The Quizmaster Trivia League starts Nov. 10th!! Register your team for free now!

We've got some good news for Wisconsin quiz kids! We have teamed up with 97.3 Radio Now Milwaukee for a state-wide trivia league, which kicks off on Monday November 10th, 2014!

Rack up your best six scores over a six week period and receive uber-awards at the end...

Trivia League FAQs:

Do we pre-register, sign up online? 
Yes! Sign up can be made below. If you don't register online your scores will not be counted at the bar.

What is our "team number"? 
Once your team registers below, you will be emailed a three-digit "team number". Be sure to include this after your team name (on your answer sheet) each time you play. This way you can change your team name each week (to try to win the team name prize), but it'll still be easy for us Quizmasters to track your scores.

Can we play anywhere?
Yes. Play at any Quizmaster venue and rack up scores. The more you play, the better chance you have of having strong scores and eliminating "off nights." Follow the QUEEL (see below) to really boost your team's tally.

Okay, how much is it? 
Zero dollars. Yes, sign up for the league is free, but players will still have to pay the $1/person entry on the night, where applicable.

What are the prizes?
To be announced. Prizes will likely be a plethora of bar tabs to select Quizmaster venues, BEER (the good stuff too), and cash. We're currently working out the details with Radio Now, so watch this space.

Can people under 21 play?
We like to include queeps of all ages, but this is venue-specific. Some venues let U21's play, others do not. We encourage players to call the bar directly to find out.

Is there a team-size limit? 
Yes, our team limit of 8 players will be implemented during our quiz nights.

Do the same players have to play every time?
No. Usually there will be a core nucleus of three or four players for each team, with other randoms joining here and there. As long as you use the same team number, your score will be counted all the same.

Do scores from special-event quizzes (like Seinfeld, Harry Potter etc.) count?
No. We're afraid not. The scores from special themed events will not be tallied for league play.

Will QUEEL and "wager round" scores be counted?
Yes. Teams serious about racking up a big score will take note of "QUEEL" nights. These quizzes will include the Quiz Wheel (or QUEEL), which adds additional points to the evening's score.

Quiz nights with a wager bonus round also boost the regular 50-point tally by 10 points. Teams will be required to submits the following scores...

  1. Three regular scores (from 50 points)
  2. Three boosted scores (increased by a wager round or the QUEEL - usually 60+ points)

Trouble registering?
If you are unable to register, here's a trouble shooting tip… make sure that the address bar reads "". Any other web subdomain that you may have used to get here may mess with the space time continuum and interrupt the registration process.

Please register your details below. Note that your below "team name" will just be a standard name to identify your team; you may change your name at quiz nights (to win the "best team name" prize). Just make sure your "team number" is on your answer sheet each time you play…

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