January 2013's best pub trivia team names...

Milwaukee Ale House
  • Do you know who else doesn't like trivia on Monday nights?... Communists
  • Better Late Pregnant
  • My name is Ryan --- will screw for work VISA
  • Next Monday we are taking our business to a fine drinking establishment on Water Street that is open and has trivia and drink specials -- we're going to Red Rock Saloon and tipping generously!
  • Alabama ball carriers, the Heisman trophy, Lenny Kekua... all things Manti Teo's never laid a hand on
  • Taylor Swift kick to the head
  • I wonder if Manti Teo's dead girlfriend is in Mitt Romney's Binder full of women
  • Obama's inauguration proves the old adage, once you go black you never go back
  • The last week in sports. Harbaugh, Harbaugh, one ball!
  • The Jew Hunter won an Oscar?
  • Lance Armstrong would have admitted to using steroids sooner if he had more balls
  • Are you fisting me?
  • Every Monday night, the Quizmaster makes us QUEEL so hard!
  • Our couch pulls out but we don't 
  • Useless Knowledge round, also known as the ladies round 
  • Michael Jackson - we actually don't want you back
  • We payed $2 for trivia and all we got was a hangover and lowered self esteem

Cafe Hollander
  • In First Place, With 965,923 Points
  • The Topical Ointment Didn't Work, Here's To This Cranberry Vodka
  • There's A Tom Hardy Party In My Pants
  • 8===D - lomatic Immunity 
  • Show Me The Monet
  • On A Scale Of Casey Anthony To Jerry Sandusky, How Much Do You Love Kids? 
  • What Do Sheryl Crow and Cancer Have In Common? They Both Bust Lance's Balls
  • If Marilyn Monroe "Sang" For JFK, What Did Beyonce Do For Obama? 
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin's Penis Is Twice As Small In This Cold Weather 
  • How About A Green Bay Skyline Next Time, Asshole
  • Coming Up With A Team Name Is Harder Than The Trivia Questions
  • Condoms And Rattlesnakes: Two Things I Don't Fuck With
  • This Was Embarrassing
  • "There's Worse Things In Your Asshole Than Spit"
  • I Might Give Birth Tonight (Seriously!)

Caffrey's Pub
  • Just the tip, just to see how it feels
  • No means yes, yes means Anal
  • Ray Lewis is killing 'em out there
  • Camo condoms, can't see them cumming through the bush
  • I had a wet dream 
  • Rosa Parks shoulda called shotgun
  • Jodie Foster's Meth Dealers
  • Jodi Foster Eats Out
  • The Kids R. Kelly Peed On
  • Patches Ohoolihan
  • We Like Our Beer Like We Like Our Violence.. Domestic
  • The Four Girls Across From The Shot Wheel are Cheating Bitches
  • Fat Tits and Chocolate Milk

Camp Bar
  • Manti Te'o's girlfriend "So good were not real"!
  • I really hope Ray lewis kills it in the Super Bowl! But Joe Flaco and Ray Rice will probably get all the credit like those 2 other guys
  • Came in for a beer...now it's game on!
  • Slavery, AIDS, it's all ok
  • Thank god for alcohol because it's too fucking cold!
  • The Morning Woods
  • Quiz in my pants
  • Reggie White Has An Asian Elephant Dick
  • We're Pitching Tents In Her Valley 
  • The Wet Dream Catchers

Two Bucks
  • Stuffing Torrey's Holes like Tiger
  • Trivia Newton John
  • Give Them Bartendas a Raise!
  • My Trivia Partner Doesn't Know This is a Date
  • Michelle Obama's favorite vegetable (Barackoli)
  • Hot Jamaican Jerky Balls
  • The Packers Just Got Colin-oscopied 
  • The Hott Rusty Carl Trombone
  • Don't Ask Me How I Made $40 Today
  • Pretty McFly for a White Guy's Penis 
  • Captain Morgan and The Shitmates
  • Straight Out of Wiscompton
  • Win or Lose We Still Booze

Whiskey Bar
  • Funny Thing About My Species Is Its On My Penis
  • Fear Of Homelessness Is Also Known As Conservatism
  • We Have As Much Use For The Weekly Soccer Question As The British Have For Dentists
  • The Reason It Took Moses 40 Yrs Was Because He Was A Man. And No Self-respecting Man Will Ever Ask For Directions
  • Manti Teo Misunderstood The Phrase "Fantasy Football"
  • SO Manti Teo Dated a Girl He Never Had To See....Best Relationship Ever
  • Freddy Mercury's Glass Table Broke
  • I Studied For This Quiz By Looking Up Nude Pics Of Charlize Theron
  • Lance Armstrong finally had the ball to come clean
  • America: best team name ever, if you don't agree you're a terrorist
  • Was anyone really surprised about Jodi Foster? She starred in a movie called "the beaver."
  • May be Wheldon wouldn't have died if he was driving on the right side of the road
  • Llama Butt Pubes
  • The best thing about necrophilia is you don't have to bring flowers

