That one time…. at Casablanca! A Major Music Quiz Recap!

It was a bustling evening of live music trivia upstairs at Casablanca this past Sunday, as 20 teams filed in for A Major Music Quiz!!

The event, perhaps the most unique in trivia history, saw Quizmaster team up with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, who played live music queues, such as movie theme music, famous songs and classical music...

And check out our Facebook page for more photos from the night.

In the end, a tough quiz (and picture round) meant that a score of 72 from That one time at band camp was enough to seal victory...

Awesome stuff from them!

And just one point back were Here comes the Treble, happy to take the runners up spot and secure some MSO tickets for their effort...

And following our tricky picture round, the overwhelming favorite team name meant to Now we hate Legos. You kinda had to be there for that one!

Fun times! We'll be looking to do another event in conjunction with the MSO in 2015! Watch this space.

Until next time Milwaukee, drink while you think....

Sunday October 19th, 2014 scores:

  1. 72 That one time at band camp
  2. 71 Here comes the Treble
  3. 68 Now we hate Legos
  4. 67 Minor Triad Major Points
  5. 66 Bachtoberfest
  6. 66 The Treblemakers
  7. 65 Wager? I hardly know her!
  8. 65 Scrambled Eggs
  9. 63 Symphomaniacs
  10. 63 Fuckin' Wolverine
  11. 60 Miltown Junks
  12. 58 Pachalbel's Canon: assaulting ears since 1680
  13. 58 Bach to the Future
  14. 58 Clues Debussey's "Quiz de la luna!"
  15. 57 Not so sharp!
  16. 52 The Just-us League
  17. 51 Quiz Maestro's
  18. 49 Boner Thugz & Harmony
  19. 46 Fire String Death Punch
  20. 45 What do you call a musical growth? Crescedo de Waart


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