(Quiz) Master of their domain!! The Seinfeld Quiz recap!

It was a packed house this past Sunday evening as the Packers had a bye week and 22 teams joined us on the corner of Russell and Superior in Bay View's legendary Club Garibaldi's for a special Seindfield edition of the quiz!  As the cooks were trying to keep the crowd fed on the world famous Club Garibaldi's wings and sliders, @QMKevinH stepped in to call the quiz.

When the smoke cleared, the team on the top of the table, with 71 out of 76 points, it was Everyday Balloons. Congrats on the $60 gift certificate win!

In the second spot, just one point behind the nightly winners was, George's Club Gari-bald-cure. Congrats on the $40 gift certificate win!

Finally, best team name on the night went to the name that impressed the bar staff the most, Your spongeworthy cock is making me thirsty, not that there's anything wrong with that.

There's nothing wrong with winning that $20 gift certificate for the best team name on the night! Congrats!

Thanks to everyone that stopped out and made this a successful night! Hope you all had fun and don't forget to check out the Club Garibaldi's quiz every Tuesday evening at 8 PM!

Until next time Milwaukee, drink while you think...

Sunday November 2nd, 2014 scores:

  1. 71 Everyday Balloons
  2. 70 George's Club Gari-bald-cure
  3. 65 Steven Snell, Typist Extrodinaire
  4. 64 What the hell, I'll just eat some trash
  5. 64 The Devils!!!
  6. 64 Look to the cookie
  7. 63 Your spongeworthy cock is making me thirsty, not that there's anything wrong with that.
  8. 63 The Urban Sombreros
  9. 60 Del Boca Vista, Phase Three
  10. 59 Newman's Canine Quieting Company
  11. 59 Seinsmelled's getting Buck Naked for a Van de Lay only if you are spongeworthy and have that Kavorka
  12. 59 Our team was bigger, buy we were in the pool!
  13. 58 The sponge-worthy Van Buren Boys' erotic journey from Milan to Minsk
  14. 58 We Are Sponge Worthy!
  15. 57 We we're winning a contest - until the smoking break.
  16. 56 "HOOCHIE MAMA!" - Frank Costanza
  17. 56 Eric the Clown
  18. 51 With Darren's help we'll gut that chicken.
  19. 51 The Close Talkers
  20. 47 Festivus Yes, Bagels NO
  21. 45 Frankie L & the Del Boca Vistas
  22. 42 Our performance in this quiz was as big a fail as George's love life!


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