  • How Are KFC And WOmen The Same? When You're Done Eating Them, All You Have Left Is A Greasy Box To Put Your Bone In
  • Goblet Of Cum
  • Canada: America's Hat
  • Titties Of Wrath 
  • John Is Defined As Either A Toilet Or A Prostitutes Client. So I Guess That Means Our Quizmaster Is A Shitty Perv
  • Obamanation
  • Touching You, Touching Me . . . Wish Manti Teo Could Do That
  • The "Felching" San Francisco Bird Feeder (Urban Dictionary If You Don't Know)
  • Oprah’s Dirty Minge à LIVESTRONG
  • What Did Hitler Get His Niece For Her Birthday? An Easy Bake Oven
  • Save A Tree, Eat A Beaver 
  • Notre Dame Took It IN THe Ass Like A Bunch Of Alter Boys
  • John's Cell Phone Is Going To Start In A Hollywood Blockbuster Movie With Liam Neeson . . . It's Called "Taken 3"

Fox River House
  • Manti Te'o's girlfriend is more real than my girlfriend 
  • Michelle Obama Bangs 
  • Another night when nobody came but me

  • Your Mom's Vibrator
  • Real Chicks Like Small Dicks 
  • Roofie-Collatas For Everyone
  • We Are Not Smarter Than a 5th Grader
  • And In First Place With a Million Points
  • JizmasterTrivia.com
  • I can has Chez Dick

The Hotch Spot
  • Vomit Free Since 93
  • Chilly Willies
  • The Wet Bandits
  • When we Lose We still booze
  • Just Give Us the $10 bar tab for the best team name dammit, we sucked this week

  • How do you get Pikachu on a bus? Pokemon!
  • We gang banged Manti Teo's ex-girlfriend all night long 
  • My couch pulls out but I don't
  • Team Kevin Bacon Hates Black People
  • My Tiger Wood may not have won 4 Masters, but it is the 3rd largest country in Europe
  • Pabst Schmere
  • Obama hard on congress; Michelle Obama bangs
  • The team that scores the most points will win the Superbowl
  • White, wet, on your face, and in your eyes... It's snow you guys!
  • Purple Headed Yogurt Slingers
  • Colors That End In Urple
  • Our Fake Girlfriend Died Today
  • Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend Is Fake and Lance Armstrong is Pissed!
  • My boner has a first name, it's B.O.N.E.R.
  • If a ginger gets a boner, can you call it a red wood?

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Aardvark Aardvark Aardvark Aardvark Aardvark (we just wanted to hear you say Aardvark)
  • Mayor McDick Cheese
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm really band at poetry, nice tits
  • 5 Jerks and a Squirt
  • I'm sick of these mother fuckin snakes on this mother fuckin plane
  • There are 15 letters in Colin Kaepernick... there are 15 letters in Loserrrrrrrrrrr.... coincidence?
  • Justin Bieber is our pot dealer
  • We couldn't come up with a good name so we came up with this instead
  • Chivalry is dead, you stupid bitch!
  • Two girls, one cup!

Major Goolsby's
  • Zack Morris's Cell Phone
  • Too Husky For Sandusky
  • Wurst Of Da Wurst 
  • The Princi-Pals 
  • My Girlfriend Left, Trivia Is Long 
  • Magic's Johnson
  • King Koopa's Klit Kommanders
  • Kick Like Crosby, Throw Like Tebow

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • What's Brown and rhymes with Snoop Dog? Dr Dre
  • What is a Yankee? It's like a quicky but you can do it yourself.
  • Lance to Oprah "These vile accusations make my blood boil, lucky that I have somebody else's blood stored in my fridge."
  • We wish we could roid up for trivia
  • Seriously, Who farted?
  • We also had What's the difference between Snowmen and Snowwomen? Snowballs!
  • 2012 warmest year on record - no problem! Solve global warming by switching Fahrenheit to Celsius - immediately lower temperature
  • Bruce Willis is a ghost and Batman dies at the end also Gweneth Paltrow's head is in the box
  • Fisticuffs? I hardly knew her!
  • Cervix Bruisers

Attebury's Pub and Eatery
  • Nuts N' Knockers
  • Manti Teo's Lip Syncing Girlfriend
  • P.E.D. (Physical Education Dragons) 
  • Menage a Trois and the Free Mustache Rides
  • Team Lance Dopestrong
  • The Dirty Gangnam Style Douchebags
  • Make Up Sex… It's Worth Fighting For!
  • Da Bears Still Suck!
  • We Look Great In Lederhosen
  • The Tipsy Turvy Topless Triceratops

Black Rose Irish Pub
  • Quiz in My Pants
  • La Boobies
  • Menace of Sobriety
  • Sanduskys Tight Ends
  • The Squizzle Squirts
  • "And in First Place, with a million points..."

