Halloween Costume Quiz October 31st! Win QM Cup Tix!

Well, it's that time of year again; when the quizzically insane decide to dress-up as their favorite cricket-bat-Zombie-smashing super hero or the cast of your favorite 1960s shipwrecked sitcom...

Yes, the annual Halloween costume quiz returns to the Milwaukee Ale House this upcoming Monday October 31st, 2011! The quiz is slated to start at the usual 8 p.m. slot!


And this year Halloween actually falls on a Monday so there's no excuses not to get a wee-bit dressed up! The best dressed team will receive FREE entry to Quizmaster Cup VI, which takes place at the Ale House Sunday November 13th, 2011. If teams have already paid for their registration, or wish to get ahead and register this week (and reserve their seats) they will be reimbursed in full if they end up winning on Monday!

Additionally, the winning team will get a $50 Ale House gift card for their efforts!

And there's no special registration for Monday's Halloween-themed quiz! Teams need to just show up, pay the customary $1/person entry fee and drink beer!


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