Best Team Names of May 2018!

Game of Thrones Trivia Night
- Ramsey Bolton: still less rapey than Harvey Weinstein
- We drink and we know things
- We know nothing
- Dragonstoners
- Sir Pouncy is the Rightful King of Westeros
- A Team Has No Name
- Arya Gonna Buy Us A Shot? (69 points)
- Every Time Someone Says Hold the Door, I Cry A Little Inside
- Sunny with a Chance of White Walkers
- Get Rich or Die Tywin
- Podrick's Pleasure Palace
- Theon's Favorite Toy
- Winter is a hoax created by the Chinese
- Lick my greyworm
- Get rich or die Tywin
- Crows before hoes
- That’s so three-eyed raven
- Kanye Westeros
- Reeks wiener

42 Ale House
- Shoot Tequila not kids
- Everyone buy me (the greatest quizmaster ever) a drink! It’s my b-dizzle tomorrow!

Bavarian Bierhaus
- Africa is not a country, Mom
- O'Trivia Newton John

Bilda's Freiss Lake Pub
- We have the runs why don't the Brewers
- Periodic Table Dancers

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Say what you want about pedophiles... but at least they drive slow through school zones
- Bi-Curious George and the Disappearing Banana
- Soccer - the Nickelback of Sports
- Fuck our score tonight. We’re keeping the pen
- What's the difference between Jews and dollars? I'd give a shit if I lost 6 million dollars
- Our Team of 8 Would Have Won #ThanksThanos
- The Best Original Team Name
- Roseanne Should Be Behind "Barrs" - Willow is the greatest movie ever... FACT!

- I Know A Joke About Social Security, But Millennials Won't Get It
- Funt Cases
- Boobytrap Backwards Spells Partyboob
- Four Girls, One 1/2 Pound Sausage
- Jeffrey Dahmer's House of Ribs
- Hit Me Bob Ross One More Time

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- New Kids On The Block Had A Bunch of Hits, Chinese Food Makes Me Sick, I Think Its Fly When The Girls Stop By For the Summer, For the Summer
- I'm Suddenly Feeling Very Weird About Playing Twister With My Brother As a Kid
- In 'Tents' Competition @ Camp Bar
- Charlie Chaplin and Hellen Keller Have One Thing In Common: They're Better When Silent
- We Mixed A Bull Dog with a Shitzu And Got A Bull Shit Score

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- The Hardest Working Man in Show Business is Actually LeBron James
- What do Bill Cosby and Santa Clause have in common? They both come when you sleep
- Donald Trump has a Tinky Winky
- Mil-Wauk-Everywhere because my car got towed
- How Do You Have a Conversation with Hellen Keller?
 - Who the fuck spells Matthew with one T?
- Meme-orial Day Veterans

Camp Bar, Tosa
- The hardest part of a vegetable to eat is the wheelchair
- I had no CLUE that my first time playing TWISTER I would RISK popping my CHERRY
- Second Hand Sex Toys
- Who's the most violent athlete? Novak Choke-a-bitch
- Meghan Markle only plays poker on the toilet because she always has a royal flush
- If the Navy Had the Highest Enlistment, That Would Be a Lot of Seamen!
- Thanks to All Who Served

Club 400
- The morning after Pilsner
- My drinking team has a trivia problem
- Arkansas deaf football team should have been named after The Who

Cork N Barrel
- My couch pulls out, I don’t
- I’m playing with myself

Dugout 54
- The Royal Wedding Sucked

Enlightened Brewery / Twisted Path
- For Next Weeks Picture Round: Animals with Buscemi Eyes!
- They Call Me Elephant Man Too...But For Different Reasons
- Trump's Angels: Marla, Melania and Stormy
- My Face is Tiny Because It's Cold
- Stormy Daniels Likes My Rat Tail
- Feeling Brainless as a Jellyfish
- Thanks for the Text! Love, Your Ex Girlfriends

Izzy Hops
- Don’t Tickle My Pickle
- Today’s Special: Shrimp WINtons
- I Lost My Backpack Downtown, Has Anybody Seen It? - I Like Big Bravo Uniform Tango Tango Sierra
- Roseanne Isn't a Man So She Can't Join the Muslim Bros

Jack's American Pub
- I blow harder than a hurricane. My name is Stormy Daniels
- For everything else, there's bitcoin!
- Quiz Khalifa

