Best Team Names of March, 2017!

90s Trivia
- E=MCHammer
- Macarena and Cheese
- Chmura's Hot Tub Club
- I've Got 1999 Problems but this Quiz Ain't One
- That's Our Name... Don't Wear it Out
- # -- This used to be a pound sign
- Where were the Backstreet Boys questions?
- What's brown and rhymes with Snoop? ...Dr. Dre!
- The Lewinsky Hardings - Blowing Presidents and Kneecaps
- Rose was a bitch, there was plenty of room
- Degeneration X (suck it)
- I've Always Wanted to Get Slimed
- Jessie Spanno's Caffeine Pills
- Stop Looking at me Swan!
- Nirvana 'Nother Beer
- Donna Martin Finally Graduates
- My BFF is a Furbie
- Move the fuck over, Rose
- "And I'd pee on anyone of you"
- Polly-pocket pool champs
- Phat like Cindy Crawford
- Zima's coming back!
- Marky Mark's Mighty Morphin' PENIS! Rangers

ABV Social
- Aren't we supposed to watch videos when there's a sub?
- W wish flimsy toilet paper on all my enemies
- Mark has a pound of meatloaf in his pants
- Bowling Green Massacre survivors
-  I'd wire tap Ivanka

Bavarian Bierhaus
- We have dad jokes
- Camouflage condoms, she never saw us cumming
- What is a yankee? It is like a quickie but solo

Boomers Sports Pub
- Countdown to Ginger Babies 3 years, 42 days, 33 hours, 22 seconds
- Just here for the Participation Ribbon
- Smooth Criminal won the Electoral College
- License to Quiz,

Brass Monkey
- Be a Man! ...if you want to get ahead in life
- Brussel Sprouts Make Uranus Smell Like Sulfur
- Lost in the Sauce.
- 15 Dollars isn't enough for 15 Minutes with the Quizmaster. 
- I knew 14C was David Bowie, but not which album it was... fuck you, David Bowie. RIP.
- In Dog Beers, We've Only Had One
- Actually, it's Miss Chanandeler Bong
- People Tell Me I'm Just like Sean Spicer but Like Way Chiller
- I like my women how I like my brackets: Busted!
- Balls Deep in Dinner

Caffrey's Pub
- A drinking team with a beer trivia problem.
- What do you call it when Batman doesn't go to church? Christian Bale
- Buffalo Billy Ray Cyrus Louvres Cocaine

- Spaceballs: The Trivia Team
- Butt Plugs Are for Pussies
- Foreskin and Seven Years Ago
- Bud 69-This Bud's In You
- Pre-Car Crash Mark Hamill
- Camino? More Like Cami-Yes!
- Rattlesnakes and Condoms: Two Things I Don't Fuck With
- How Orange Does Donald Trump Have to Get Before Being Diagnosed with Jaundice?

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Need A Rubber For My Hog
- Sorry David Blaine, But Mallory Spent 36 Hours Sitting On A Pole This Weekend
- The British Are Coming; Paul Revere's Wife Isn't
- I Have A Tattoo Of Justin Bieber On My Lower Back
- Fuck Daylight Savings Time
- I'm about to cum-bust 43 pts
- Oops!! We quizzed in our pants! (Face palm emoji)
- I know the body part in Mallory that has the most bones in it
- Things Weren't Lonely on Brokeback Mountain
- Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Dicks!

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Allota Vajitas
- My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't
- We R Dum
- Dere-Lick My Balls
- It's only cannibalism if you swallow
- Kellyanne Con-Three-Way
- Titanic Swim Team
- We are the Campions
- When is Heath Ledger gonna do another movie?
- Hugh G. Rection
- Trippin' Like Grayson Allen 

Camp Bar, Tosa
- A Soft 8 Inches on a Monday Night
- Give Her the Cubit
- I Spent $2,500 on Rubbers and I still Got Lipshitz
- When I'm Lonely There's Actually 28 Bones in My Hand
- It was his Magic Johnson that got him HIV

Highbury Pub
- Playing trivia Huron a Monday

- I thought there were a lot of Billionaire Princes in Nigeria
- The court is now in Sessions
- #BowlingGreenSurvivorsFund
- Jay Cutler's New Team
- It Was the Busta Rhymes, It Was the Worsta Rhymes
- Bernie Sanders looks like my Podiatrist
- MTV Presents: Terri Schiavo Unplugged
- A Team has no name
- That new sound you've been looking for
- How many polacks does it take to win trivia
- We have a better chance of winning than the healthcare bill passing
- Marcia Marcia Marcia Marcia & Marcia

Jack's American Pub
- I'll show her my fat Tuesday
- We don't need beads to show you our tit
- Actually, Monica's White House Position was on her Knees
- The Milwaukee Panthers: 60% of the time, they miss the tournament every time
- I will not accept rowing as a correct answer even for all of king midas' silver -
- Pharrell Williams of Stevie Wonder? I can't see the difference
- Jesus turned water in to wine, Trump turned water in to Michlob Ultra
- Bite the pillow, I'm comin' in dry
- It's not real unless you shit green beer
- You mean the mobile national monument ISN'T the Oscar Meyer weiner-mobile?!
- It was a ride before it was a movie, that's what she said.
- Dahmer's Lampshades n' more interior decor!
- I almost came in my pants but then I just decided to put on shorts
- Sexy Old Nuns Acting Raunchy

Loaded Slate
- I remember going ATM outside a bank in New York
- The non virgin altar boys
- Where in the world is Carmen Santiago
- Tom selleck mustache you a question
- If quiz is a quizzical, is trivia a trivacal?

