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Brass Monkey
  • I Usually Wear A Mask When I Get Dominated Like This
  • Picture It - Mary Burke's Bush as Scott Walker's Toupee!
  • I Used to Date A Girl Named Ebola, She Was Nice
  • Tom Hanks Couldn't Act His Way Out of a Nutsack
  • If You Don't Like Us You're Clearly ISIS
  • My Vagina Tastes Like Sweet Ghost Pepper

Cafe Centraal
  • Where The Hell Are My Friends??
  • Shawna Is 32 Today! Somebody Put Her Through The Spank Machine!!
  • Quarantine Us Because The Fun Is Infectious
  • How Did My Tinder Picture Show Up As Question 30?!?
  • Highly Efficient, Very Successful, Completely Unashamed Baby Seal Clubbers
  • Aww, Topsy!

Cafe Hollander
  • Just The Tip, Just To See How It Feels
  • Opps, I Quizzed My Pants
  • Trivia Makes Me Feel like An Idiot
  • Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem 
  • Quiz Hard: Trivia with a Vengeance
  • The Redskins...if Washington won't use it, we will!

Caffrey's Pub
  • Multiple scoregasms
  • My sex life is like a haunted house, people run away screaming!

Camp Bar
  • What Lies Beneath? Just the Tip, and Nothing But the Tip
  • Gary Busey's False Teeth
  • How Are We Supposed to F**k A Moose If You Can't Get It Drunk First
  • Pope Francis' Optimus Prime is Looking for Bloodhounds at the Playboy Mansion
  • Africa's Largest Expo: Ebola
  • Well, the Beer Was Good, We Probably Lost, But At Least We Don't Have Ebola
  • EEEEEE-BOLA! The New Cough Drop
  • Princess Peach, That Bitch Has EVERYTHING!
  • Aaron Rodgers Scored In 3 Seconds...Beat Me By 2.
  • Suck My Shuttlecock, We Got The Badminton Question
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Ebola! 
  • Jay Cutler Can't Touchdown 
  • There I Got 99 Problems But Ebola Ain't One
  • Hotel Ebola

Club Garibaldi
  • Can't Quarantine Us
  • The Rodgers Hamstring Experience
  • Halle Berry's Tits
  • Ebola Tie Pasta
  • I get my underwear at K-Mart. Definitely K-Mart.

Fixture Brewing Company
  • Dick or Teat
  • Dahmer's Meat Pot Pies and Gein's Lampshades 
  • The Hallow Weenies
  • I'm Not A Witch, But You Can Ride My Broomstick
  • Trick Or Queef, Smell My Sneetch
  • Bought A Pair Of Shoes From A Drug Dealer. Don't Know What He Laced Them With, But I've Been Trippin' All Day!
  • What Does A Ghost Drink When He's Sad?....Booooooooooze
  • The Four Horsemen of the Ale-Pocalypse
  • Our Team Eats More Pussy Than Cervical Cancer
  • Why Is It Called PMS? Because Mad Cow Disease Was Taken
  • Let's Play Circus. First Sit On My Face And I'll Guess Your Weight, And Then I'll Eat The Difference
  • We Came For The Orgy, But Stayed For The Trivia
  • It's not R**e if you yell "surprise"
  • Float like a butterfly, Sting like a Bag of Dicks! 
  • I heard Steve got fired from the sperm bank.......for drinking on the job
  • We didn't cheat (except with your Mom!)

  • Favre like Clinton-Dix Picks
  • Jack-me-off-the-Ripper
  • Beats by Ray
  • We're drunk, we're stupid and we're drunk
  • I'm quicker in bed than I am at giving trivia questions
  • We heart Ben Franklin, but not his syphilis... or his gonorrhea or his gout
  • Plate # 993 JPT, your vehicle is being towed

The Highbury Pub
  • I went to New York City last week, and all I got was this Ebola virus
  • Why are ghosts so bad in bed? They have Hallo-weenies
  • The Few, The Proud, The Pubes in your Tiramisu

Jack's American Pub
  • We Thought This Was Speed Dating 
  • I'm Gonna Treat You Like My Pinky Toe and Bang You on Every Piece of Furniture in My House
  • Ed Gein's Lamp Emporium
  • Jack's in the box

The Loaded Slate
  • I Love it When Aaron Goes DEEP! 
  • Prom??? Yes, No, Maybe? - Mark Chmura
  • The Loaded Sluts
  • Insert Uncreative Team Name Here
  • Quiz all over her face
  • Empty Nester's. Hey!!! There was a sock on the door handle

