthony Weiner
  • Since he's not here this week, can I just ask, is Ryan just a little gay?

Crisp Pizza Bar
  • Two good looking girls who have it together. And some asshole...
  • The Bruce Jenner Appreciation Society (BJAS)
  • Fuck table tennis, the national sport of China is NINJA
  • It's a tiny leg, It's a deformity I have to live with.


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