Find the QUEEL - February 2013

Yeaaaaaah! Find out below, where the QUEEL will be this month...

Just remember.... THERE IS ONLY ONE QUEEL! So, it will not be a standard feature at all quiz nights, but instead will tour the Quizmaster circuit, appearing at various venues here and there. The QUEEL will be used in various ways, including...

  • To denote point values for certain questions
  • To select certain questions and randomize questions
  • To select different topics for a bonus round
  • To giveaway FREE stuff, such as gift cards, beer, Quizmaster t-shirts, free hugs and more....
Here's where the QUEEL will be in February 2013....

This schedule may be subject to change, as we could add more QUEEL dates during the month if circumstances allow it (and likewise remove dates too, although hopefully not!). So be sure to check back to this post or check the Facebook page to see where the QUEEL will be!

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