It's a NYE Debut at Spitfire! Next Quiz Jan. 11th!

It was New Year's Eve at Okauchee's Spitfire Pub, and it was also the debut of the bar's trivia night this December 31st.

Quizmaster creator and owner Ryan was in the house to host the pub's inaugural extravaganza, and it was full house for what turned out to be a thriller.

And on it's debut, the quiz experienced a sudden death showdown as two teams tied on 45 points.

Quizmaster veterans The Ambiguously Gay Duo showed most others how it was down as they were tied at the top...


They were heavily outnumbered by "All about Chris," who had a giant team to compete for the $100 tab...


Ultimately, it was the latter who's numerical advantage paid off, as they stole the top prize following the tie break questions.

Nonetheless that gay duo walked out with four Bucks tickets for their troubles!

The remaining prize for best team name, a pretty sweet Packers package went to the appropriately named This is bull shit, I want five friends to join us after we started! who were referencing the winning team's large size...


Their name got a sizable laugh from the rest of the bar! We hope to see them back in January!

Although, we'd like to also give a shout out to the Cork Soakers - they didn't win the team name accolade as they'd hoped, but their team sheet had a unique twist...


When in doubt put a cork in it!

Quiz night will debut on it's regularly scheduled Wednesday night starting January 11th, 2012 at 8pm, and every Wednesday thereafter! Specials and prizes will be up for grabs each week!

We hope to see Okauchee's finest then!

Until next time Okauchee, drink while you think...

Saturday December 31st, 2011 scores:

  1. 45 "All about Chris"
  2. 45 The Ambiguously Gay Duo
  3. 43 Cork Soakers
  4. 39 Schoens, Hendericks, Fillergers
  5. 39 Waiting for Kelsey
  6. 38 This is bull shit, I want five friends to join us after we started!
  7. 30 Raising Rickard Reckons


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