Quizmaster to feature at NEWaukee event this Thursday!

Quizmaster will be teaming up with Newaukee this Thursday February 23rd, 2012 during it's Newaukee Tours MKE Brewing Co. event...


Newaukee, which hosts its cool and fun social function all over Brew City, will be hosting a brewtastic time at the amazing Milwaukee Brewing Company's brewery at 613 S 2nd St Milwaukee, WI 53204.

Unlike regular Quizmaster events, this event will be a strictly non-verbal, pictures-only quiz. Sheets will be handed out at 7:30pm, and teams must submit answers by 8 p.m. The Quizmaster will grade each team’s sheet himself.

Other details and happenings on Thursday include:

  • FREE - Sample beer with three complimentary tasting tickets
  • TOUR - See MKE's best brewery tour with 3oo friends
  • LIVE MUSIC - NEWaukee always bring local MKE talent to your ears
  • PHOTO BOOTH - Strike a pose with friends by the brew kettles
  • TREADMILL - February's non profit, Determination, will be strutting it out on a treadmill while we watch.
Plus.... VIP Status ($20) limited to 20 people

  • Private tour of MBC from the Owner, Jim McCabe
  • Complimentary Horderves
  • Complimentary MBC Glass
  • 1 hour access to event starting at 5:30PM


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