05 March 2020

Best Team Names of February 2020

Friends Trivia
- Could this BE a better team name? 
- the one where we lose trivia
- I’m looking at the Wenus and I’m not happy!
- Pivot!
- If I had to, I’d pee in any one of you!
- The scrabble tiles marcel swallowed
- The one where it’s not that common, it doesn’t happen all the time, and it is a big deal
- The one where Rachel finds a bra
- We were on a break!
- Chandler's A Girl!
- Monica's Thunder
- That's How They Measure Pants... IN PRISON.
- The Transponsters
- Rubbin Chandler’s nubbin
- Tribbiani|Bing 2020
- I’m just a love machine
- Don’t make us go Red Ross Joey
- So no one told you  trivia was gonna be this hard” *clap *clap *clap *clap *clap
- Chandler’s Job
- The Crap Bags
- Ross’ Next Failed Marriages
- I just babboozled Chandler!
- The Trivianis
- The Ones Who Teach Your Kids
- The Noisy Girls Upstairs
- Team Wenus
- The One Where We Have a Team Name
- Princess Consuela Banna Hammock and the Ugly Naked Guys
- Mrs. Chanandler Bongs
- Chandler's Bing is Bigger than the WENUS

42 Ale House
- Erected Colin GIRTH
- Eggplants: suitable for emojis, not for lasagna
- Oh, the kids are gone! Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck Butthole

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- 60% of the time I can identify all the pictures of dogs
- Is that an eggplant in your bikini or are you just happy to see me
- Oops I blew his French Horn
- let's get funny under this snuggie

Black Husky
- Menace to sobriety
- I would do anything for love but I won’t to tongue in cheek
- Black Huskies in Snuggies and corsets
- Pardon me are you Rod Blagoyovich?

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- Tiger Woods plays 36 holes a day and still finds time to play golf.
- Oops! I wish Quizmaster Katelin and I could do it again!
- Quizmaster Katelin is so white, when the lights went out, I could still see her.

Caffrey's Pub
- Kansas City Queefs
- One of my dads is gay
- Storm Ciara
- Michael Jackson Doll: Pull the string and it plays with your kid
- The microphone gave me Tourette’s
- When I saw the pig wearing lipstick, I camelot.
- My grandma doesn’t wrestle but you should see her box
- Low standards and big pours
- I hate when I put noise cancelling headphones on and I can still hear the voices in my head
- Weinstein’s casting couch

Camp Bar Shorewood
- Hey bartender , whats’s your number
- The foolproof way to decimate our score is name that tune
- Twin Diesel should shave his head, too … cuz that don’t look right
- You Can't Put Lipstick on this Score

Camp Bar Third Ward
- My Spanish Teacher BF Won't Stop Talking About Pelota
- Dicks Out For Kobe
- The Mongeese and Meese are Friends
- OJ in Taft's Tub with his Rocketman
- I Always CAMELOT when a player touches the ball
- I Will Have a Corona Virus, Hold the Lyme Disease
- Yooper in da Pooper
- Saving Ryan's Privates: The Wettest Place on Earth

Camp Bar Tosa
- Tonight, Iowa's Cauc is in all of Us
- God's Plan is to decimate my rabbit hole
- OJ Simpson: Cut my wife into pieces... this is my last divorce,
- Reverend Green grabbed my candlestick in the lavatory
- King Arthur: the original porn star.. he came a lot
- The kids under Michael's blanket
- The wettest place in the world is my golden snitch
- Ryan Reynolds can rock my casbah

Colectivo, Lakefront
- I'll take my Corona Virus with a slice of Lyme disease
- Happy Valentine's Day! I caribou you!
- Junior Varsity Tug-of-War Team
- Quizmaster Trivia Paid For By the Michael Bloomberg Campaign (yes he bought this too)
- We're just like the MVP who isn't Wayne Gretzky - you don't know our names either

- Shakira won the twerk off
- Dark and Stormy Daniels
- If you give us best team name we'll give you a girl scout cookie
- It's Definitely Not Britney Spears, Bitch

Hogs & Kisses
- Our Couch Pulls Out We Don't
- For a good time call....dave
- I’m not a doctor but those arent bones

Inferno, West Bend
- Marty,  where we're going we don't need toads

Izzy Hops
- Iowa Cockus
- General Sherman is Thicc
- I'll Show You The Wettest Place On Earth
- Power Stroking Street Festival
- Ebola... I Barely Know Her...!
- And that concludes our team names for tonight, come back tomorrow for naked trivia!
- Vatican City is not a country
- Gaylord has The Big "D

Jack's American Pub
- Congrats to Mitch Gallagher, AKA "General Spermin"
- Hope you count these faster than Iowa
- Chad Kroeger fan club
- Quizzed in the face
- Mitch is asshole. Why we hate?
- I like a little lymes diseases with me coronavirus
- The whore genre? That's my favorite genre!
- We powerstroke as a team
- World class powerstrokers
- I'm not superstitious, I'm a little sticious
- I, the reader, will buy a round for the bar.

