It's for f-ing charity, Milwaukee!!

The blue stuff was in the pub - the Three Lions Pub - this Sunday night, as Quizmaster presented a very unique event. All TV junkies would know that this Sunday September 29th, 2013 was the day that would feature the final episode of AMC's Breaking Bad, and the anticipation for the 62nd episode was nothing short of nail-biting.

We hosted our special Breaking Bad quiz for charity in conjunction with the series finale, and boy did the meth-heads come out of the woodwork for this one!

That picture courtesy of NaomiLeeDesigns.

Yes, the Three Lions was near capacity as 90 queeps on 20+ teams converged on the Shorewood pub to test their knowledge of Walter White and everything that goes with it. And the fact that there was free meth and $5 blue-strawberry margaritas flowing made it that much better for all involved...

So there wasn't a huge scrap over the bag of fake blue stuff, we ensured that all queeps got their very own "teenths" beforehand...

Cheers for that one DmStockton.

After six rounds and thirty questions of periodic magnitude, there could only be one winner. And not only would the winner receive a Three Lions gift card for top spot, but they'd also get to designate the charity that the $5 entry-fee each person paid would be going to.

A maximum total of 75 points saw two teams rack up 71 points, as Skibby's Thirsty and Pinkman and the Brain... ricin to the occasion locked horns in a sudden death round. They couldn't be separated by one question, so a second tie breaker was asked (the atomic number of methamphetamine) and ultimately Skibby's Thirsty just scraped by with the win, thus crowning themselves as the biggest Breaking Bad fans in the MKE...

And they decided their charity of choice would be Cystic fibrosis - now $635 better off thanks to the die-hard Breaking Bad fans of Milwaukee!

Second place, the defeated team in sudden death, was Pinkman and the Brain... ricin to the occasion, who were always among the favorites to take the gold (or blue), especially with outfits like that...

And finally, it wouldn't be a Quizmaster trivia night without a best team name prize, which would of course be BB inspired this time out. Some great names and honorable mentions included Jane's Addiction - If you don't call Saul, Huell be sorry - Ding... ding ding ding... ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding... BOOM! - and I prefer "The Wire", actually but after much consideration that award went to They're fucking minerals, Marie!, who walked out with the consolation prize...

Poor Hank.

Anyway, it was a fantastic event for a good cause and we're delighted that so many great queeps came out to support. We'll be planning our next special event (with some queeps having already suggested Doctor Who or Seinfeld) soon, so watch this space.

And remember, as Quizmaster Ryan said: "I am the one who quizzes".

Until next time Milwaukee, drink while you think...

Sunday September 29th, 2013 scores:

  1. 71 Skibby's Thirsty
  2. 71 Pinkman and the Brain... ricin to the occasion
  3. 66 Pink, white and blue
  4. 66 Huell's giant head growth
  5. 66 We are the ones who knock!
  6. 65 "The one's who knock, bitch!"
  7. 64 I had a good team name... until you killed it!
  8. 63 Gus Again
  9. 63 They're fucking minerals, Marie!
  10. 62 Argo fuck yourself, bitch!
  11. 61 We will donate our charity winnings to the Drew Sharp Memorial Fund
  12. 61 Jane's Addiction
  13. 60 If you don't call Saul, Huell be sorry
  14. 60 Wet Bandits
  15. 58 Ding... ding ding ding... ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding... BOOM!
  16. 56 One call, that's Saul
  17. 55 .... or a dune buggy, then we could just dune buggy...
  18. 51 I prefer "The Wire", actually
  19. 48 Frankie Munez
  20. 44 Los Pollos Amigos
  21. 33 The Tidy White's


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