Great GOBLETS OF FIRE!! Our Harry Potter Quiz recap...

WOW! Muggles and half-blood queeps from all over MKE slytherined downtown to Old World Third Street this Sunday night for "You're a Quizzer, Harry: The Harry Potter Quiz!"

The quiz, which saw Quizmaster's largest crowd EVER at 61 teams and over 250 peeps, was supposed to take place exclusively at Who's on Third, but due to the overwhelmingly number of Muggle faces we also took over the Milwaukee Brat House as well!

Two bars; same awesome quiz; double the prizes!!

So the quiz was simultaneously hosted at two Third Street venues, which meant double the prizes. Plus we threw in an extra $60 tab for the overall highest score between both venues!!

Getting the quiz up and running was quite the Hufflepuff but Who's on Third were even serving up their own Goblets of Fire to get muggles through the chaos...

The results rolled in and we recorded 61 teams from the night's massive event…

That's a lot of answer sheets!!

As expected, there was a plethora of awesome-sauce Harry Potter team names, with each venue offering a prize for that award. At the Brat House, the accolade went to Gilderoy Lockhart is a fucking pussy!, who got an overwhelming roar and cheer for their frankness...

Bravo gang!

Who's saw I got your 9 3/4 right here! get the biggest laugh, and a gift card went their way...

Penis jokes never fail to impress!

Other honorable mentions for team names include the four teams who used the moniker 99 Problems but a snitch ain't one --- We saw Dumbledore at Pride Fest --- It's not my wand in my pocket ---  Harry Twatter and the Sorcerer's Bone(r) ---  I'm gonna Rita Skeeter all up on your rockin' quaffles --- My name isn't Myrtle, but I sure could use a moan and 2 Witches, 1 Broomstick.

Second places were up next and Ron's a Bitch took that award at the Brat House…

While the two-witch crew of  It's Levi-ooh-sa, not Levio-sah took the same award at Who's…

Pronounce it correctly people!!

Then there was top spot. The chosen one (or two, in this case), you might say. The Brat's top team were Snitches and Horcruxes with 75 points...

Well done ladies.

Although if they would have played at Who's they would have places tied for fifth with the same score. Although in fairness Who's did have two-thirds of the teams playing there.

However, twas the Harry Potter dorks from Can I Slytherin to your Chamber of Secrets that notched up 79 from 83 points to seal the overall win and enshrine their name in Quizmaster folklore…

And seeing as their two die-hard members had the full Hogwarts uniforms, it was clearly meant to be for them...

Something about those uniforms ladies!

Oh, and then there was this...

Courtesy of @Juluel315's Instagram.

Giving the overwhelming success of the event, and clear popularity of Mr. Potter, plans are already in the works for Harry Potter Trivia, Round 2!!! Watch this space muggles!!

Until next time Milwaukee, drink while you think…

Sunday June 8th, 2014 Harry Potter Quiz Scores:

  1. 79 Can I Slytherin to your Chamber of Secrets
  2. 77 It's Levi-ooh-sa, not Levio-sah
  3. 76 The Magical Museum Menargerie
  4. 76 Half Drunk Princes and Princesses
  5. 75 Snitches and Horcruxes (1st Brat House)
  6. 75 I'm gonna Rita Skeeter all up on your rockin' quaffles
  7. 75 TriWizard Trivia
  8. 75 Dumbledorks
  9. 75 Hagrid and the Blast Ended Sluts
  10. 75 The Real House Elves of Diagon Alley
  11. 74 I'm the one who makes moaning Myrtle moan
  12. 73 Ron's a Bitch (2nd Brat House)
  13. 73 You mom is a Horcrux
  14. 72 Harry Twatter and the Sorcerer's Bone(r)
  15. 72 Snitches get stitches
  16. 72 The Skeeters!!! 
  17. 71 We saw Dumbledore at Pride Fest
  18. 71 99 Problems but a snitch ain't one
  19. 70 Dumbledorks
  20. 70 The Chosen Ones
  21. 70 The-team-that-shall-not-be-named
  22. 70 Wait, who's Harry Potter
  23. 70 McGonagall's Tight Buns
  24. 70 The Best Little Horcrux in Texas
  25. 70 It's not my wand in my pocket
  26. 70 The reason Mandrake's cry
  27. 69 Alas, Earwax
  28. 69 Fred's not dead
  29. 69 Accio Beer!
  30. 68 Your mom's a muggle
  31. 68 Dumbledore's beards
  32. 68 I got your 9 3/4 right here!
  33. 68 Gilderoy Lockhart is a fucking pussy! (best name, Brat House)
  34. 67 Mischief managed
  35. 67 Save a broomstick, ride a seeker
  36. 65 My name isn't Myrtle, but I sure could use a moan.
  37. 65 Mischief Managed
  38. 65 For Fawke's Sake
  39. 65 We who must not be named
  40. 64 The Slenderman Spellcasters
  41. 64 My 9 3/4 will take you to magical places
  42. 63 Our patronuses are Riverwest Stein, Cider Boys and Louie's Demise
  43. 63 Fizzing Quizbees
  44. 63 99 Problems but a snitch ain't one
  45. 62 Harry Snitches
  46. 62 99 Problems but a snitch ain't one
  47. 61 Club Harry
  48. 60 The Beer Garden is full of Nargles
  49. 60 Accio right answers and a butter beer
  50. 60 You're a Harry Wizard
  51. 59 The team that must not be named
  52. 58 Harry Twatter and the Sorcerer's Bone
  53. 58 Muggle Mayhem
  54. 56 Rita "skeet skeet" Skeeter
  55. 56 The Gryffindor Brats
  56. 53 Fucklepuff
  57. 51 Aberforth's Goat Rescue
  58. 50 2 Witches, 1 Broomstick
  59. 48 99 Problems but a snitch ain't one
  60. 42 Big Black Patronuses
  61. 41 Harry pulls out but Ron doesn't (My Harry Potter has Hogwarts)


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