Stay classy Shorewood! Our Anchorman Quiz recap...

Quizzers were stuck in a glass case of emotion for two hours on Sunday night at the Three Lions Pub in Shorewood.

The bar witnessed a dozen teams, or 69 (giggity) queeps, battle it out like a news team brawl to see who would be crowned the king of the ANCHOR-MAN (not Anchor-lady) quiz!!

And what an affair it was.

Teams were tested on the most random of Anchorman knowledge including cameos in the film, Brian Fantana's cologne selection and Ron Burgundy's ride

And our winners would not only get a hefty Three Lions Pub bar tab, but also get to select the charity to which the money raised would go towards! Our champs would also take home some Lucky Tiger t-shirts and other swag too...

Ultimately, the scores filed in at the end and twas the team from Do me on that glorious rainbow that notched up a perfect tally of 65 from 65 points...

Don't act like you're not impressed!

They decided that the $335 raised at the event would go to One Simple Wish, a charity foundation that provides school books and other necessities to foster children. Well done team!

In other (much more significant news) the night's best team name was bound to be a competitive one, with Anchorman being among the most quoted films ever, along with other timeless classics such as The Godfather and Casablanca.

Having said that, the crowd had spoken when their laughter and applause reached a high point when GO Fuck yourself, Quizmaster had their team name read...

They're kinda a big deal in these parts.

The event was a ton of fun and we thank everyone for 'stopping by' and making it a success. We plan on holding another specially themed event (rumored to be of the Middle Earth category) in January!

Until next time Milwaukee, drink while you think...

Sunday December 1st, 2013 scores:

  1. 65 Do me on that glorious rainbow
  2. 63 Scholars maintain that our team name was lost hundreds of years ago
  3. 58 Sweet Lincoln's mullet
  4. 57 This glass case of emotion smells like Bigfoot's dick!
  5. 57 "I immediately regret this team name"
  6. 54 Bark Twice if you're in Milwaukee
  7. 47 You have a massive erection! Don't act like you're not impressed
  8. 47 Tits McGee and Co.
  9. 40 You ate the whole QUEEL of cheese?!?!
  10. 37 GO Fuck yourself, Quizmaster
  11. 36 60% of the time, we win EVERYTIME!
  12. 17 Milk was a bad choice


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