Best team names of January 2017!

The Big Lebowski Quiz
- Shut the Fuck Up, Trump!
- At Least We're Housebroken 
- We're Nihlists. We don't care if we win or lose
- Jackie Treehorn's Doodle
- Knox Harrington and The Cleft Assholes
- This is what happens when you find a stranger in the alps.
- The Human Paraquats
- I'll suck your cock for a bar tab. Quizmaster can't watch, she has to pay $100
- Dirty Undies, Dude... the Whites!
- Crane Jackson's Fountain Street Theatre Troupe
- This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps! 
- This isn't 'Nam, this is Trivia - there are rules here!
- You brought the Pomeranian quizzing?!

ABV Social
- Trivia lives matter
- The out of work Dallas Cowboys
- Our couch pulls out, but we don’t
- America first - no more soccer questions -
- Our answers aren't wrong they're "alternative facts"

Bavarian Bierhaus
- Jager Bombs Away
- Dunkel Doughnuts

Boomer's Sports Pub
- That's not British-y Enough
- Titty Sprinkles
- Last week I played by myself...
- These Pretzels are Making me Thirsty

Brass Monkey
- Olaf and His Snowballs
- Happy New Years from Jizzmaster Katelin
- I Picked the Wrong Day to Quit Drinking
- According to Dave, his penis is his largest organ
- Ass to Mouth, Make America Great Again
- Trump University Did Us Good!
- How can a male hit a deer 250 feet away but can't aim for a toilet?
- We Had to Leave Early because 9PM is past our youngest team member's bedtime :(
- All the ones we got wrong are "alternative facts" 

Cafe Hollander
- Free Melania
- Tom Brady wears Sexy Panther: 60% of the time it works every time
Caffrey's Pub
- I came here for the popcorn...
- Green Bay Snackers
- Nuts in your mouth not in your hand
- Jeffrey Dahmer's house of ribs
- I'm not gay but $20 is $20
- Chris Christie’s FUPA

- Meryl Streep's Speechwriting Team
- We Back the Vag
- Jumanji 2: Revenge of the Homeless Man
- The Silent Pee-eers
- We Have Less Confidence in These Answers Than America Does in Trump
- Harry's on Fire Ya Filthy Animals.

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- 4 Bitches and a Dog
- What Concert Costs 45 Cents? 50 Cent and Nickleback
- Air Force One Is A Weird Name For A Strip Club
- We Suck Worse Than Nickleback
- Rogers, Crosby, and Cook: My Favorite Threesome
- More Like Drink While Your Stink, Amiright?
- Coming this spring...trump administration: rise of the planet of the idiots
- Justin Bieber makes me discharge faster than the amazon river
- Vulva la resistance
- Dodge dip duck dive dodge

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Mariah Carey's fall out
- Ed Gein's House of Ribs
- Alotta-Vajitas
- My Harry Potter Has Hogwarts
- Mason Crosby Put It Between Your Uprights
- Inauguration Crowd............
- Better Late Than Pregnant 43 points
- Is This Vodka, or Water?

Camp Bar, Tosa
- Presidential Hand Jobs by Helen Keller
- Helen Keller Thought the Rhino Fish Was Real
- Odell Needs to Drop Head & Shoulders and Work on His Hands (#118) - 4610. What's White, Wet, on Your Face and in Your Eyes? Snow, Perverts!
- The Tittsburgh Feelers
- Mother Teresa Spent a LOT of Time in the Missionary Position
- Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz... Oh How Fun My Discharge Is!
- I Have Nipples, Paul, Can You Milk Me?
- OJ Simpson Starred in His Own Version of "Terminate-her"

The Fermentorium
- Do you remember the time Pluto came inside Uranus?
- Passing inside the orbit of Uranu
- Size really does matter...according to Chad
- Lost in Adam's beer-d... Mmm...beerd
- Hot Diggity Dog
- Little Barron Goes to Washington
- The Attendance at Trivia Night Was Huge. It's the Biggest Trivia Night Ever. period!

Highbury Pub
- The Golden Shower Girls
- Clection update: Sophie has no more choice
- Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball
- Quiz me ousside how bow dah!
- Syrian Immigrant All Stars

- I heard about Quizmaster through Chat-Roulette
- Trump to Prostitute: Urine my Thoughts - 37
- Weather forecast from Russia - slight chance of golden showers
- Vag Handshakes
- Five Girls, One Cup
- According to Alternative Facts, All of our Answers were Correct 