Loaded Slate
- Off a lot- if you beat us you beat off a lot
- Were not gay but $20 is $20 50 pts
- Favre dollar footlongs
- Single and ready to be nervous around anyone I find attractive
- Besties with testes
- The society for the promotion of elvish welfare
- Slate sluts
- Mayors of ding dong city

Lucky Chance
- Nashville Waffle House 4 for 1 Victim Special
- DJ Tiny Tip and the Snuggle Fish
- Take One Down, Pass It Around, 98 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

- I before except after L as in leisure
- 90% of German Shepherds are dogs
- Trump pulls out of deals but not porn stars
- Amy Winehouse and the 7 Dwarfs
- Bark Twice if You’re in Milwaukee
- Rapunzel, Rapunzel, does the carpet match the drapes?
- Danny isn’t gay, but $20 is $20

Milwaukee Ale House
- Donald Jamiroqua Trump
- Like a good neighbor...Michael Jackson's right there

Milwaukee Art Museum 
- Too In-Tents
- Tide Pods and Dad Bods
- My Dad WILL walk me down the aisle
- Pitching Tents
- Red Hot Trivia Peppers

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Kanye's Social Media Team
- The "Mass Holes"
- What a Rip-off! My Mr. Potato Head Didn't Come With a Penis!
- David Blaine Made My Anal Virginity Disappear
- You're My Kim Jong Un-ly 1!
- Schlitz Fixture
- "It is in you?" -That's What She Said!
- Courgette, is it in You?
- Batman Only Turns Left
- Make Waukesha great again

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Bucks in eight?
- Old dudes who know stuff?
- The Irish fiveskins
- Assistants to the regional manager
- Make Melania's kidneys great again
- Make baseball great again- legalize hat catching
- I give Harry and Megan two weeks
- Yanny
- Smells like right guard
- Roseanne skipped Starbucks sensitive training
- Roseanne is now a barista at Starbucks (they’re racist too)

New Berlin Ale House
- Why Isn't there a pregnant Barbie? Because Ken comes in his own box.
- I’m not a Hader, I just strike out a lot
- Houston, we have a team name problem
- Besties with Testes
- None of your Quiz-Ness

Newsroom Pub
- Netflix and Cuddlefish
- Can we play twister again
- Nothing Newsworthy

- Cosby pharmaceuticals: you won’t feel a thing!
- Pete Shwetty and his hardy balls

Raised Grain Brewing Co.
- Elevated Oats
- Bath Tubs are Just Reverse Boats!
- Don’t taze me, bro.

Rally Time, West Bend
- My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
- We're Only Here To Establish An Alibi
- Sofa King We Todd Did
- Liquor In The front, Poker In The Rear

Red Lion Pub
- The brains behind Kanye West
- Cosby's perscription Bill is through the roofies
- Poop Francis the Turd
- Oh No! Not Morgan Freeman!
- Probable Cosby
- Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-aambien
- Roseanne's Twitter Handlers

Red Rock Saloon
- My couch pulls out but I don’t
- Gimps and Pimps

Second Salem Brewing Co.
- Spiders and condoms: two things we don't fuck with
- #legalizeranch
- Shrek dies in Infinity War

Sobelman's, Richfield
- My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
- 3 Not so Wise Guys
- Bed Bath and Beyonce
- Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
- Make Richfield Great Again
- Best name. You've Vodka Be Kidding Me.
- Team Laurel, not Yanny
- You win some, you booze some
- The Trivia Terminators “We’ll be Back”

Sprecher Brewery
- Sharing is Clairing
- The Biggest Cliff Hanger Since the Korean War
- Sprecher? I Hardly Know Her
- Amanda Hugginkiz

Three Lions Pub
- Should Have Kept Depeche Mode
- When Kim Jong Il Pulls Out
- Al Capone was a Wabash Rubbish Furniture Salesman
- Pinky without the Brain

The Tosa Tavern
- Mr. Orange in the White HOuse with Ms. Daniels holding his candlestick
- I pay my lawyer for stuff I don't want to know about
- I just Schitzu'd my pants
- That small jean pocket that nobody has a use for
- Dogs are friends, not food
- North Korean Delegation

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- The Bill Cosby Sleep Society
- The 2018 Met Gala was the safest catholic-themed event for children in years
- Rosanne Barr’s #ambien apology tour

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- Jesus is coming... Quick—look busy


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