Grafton Ale House
  • Good thing Double D retired as a packer and didn't join up with the VikQueens
  • We love double d and we aren't talking about Donald Driver 
  • Ray Lewis stabbed a man with deer antlers
  • 60% of the time we win everytime!
  • What do Mexicans use to cut their pizza? Little Caesars!
  • Uncles with benefits
  • My girlfriend told me to go out and get her something that looks sexy... so I came back drunk
  • My name is Ryan Wickens, Your Quizmaster, and tonight's drinks are on me!
  • Quiz man, we will give you $5 if we win best name
  • In dog beers, we've only had one 
  • I may not be a Heisman candidate but at least my girlfriend is still alive (I think)
  • Tony the Tiger thinks Scripper's breasts are grrrrrreat!
  • I smell like bigfoot's dick
  • I'd do anything for love... but I won't do Kanye (or that Kardashian whore)
  • Who gives a better mustache ride.... Ron Burgundy or The Lorax?
  • 18 years, 18 years and his 18th birthday he found out it wasn't his... talk about foreshadowing Kanye!
  • Kanye put his wurst in Kim Kardashian
  • Happy New Year, Stop Masturbating

The Highbury
  • A seahorse is not a vertebrate. No, wait, the internet says they are... Fuck you internet.
  • Then Ron Jeremy's Scientific Name is Hedgehog, Hedgehog, Hedgehog 
  • If I don't win I'm gonna finger my own butthole
  • Hell, I'd fake it for the president...
  • I'll beef tongue your anus - Sure!
  • I told people I had a girlfriend in college too, but I never said she was dead
  • What's the difference between a bowling ball and an abortion? You can't eat a bowling ball.
  • My moneyshot covers the whole face!!!
  • Your Anus or My Anus We Got Fucked

Three Lions Pub
  • Did you know Ray Lewis has killed more people than Manti Teo has dated? 
  • Powered by Antler Spray 
  • Lawrence of O'Labla
  • I Wish This Microphone was a Giant Horse Cock
  • Pounding The Vagina's is a two fisted effort
  • Pterodactyls - Why are Pterodactyles scared to Pee? Because the "P" is Silent
  • Great Barrier Queef
  • How did the hipster burn his tongue? By drinking his coffee before it was Cool
  • What does a Grandma's snatch smell like? Depends
  • Sir, You Can't Masturbate and Drive
  • Your Moms Vagina Looks Like a Grenade Went Off in the Deli Section
  • Jeffery Dahmers Homemade Lampshade

St. Francis Brewery
  • Double D Double D, Donald Driver's Designated Drinkers
  • Finally Something Exploded on Ron Jeremy's Chest
  • David Hasselhoff's Chest Hair
  • 2 Harbaugh's 1 Bowl
  • Oops I Quizzed My Pants
  • And the Wiener Is...
  • We're Already Breaking Our Resolutions By Being Here

The Eatery on Farwell
  • Lindsey Lohan's Court Date
  • The "B" on my hat stand for "Butthole" 
  • Donald's McDonalds
  • Mante Teo's girlfriend is like the first two Star Wars pictures...fake and dead
  • I'd Still Sync Lips with Beyonce
  • Ray Lewis Murdered Mante Teo's Girlfriend
  • Four Guys on a Fact Hunt
  • We Built this City on Rig-a-ma-roll
  • Poop Chute Riot
  • Dont Touch the Wine Bottle in the Middle of the Table. It's Really Hot. #Neosporin
  • Death: the closest Gary Coleman will come to six feet.
  • The Real Housewives of The Eatery #RHOE
  • Now I'm Not Saying That We're Gold Diggers, but We Aren't Messing with any Broke Crackers
  • We Couldn't Think of Anything So We Just Drew a Penis 
  • "So I Was Balls Deep in This Girl Last Night"...That's it, I just wanted the entire bar to know I was balls deep in a girl last night.

Vino 100
  • Winner Pays For Our Bar Tab
  • Manti Te'o's Boyfriend
  • My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
  • Notre Dame: More Like "No Such Dame" Am I Right?
  • Growing Up Skipper Sales Plummeted Shortly After The Release of Rub and Grow Ken
  • "Bark Twice If You're In Milwaukee"

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  1. Do you know who else doesn't like trivia on Monday nights?... Communists
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