Lucky Chance
- Jews for Jesus & One Gentile
- My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
- Quiz In Your Pants
- Kelly's Leakers
- I Call My Dick Cheney Because It Shoots People in the Face
- Just Here for the Lemon Party
- Jews for Jesus
- In the Quiet Words of the Virgin Mary, Come Again?
- Freddy Splooger: My Wet Dream's A Nightmare
- Save A Horse, Ride a Quizmaster

McGillycuddy's Bar
- I got the Shamrock Shakes from March Madness
- Bad at trivia, good at beer
- Trump is smokin that Kush(ner)

Milwaukee Ale House
- Ex Oscars Envelope Stuffers
- Chef Boyar-Deez Nuts
- We would've won if Warren Beatty had made the announcement 
- Insert Childish Uranus Joke Here
- Subtle Cocks
- Obama Wire Tapped Our Table
- Your Mom Is the Only Guy Who Could Ever Teach Me
- Those Are Just Canker Sores, I Promise!
- It Was the Busta Rhymes, It Was The Worsta Rhymes…
- I’m Not Gay, But $20 Is $20
- What Is a Yankee? It’s Like a Quickie, But You Do It Yourself
- Whorey Povich - She Never Knows the Father
- This Quiz Is Hard and So Am I!
- Jon Benet Rhombus
- I’ve Got 99 Pringles But a Chip Ain’t One
- The 5th Dragon: The Wisconsin Schlitz-tail
- Bust Nuts Not Brackets
- You know how I know you can't dance? Because you dance to Coldplay
- I'm as good at trivia as I am at filling out my bracket
- Tom's Seven Dwarves: Sleezy, Horny, Slutty, Nippy, Stiffy, Slippery, and Moist
- A Team Has No Name

Milwaukee Brat House
- Bigfoot's Balls
- The guy with the mic is a huge douche
- Scott Walker's bald spot
- Shaquille O'Neil's travel agency, "We take you to the edge of the earth"
- Rollies fingerlings
- 1 clitty 2 tittiez
- Two girls getting Schlitz faced, nothing to see here
- Nothing rhymes with blorange
- Freaky Red Assholes

New Berlin Ale House
- We're losing trivia faster than our healthcare
- It's Getting Hoth In Here

- Daniel day Lewis can go fuck himself
- Women's day: the pussy grabs back
- 3 tacos and a hot dog!
- I've competed in the airplane pull and log throw in the bedroom and I ain't no strong man
- Microdicks and macroclits
- That George Bush likes blacks people
- Venus Williams Power Grunt
- Donald Trumps Caddie

Red Rock Saloon
- I'll combust all over your robust, busts
- A business of ferrets is what I call foreplay
- Blind prostitutes... you gotta hand it to them
- Hanson, WAY hotter than 98 degrees #I'dMMMbopThat

Second Salem Brewing
- We're never going to win team name
- Trivia is a hoax invented by and for the Chinese

St Francis Brewery 
- We Didn't Watch the Oscars
- According to Warren Beatty, Our Team Name is La La Land 
- Crouching Tiger Hidden Cucumber
- Further Proof That the Comma is Overused
- Bottles Full of Bub
- I Want You to Savage My Garden #fertilizeher
- We Tapped Heather's Microwave for the Answers 
- The Mayans Also Predicted the Great Trivia Loss of 2017
- Smile, it's Kelly Anne Conway's Easy Bake Oven
- How Many Lowes Could Rob Lowe Rob if Rob Lowe Could Rob Lowe's?
- Jeff Sessions IPA
- In Soviet Russia, Flag Waves You
- Hermaphrodite Barbie, She Comes in Her Own Box
- Camouflage Condoms, She Never Saw Us Coming
The Tosa Tavern
- La La Land: A Teletubby's Origin Story
- March Sadness
- Shirtless Putin Nuzzling Dolphins
- CD-Rom? More like seedy mom.
- I ate so much alphabet soup, that I had to take a giant vowel movement
- I wish Andy dufrene did my taxes too
- Answers provided by mother Russia
- Tom Selleck's mustache rides
- Uganda be younking my chain
- Reel Big Farthing
- What is Forrest Gump's password?  One Forrest one.

Uptown Tavern
- Quiz on my Chest & Shuttlecocks
- Our drinking team has a trivia problem
- Has April the giraffe had her baby yet?
- Ghettosburg Address
- Frontstreet Boys
- The Polly Pockets (Ta-da!!)
Von Trier
- Tom Skanks and Sorceror's Bone
- Dirty Knees, Look At These
- We Wire-Tapped the Trivia Host
- You're a Quizzard, Harry!
- The Stepdads: Because We Beat You and You Hate Us
- I'm Saving My Trivia Winnings to Pay for Healthcare
- Where's John Wilkes Booth when ya need him? can i even say that?
- Lichtenstein my balls
- Wurst haus? wurst team name!
- Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber: "call me, maybe?"

Whiskey Bar
- Monica Lewinsky's position is under the desk
- Monica Lewinsky is like a box of chocolates
- Her position was on her knees and her job was blow


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