Private & Corporate Events

Besides our regular pub quizzes, Quizmaster Trivia is frequently hired to host private functions for Fortune 500 companies, smaller local firms and non-profit organizations. We come in to your place of business or a neutral venue (like a bar or restaurant) and host a fun quiz event for your crew...

Past clients have included...

- Best Buddies of Wisconsin
 - BMO Harris Bank
- Cardinal Stritch University
- Center for Quality Community Life
- City of Milwaukee
- Deloitte
- Direct Supply
- Falls Fest
- GE
- Irish Fest
- MillerCoors
- Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
- Medical College of Wisconsin
- MG Driver Club
- North Shore Country Club
- Robert W. Baird 
- Solidworks
- St. Eugene's Congregation
- WaterStone HR

Quizmaster has also held private functions for much smaller groups such as birthday parties, fundraisers and even wedding rehearsal dinners and receptions!

Quizmaster can hold private functions at one of our existing locations or a venue of choice by the client. Keep in mind that if a venue does not have adequate sound equipment Quizmaster can provide that - covered in our fee.

Since we've been quizzing the masses since 2006, you can trust us to put on a stellar show, with fun questions while throwing in some humorous (and safe for work) jokes. We can also tailor our private events to our client's needs, so if you have some specific rounds or question topics you'd like, we're all ears!  We can host events at short notice, but usually like at least two weeks to put it all together. 

For more details on hiring Quizmaster for a private event, please contact us and we can iron out the details.


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