Best Team Names of May 2021!

Disney Trivia 
- Whistle while you twerk 
- Walt quizney 
- Stitches bitches 
- Elsa gave Walt Disney frozen head 
- You don’t want to know what I say when woody pulls my drawstring 
- If you win you can hakuna my tatas 
- Jasmines drapes match her magic carpet 
- Taco belles
- Bibbidi Bobbidi Bitchez
- Leaning tower of cheesa 
- Disney or dat knee 
- Tequilo and Stitch

The Baaree
- Dobby's Dunces

- Magic Mike makes me touch my Harry Potter
- A whale's vagina

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- According to my phone, eggplant is the most used emoji.
- Only Nerds Know Quarterbacks
- We’d hear better if people shut the fuck up 
- And that’s a wrap on another day where I acted like I knew what I was doing 
- Women also have a 19 letter word for my cock. It’s scrumdidilyumptious 

Caffrey's Pub
- If you go to Murph's you still have to wear a mask.
- The lost underwater city of Caffs-lantis

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- We forgot our ugly hats at home. Shit. 4. Gaseous gals
- Not eating Crow in buffalo 
- Turns out the real slim shady is the chuckie doll 
- RIP Biggie but it turns out mo money means less problems
- The Unites States of Butt Plugs

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- Covid Baddies and Vaccinated Daddies, 
- Aint no laws if you’re drinking claws
- We will drink more than vitamin water for 50 cents 
- Who else doesn’t give a shit about Schitt's Creek? 
- Bill Clinton’s Lil John Could Echolocate Mariah’s Cathedral Mounds 
- Mariah Carey’s Cathedral Mounds 
- Sleeping with Supervisors

Camp Bar Tosa
- Melinda Gates’ sugar babies
- Are you drinking 2% because you think you’re fat?”
- Lady and the tramps
- pookie poo lover buns
- Simps for Frank

Deer Camp
- Beer Pressure 
- Wedding Weekend Wiener Winners 
- The “Bee” Squad - We met on Bumble! 

Hangout MKE
- Kiss me ASL!

Izzy Hops
- My Milkshake Brings All The Beers To The Yard
- Wagyu Curtains

- May the booze be with you
- Synchronized Swimming Makes me Wet
- David Gruber Street Gang
- Silk Exotic Tuesday Morning Crew

Milwaukee Ale House
- Will Madiqfit?

Milwaukee Brat House, downtown
- Ronald Reagan? The Actor! 
- Dwayne "the rock" Johnson for President! 4th
- I have a smelly Butt 
- Condoms and Rattlesnakes: 2 things we don't fuck with 
- Once upon a time in Ross's Mom 
- Magic Mike's Rolling Deep in Me 
- Liz "traitor Cheny" (lol jk) 
- Unemployed hand models looking for hand jobs
- Oops I schlitzer my pants
- Jeffrey Dahmers house of ribs
- Chronicles of bill's micro"soft" dick
- Rattle Snakes and Condoms: 2 things we don't fuck with 
- Newest Olympic Sport: Sychronized Twerking 

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Gates divorce attorney
- She likes to play with my lightsaber
- What word can come before class, plan, key and bate 
- Trivia: now with pants! 4
- Upper deckers
- What word comes before key, class, and bate 
- Pee all you can pee 
- The one that spits poison at the thief with the glasses 
- Majorie Taylor Greene etiquette society
- Fucktangulars

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- Gelatin Implants Gave Me Vatican Titties
- I make magic when I wiggle something else ;) 
- You pay the ransom, I'll lay the pipeline
- The one where Harvey Weinstein asked me to see me in his office"

- Bill Gates Got a Divorce Because he Was at the Office 365 
- My Death Star Has an Itch 
- Bo Peep Gives Buzz a Woody 
- We Are The Losers, No Time For Champions 
- Elon Musk is Short for Elongated Muskrat 
- I'm Just Sitting in the Rain, Sitting in the Rain 
- Put Your Frankfurter in my Thunder Gulch 
- City of Miwaukee Lifts Trivia Mandate
- Fred Flinstone Must've Been Rock Hard 
- Guys, It's "Afghanistananies"
- Pesto Genovese is Made With Deez Nuts
- We All Drive Teslas 
- Yellowstoners 
- Is Pepsi Okay? 

The Nutty Squirrel
- Aaron Rodgers needs to shut up & retire 
- Know Eye Deer Best team name 
- Bucky the lucky duckies

- I also have a 42.5 inch world record
- Britney’s bitches
- Russians were the first to eat apple sauce in space but they ate American dust on the moon 
- Chadian’ paper like Michael Scott 
- My body part twitches to make magic, too
- Regis Philbin would have been a better magic mic 
- Nailin’ Palin 
- Claire’s working the magic mic 
- Vaccination penetration

Pete's Pub
- Vogue en Deez Nuts
- Pentium Process Her? I Hardly Know Her!
- Sarah Palin’s Tramp Stamp
- Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider
- Say Hello to my Little Score

Raised Grain
- Modonna’s Stone Cold Stunners 
- We are Googling Everything (j/k) 
- Putt, Putt, in the Butt (Fresh from mini golf)
- 4 chixs and a dick
- Lt. Dan’s Legs 
- Czech the Beer View Mirror

Rally Time, West Bend
- Innocculated and InCOCKulated.
- Three Dumb Non Blondes
- Whiskeypedia Strippers
- 9 Inch Males

Red Lion Pub
- Jizzmasters
- What’s Melinda Gate's number?
- chlamydial pursuit
- Hi Jamie lee Curtis for activia

Second Salem
- Hentai and Chill?

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
- We thought this was speed dating?
- Please, not in the face!”
- Taco Boozeday
- My drinking team has a trivia problem


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