Houdini's Escape
- Donald Trump's Barbar

Jack's American Pub
- My new years resolution was to go to the gym more. Does Jack's count as the gym?
- Jack's Sunday Special: Jordy Nelson's Ribs
- Fuck it! Everyone wins! Free drinks on yours truly, the quizmaster!!
- AT least we didn't punch a hole in the wall
- Mitch Pees Sitting Down
- Sexiest legs of 2017: Mason Crosby
- Make Trivia great again
- Making Jack's Great Again!
- Lawrence of a-labia
- Pick a music clip someone's heard, for fuck's sake!
- We lost... but that's like, your opinion, man - 39
- I've got the smallest bone in your mom's body
- 60% of the time we win everytime!
- We're not wrong, our answers are "alternative"
Loaded Slate
- Debbie Reynolds Steals her Duaghter's spotlight one last time
- Mitch's Bitches In Red Britches
- Donald Trump: Urine Trouble
- Does this taste like roofies?
- Commander in queef
- Our team members left to bang
- If my dad is from Hungary and my mother is Welsh, does that make me hung well?

Lucky Chance
- Jews for Jesus
- Whores from Whore Island
- Pissing on Prostitutes
- My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
- Jews 4 Jesus
- Whorey Povich: She Never Knows the Father
 -Anne Frank's Hide and Seek Club
- My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
- The Polish Pole Dancers

Milwaukee Ale House
-  NY Giants Yacht Club
- Obama, You're Fired
- Used Toilet Salesman, No Shitty Answers
- Who the Fuck was Long John Silver??
- The Interns In Charge of Trump's Twitter
- Endless Love: The Stevie Wonder - Helen Keller Tennis Match
- Rouge One: Spelling Is Not Important
- We don't have wrong answers, just alternative facts
- Is It In?

Milwaukee Brat House
- With friends like 2016 who needs enemies
- 2 pumps, 1 grind... no sugar
- #FakeNews
- Just like the Australian's language we don't have a team name
- Quizmaster is fake news. Such a shame.
- Sweedish Womens Bikini Volleyball Team
- Logan, your man bun gives me a Boner 

- Buzz's Girlfriend, woof!
- Pregaming Trumps Inauguration
- Google Me, Bitch
- I just came...for the bartenders butt
- Surprise sex is the best sex... unless you're in prison
- My drinking team has a trivia problem
- Pussy hats, or as they used to be called : cheese heads
- Wanna come over and watch open on my flat screen mirror
- Hermaphrodite Barbie Comes in its Own Box

New Berlin Ale House 
- Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Duo
- I'll Hoover Your Dam
- Gettin Deep With Meryl Streep
- Jesus trusted his friends, look where that got him
- Silent "P" is Trump's favorite
- Hey New Berlin Ale House, time to take the Christmas tree down
- Joe Buck yourself, Troy!
- J is for Genius
- Pole Vault Over The Wall
- And in first place with 250 points, it's...

- I lost my virginity at the age of 48
- Make like a virgin and beat it
- What, are we living in Yahtzee Germany?!
- Better not fuck up this double or nothing
- I had a dream I was a muffler, I woke up exhausted
- Trump and Putin's pee pee party (best team name)
- A team has no name
- Make America learn alternative facts again

Red Rock Saloon
- The Double D's
- Chris Christie's Clown Face

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Steven Hawkins school of dance
- I was too poor for hungry hungry hippos so my parents gave me starving starving rhinos

St Francis Brewery
- The King of Qatar Plays the Keytar 
- No One's Died - Hurrah! #2017 #BettyWhitesurvived
- What's in Our Wallet? Not a  $30 Gift Card!
- At Least We Know What Kind of Showers Trump Likes Now
- If You're Lucky You Can See My Donkey Kong on Chat Roulette
- Trump and Clarke...BFFs or Brokeback Mountain?
- Padme Was a Pedophile 
- Intoxicated Brainyacts

Three Lions Pub
- Scottish if we lose, British if we win
- I like my women just like my coffee. Ground up and in the freezer.

The Tosa Tavern
- In Dog Beers, I’ve only had one
- USSR Kidding Me
- Dynamite Vaginamites!
- Brokeback Nation, No Lactation
- Making Trivia Great Again!

Uptown Tavern
- Ice Ice Quizzy
- #RevengeofButtStuff2016
- Craigslist dime pieces
- Apartheid's a bitch
- Quiz in my pants

Von Trier
- 2017: ANUSTART
- There are no wrong answers. just alternative facts.
- According to alternative facts, we got a perfect score (37 points)
- Alternative facts super bowl featuring packers and steelers
- Parasailin' with Sarah Palin
- Ed Gein's lampshade emporium
- In dog beers I've only had one

Whiskey Bar
- Ranch it up brah!!
- Better Late than Pregnant
- I put my pants on so my team better fucking show up
- Kevin Spacey in Space
- We received the most points in the history of bar trivia # alternative facts
- Vampire strippers are my favorite strippers
- JaRuled the 90s


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