Loaded Slate
- The camouflage condoms. You’ll never see us cumming
- Quiz stain
- Be my modelo and lime... bc I don’t want to die
- Triv free or die hard
- I am once again asking for your financial support

- Karen, Shut Up About the Halftime Show
- The Smarty Pints
- Whiskey Business

- Its Always Sunny in Arizona
- We couldn’t think of a funny team name so just say something funny for us if you announce
- The Wuhan Clan: Straight Outta Quarantine
- Seth Mcfartland

Milwaukee Ale House
- Hitting the peak and screaming "sex panther"
- Pork Tenderloin Sandwich - $10 (like...what?!)
- George bush the original thanos
- Tom Brady kisses his son on the lips
- A tale of Two Titties
- How many grillz could bear grylls wear if bear grylls could wear grillz
- Romper Stomper? I hardly know her!
- We just hope everyone had a fun time
- Yo mamás so ugly she makes my lake go placid

Milwaukee Brat House, Downtown
- A Tale of Two Titties
- Overweight with a Beer and Glasses

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Ushers abs are fine but his dick is not
- Today I learned about animal mating rituals
- General Sperman
- Who the fuck calls a vodka cranberry a cape codder
- Power stroking? No thumb delivery? Sounds like competitive masturbation to me!
- The no thumb delivery is my move in the bedroom
- Settlers of wuhan
- Pour me a coronavirus
- Blood bath and beyond
- Is that your funny bone or are you just happy to see me?
- If a group of unicorns is called a blessing, is a group of cubs fans called a curse?
- Easy Gaylord, it’s just a game
- Resting Britney bitch face
- If the earth is flat why am I downward spiraling

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- Blood Bath and Beyond
- Topeka City Chiefs
- Our Litmus Test Results: Basic Bitches
- Our Best Players Are Not Here
- The Lime to Your Coronavirus
- Quiz Pro Quo
- Squid Knees
- Quiz Me Baby One More Time
- Flies Down for Trivia

- Six Willies and A Bowl of Deez Nuts
- Holy Strawberries, Batman! We're in a Jam!
- Power Stroking Our Way to the International Indoor Competitive Masturbation Championship
- The Wettest Country is Your Mom's Vagina
- Coronavirus...Now With Lime
- BEERded Clams
- I Use My Anal Beads to Pray
- We Never Have A Good Name
- I Still Like Corona
- Where's That 10 Inches You Promised
- With Every New Coronavirus Infection, Morgan Freeman Gets A Freckle

New Berlin Ale House
- I'll porc ur pine
- Tequila Mockingbird
- That thing Shakira did with her tongue was pretty cool!
- Bruce wayne wishes he had mom's spaghetti
- Let's get quizzical

Newsroom Pub
- My Safe Word Is "Keep Going"
- That Damn Redhead

Oak & Shield
- Blacked out b*tches

- I call my dick “Cheney” because it shoots people in the face
- Dahmer’s quality meats
- I saw a porn once named “A Tale of Two Titties, featuring Charles Dick-ens

Raised Grain
- Question 21? It's Britney Bitch
- Klobacher's Spring Training Camp
- Team Bears, Beets, Battle Star Galatica
- Quizzard's of Hopwartz
- Raised Brains

Rally Time, West Bend
- Trump: We’re not in Kansas anymore
- Thank goodness this patriarchy won’t allow me to drive. I can barely handle the vote
- Oops, Bear Grills Did It Again
- Poops, I Did It Again
- If my boobs are in my midsection, I'm going to need a really good bra
- I put in my good underwear and shaved my legs for this?

Red Lion Pub
- My 401k has coronaviris with lime
- Enema of the state
- USA is a three letter country

Second Salem Brewing
- Christ, Can we talk about these lights, i mean seriously?
- The terrific third tetra trumpet team
- Baby Yoda dicks
- Who the fuck gets toe cancer? And who the fuck is liam hemsworth?!

Tosa Tavern
- Sorry there's spit up on this sheet
- Slide on my trombone
- Spank Stream, Spank Brother, Spank Bank

- Hopefully it's not a rusty trombone
- If you're Keen on stunning kites and cunning stunts, but a cunning stunning stunt kite
- Fucking Mongolians
- Tug-of-War Isn't A Sport
- #OvariesB4Brovaries

Whole Foods, Edgewater
- Feeling the Bern in my Caucus
- We are again asking you to save us from going home empty handed

Whole Foods, Streeterville
- Our most commonly used 3 letter word is Poo
- Foot Stuff
- Are you a pulmonary embolism? Because you take my breath away.

Whole Foods, West Loop
- Sometimes You Wanna Go Where Everybody Knows You're Lame

Whole Foods, Willowbrook
- Irritable Vowel Syndrome

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