  • Crouching Girl, Hidden Cucumber
  • Adrian Peterson's Daycare
  • Adrian Beat His Son

Miller Time Pub 
  • No thanks, Ray Rice, I'll take the stairs
  • Muggles in the streets, Wizards in the Sheets
  • Flirting with Ebola
  • Kim Jong Un Rides Again
  • Birthday Girl and the Ball and Chain

Milwaukee Beer Bistro
  • This quiz was quite the THRILLER
  • Your team name is gettin' tattooed on mah butt!
  • These O's ain't Royal!
  • The prizes got worse this week so we drank more beer : correlation does not equal causation
  • Kim Jong UnLovable
  • Jurassic, Where'd you PARK, Mitch? Cuz we know where you live, anyway!
  • Rice's Elevator Ride
  • Fuck off, we know we lost
  • Taj Mahal? More like touch my balls
  • My new favorite track event is the 1600 Fennsylvania hurdles 
  • Marky Mark gives NO FUCKS!

Milwaukee Brat House
  • Your mom's vagina is the driest place on Earth
  • Quizmaster's G-String Cheese
  • You can spin anti-clockwise on my dick
  • Bowser has dick fingers
  • I don't have Ebola. Wanna fuck?
  • Winter = hairy bug bitches
  • In dog beers, we've only have 1!
  • I also went double or nothing on your mom
  • Young Frankenstein's Prosthetic Dick

Mulligans Irish Pub
  • Smoking Jay Culter
  • We need the rest of our team
  • Too buzzed to buzz in

New Berlin Ale House
  • Cannibalism During A Zombie Apocalypse Is Wrong 
  • I'm going to go home and google myself
  • No One Drinks Like Gaston
  • Bill Clinton's Graceland: Love at 425 degrees
  • I prefer love at 69 degrees
  • We Should Be Quarantined Because Our Fun Is Contagious

  • A Cunt of Bats
  • If it doesn't kill you, it makes you wish you were dead!
  • USA: Safer Than Canada Since Today
  • Jerking Off in a Pool of Children's Tears
  • Dick Chaney - Shotgun-Weilding Superhero

Red Rock Saloon
  • Hallo-weiners
  • Count Chocula's Tip 
  • The NCAA should add another team to March Madness to make 69.... giggity
  • We may have lost, but at least we don't have Ebola #firstworldproblems
  • The Brain

St. Francis Brewery
  • Robin Thicke Spiked Our Drinks, But We Kinda Liked It
  • Red Hot Julius Peppers
  • Chris Hansen Ruined My Last Date
  • Ebola...More Like E-bore-a! 
  • Amazing Grace Under Pressure
  • We Suck at Music Clips More Than the Brewers Suck in September

Three Lions Pub
  • Unlike couches, we don't pull out
  • Technical name for a spider boner - Araction
  • Billy Mays here for cocaine call now and we will double your shipment!! But wait, there's more....!!
  • just the tip, just to see how it feels
  • Dumpster Babiez
  • 3rd case of Ebola is in my minge
  • you smell prettier when you're sleeping 
  • kim Jong un is gluten free

Two Bucks
  • I've never had your Mom's cookies, but I sure do love her pie
  • What is scarier than Ebola? Flying Malaysia Airline
  • Jeffery Dahmer's House of Ribs
  • Not another god damned James Bond question
  • How I Effed Your Mother
  • My Harry Twatter has Hogwarts
  • If Ebola doesn't kill me, then Ray Lewis will
  • Kaepernick Sucks Donkey Kong Dick
  • In One Ear Out Your Mother
  • I've been driving Lincolns before they paid me to
  • Cocaine's a hell of a drug
  • Here's to thinking positive and testing negative!

  • I'll Think of a Costume Tomorrow
  • Hey Walker, Go Burke Yourself
  • Inglorious A-holes

Whiskey Bar
  • Whiskey Bar Now, Whiskey Dick Later
  • If I Wanted To Disappoint 2 People At Once, I'd Have Dinner With My Parents
  • The Only Difference Between Hungry and Horny Is Where You Put The Cucumber
  • Stephen Hawkings School Of Dance

Who's on Third
  • Straight out'a Wiscompton 
  • Gluten-Free Ebola 
  • We're A-Holes in Real Life
  • Can we all agree that Canada sucks balls?


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