Virtual Quiz Me ASAP!

This post was updated on Wednesday April 8th. Please see below for upcoming dates and an updated list of FAQs

As all our quizzes are canceled until further notice we thought doing a virtual quiz from the comfort of your own home might be fun.



Thursday April 9th - General Knowledge Quiz:
  • Based on the polls we took at our last virtual quiz, topics will include: 
    • Game Shows
    • 80s Music
    • 20th Century Icons
    • Fictional Logos
    • Science and Nature
    • Useless Knowledge

Sunday April 12th - General Knowledge Quiz:
  • Topics will be determined via Facebook Live polls at our quiz on Sunday 4/5. 

Tuesday April 14th - MARVEL Quiz
  • Hey bub, topics to cover the 23 MCU films to date and the comics, plus some extended universe knowledge.

Thursday April 16th - General Knowledge Quiz:
  • Topics will be determined via Facebook Live polls at our quiz on Sunday 4/12. 

Sunday April 19th - General Knowledge Quiz:
  • Topics will be determined via Facebook Live polls at our quiz on Sunday 4/16. 

Tuesday April 21st - FRIENDS Quiz
  • OH. MY. GAWD! The one with the Friends questions! Covering all ten seasons of the show.


  • The Facebook Live stream for every quiz will begin at 8pm (CST), unless otherwise stated.
  • Players will actually play the quiz via a third-party website we have partnered with: 

  • Total Questions: 60
  • Total run-time: 60 minutes
  • Total rounds: 6
  • Time to answer: 25 seconds
  • Time between questions: 20 seconds
  • Time between rounds: 2-and-a-half minutes (extended 5 minute break at half time)

  • Stay in touch via the Live feed at Quizmaster Trivia's FB page during the entirety of the Virtual Quiz! 
  • We will be asking poll questions in that feed to determine topics at upcoming Virtual Quizzes!
  • Scores will be automatically tallied via the website.
  • Players will be able to see the Top Five leaderboard in real time. 
  • The full standings will be published the next day on our Facebook page. 
  • Ideally players should have two devices - one to stream the Facebook Live feed from and one to play the actual quiz on (at If not players can still play from one device. 
  • The quiz will cost $5 per team.  


Step 1: 
  • Go to (our third party partner) and sign up for an account. 
  • Create a fun “Nickname” (team name) when you register. 
  • This process will take less than 2 minutes. 

Step 2: 
  • Send $5 to us via Venmo: @Quizmaster 
  • In your Venmo message (“what’s it for?”) you will need to include three things: 
    • Your “nickname” (screen name/team name)
    • Your email address - make sure it matches the one you used to register at MyQuiz
    • Date of the quiz you are playing
  • So it might look like this: 

  • Payment must be received by 6:40pm the day of the event to be entered in time. 

Step 3: 
  • Once we have this info we will email you ONE CODE at 7:15pm, roughly an hour before quiz time. 
  • Please contact us via our Facebook page if you don't have the code by 7:30pm. Please provide the email you used in your Venmo message so we can double check that you paid. 
  • This code will allow you to join our quiz at 
  • You will not receive this code until we receive payment. We got little baby mouths to feed here at QM HQ! 
Those baby mouths we were talking about (Éowyn and Aramis)


Why is there a Facebook Live feed as well as a website to play the actual quiz? 
Well, the live feed will feature your Quizmaster, our founder Ryan W., who will be able to guide queeps through the process. He’ll also be able to answer any questions players have in real time. He's got dad jokes now too. We will also be posting polls at the FB Live feed to get feedback on topics for upcoming virtual quizzes. 

The website ( will provide the platform players need to actually play. Each question is timed so players can’t cheat (even though we obviously trust you). From our research this particular site seemed to offer the best platform for what we are trying to do. 

My weekly pub quiz is $1 per player or free. Why is this $5 to play? 
As we know, this wretched COVID-19 has shut down a lot of small businesses. Quizmaster Trivia (despite the fancy graphics) is actually a family business, run solely by a husband and wife team from their house in Milwaukee. 

With all bars closing our family has zero income right now. The source of our income actually comes from the bars that pay us to run quizzes for them (the $1 entry fee that players pay actually goes to the hosts as a tip - the Quizmaster overlords don’t take any of that). 

So bars closing means no revenue. So we are asking our loyals queeps to pay $5 to have some fun and support our family business that has been going since 2006.

Can we play as a team? 
Absolutely! Although most people are locked down at home, so you’ll most likely only have the people in your household to play with. Although we know some people used Skype or FaceTime to try to team up (which is fine!). If you’re a competitive couple though feel free to sign up separately and compete against each other! 

Is there a prize for the winner(s)? 
Hell yeah! We gave cash prizes of over $300 to our top ten teams at your last quiz including an additional prize for BEST TEAM NAME. Exact amounts will vary on each quiz based on how many players there are. The more players the bigger the prize fund will be. Winners will be paid via Venmo. 

Why do I need two devices to play? 
Two devices are NOT required to play but would make the process easier for you. 

Our Facebook Live stream will feature your Quizmaster host while the actual game will be played at If you have two devices (two phones, two computers or one of each) it will save you going back and forth from Facebook Live to MyQuiz after every round. 

With two devices you can also chat with Quizmaster Ryan in real time while rounds are ongoing, or talk to him if there’s some kind of technical glitch. In real time he will also be making fun of people who selected "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation” when the answer was clearly “Die Hard”. 

Is there a limit for number of online participants? 
Currently we are limited to 500 players per quiz. However, if the quiz is popular we can expand our agreement with our partner to include more queeps for future quizzes!

I signed up and paid my entry fee but didn't receive my code yet? 
The code to enter will be sent about an hour before the first question. If you don't have it by 7:30pm though please CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTERS as it will likely be there. Still don't have it? Please inbox us on Facebook and our admin will get you the info you need. Please provide the email you used in your Venmo message so we can double-check that you paid.

What if my internet connection gets interrupted? 
As the quiz is happening simultaneously for all players there's not much we can do if your wi-fi goes out or your signal is interrupted. However, you can rejoin the quiz at any point and you'll be current with everyone (although you may miss one or multiple questions depending on how long your were away).

How Does the Scoring Work?
The MyQuiz site has an automated scoring system that we use (rather than customizing the scoring). Teams receive five points for a correct answer and additional points if are one of the first three teams to answer correctly.

Unfortunately internet connection speed at home could affect that outcome but that's not something we can control. Some queeps have suggested removing the speed element but by not having extra points for speed we think some might complain that others are looking up answers as they would have no incentive to answer quicker. From all the analytics we have seen you still have to get a lot of questions right to place in the money. The speed component just seems to separate those teams at the VERY top from each other.

Given the number of teams this option may be the best, although not perfect. We have three weeks of virtual quizzing under our belt (versus 14 years of live pub quizzing) so it's still a work in progress. Right now the virtual quiz is a temporary solution to keep our family business afloat. Thank you for your support!


  1. good going ryan wish I could join up with u sounds great

  2. I applaud your efforts! ::fingers crossed::
    Your children have enchanting names!
    Well done

  3. Hey! This sounds great. So, as team members will be in different homes watching on different devices, we'll want to all be logged into Do you know if that's possible for everyone on a team to log into - or can only one player submit responses?

    Also, I wonder if, for the future, we could have longer response times given that team members will be texting/chatting remotely with each other to come to their answers?

  4. want to confirm you received my Venmo payment... it does not look like it went through, for tonight's Quiz.. thank you!

  5. Can you accept our friend request on venmo so can pay...M. Gengler

  6. are there quiz hints for tonight? If so, where would I find them?



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