Best Team Name of October 2021

Star Wars Trivia
- Some Like It Hoth
- The Rookie Wookies
- Hoth Girl Summer
- Jar Jar Drinks
- Tight Gungan Fuckholes
- The Death Star was exactly like the Ford Pinto!  It took one shot to the ass and it exploded!! 
- Jabbas Sluts 
- Storm Poopers: Fall of the Shits
- Baby Yoda Fanclub 
- I Think the Trivia Guy is a Sith Lord 
- Enough is enough! I've had it with these motherfuckin' Sith in this motherfuckin' Senate!
- Princess Leiyup (Go Bucks!)

Game of Thrones
- A Lannister Always Pays His Tab
- Balls Deep In The Red Keep 
- What’s in the Box? It ain’t a little finger 
- Ramsey Boston’s Humane Society
-Your mother was a dumb whore with a fat ass 
- #gettheonsdickback 
- It’s a nice day for a red wedding 
- Stark chance at winning 
- She calls me winter because I’m coming 
- The white wankers
- Season 5-8 SUCKED worse than getting my junk stuck in the zipper of my jeans
- Game of Moans: “Winter is cumming”

The Baaree
- Uranus Has the Longest Day 
- Wahlberg & the Walnut'
- Who Spiked my Hot Chocolate?? 
- Broke Princess of Midwest US

Bad Moon Saloon
- Thundercuntz!!!
- Premature E-Jack-O'Lantern

Bilda's Friess Lake Pub
- Vanilla Ice has cool runnings down his testicle
- how did you know that asshole? 
- Going Gaga over Halle’s hooters in Haiti

Brass Monkey, West Allis
- My erection isn't made of stone but I have a HUGE monument for Quizmaster Katelin!
- When applying at Hooters, do they just hand you a bra and say "Here, fill this out!!"?
- We’re More Dangerous than Alec Baldwin with a prop gun 
- Platinum Lady Bugs 
- Alec Baldwin on the movie set with the revolver

Caffrey's Pub
- She just got engaged, we aren’t leaving here without a gift card

Camp Bar, Shorewood
- Iggy popped my cherry with his Peter O’Toole
- 101 uses for latex 
- Menace to Sobriety
- Eisenhower these nuts tasting?
- Accidental Existence
- The New Owners of the Chicago Bears
- That’s not my costume, it’s just my face
- I see dead people…and get horny

Camp Bar, Third Ward
- The boys who crashed Facebook Team name 
- My teenage dream: JFK wearing Latex knickers
- We are the 8th deadly sin
- Rose needed quite a few rubbers to play Jack’s harmonica on the Titanic  
- Two goth kids in the corner
- Ed Gein’s Discount Leather 
- Kristen and the Rubber Duckies 
- Halloweenies

Camp Bar, Tosa
- the 8th deadliest sin: the San Francisco 69ers
- there was room for Jack
- Shooting the breeze with Alec Baldwin

Colectivo Lakefront
- Shakespeare bones Nas while the whale shark played the drums 
- Don’t send unsolicited Dick Cheney’s
- Buffalo Bill can put the lotion on my Buffalo Balls
- Ghouls just wanna have fun

Deer Camp MKE
- Betting on the Ass Line
- Taking out the Laundrie and If I don’t win best team name an eagle is going to take a dookie on your forehead
- Fake blood is for posers 
- Chucky’s Angels 
- Morgan Freeman’s Semen Demons

Izzy Hops
- Hallow Weenies

Jack's American Pub
- Can Collin Powell hear us burning in hell? 
- Shoutout Dean the bar tending machine 
- Thank you to Kevin Durants big toe 
- Pringle’s make me mingle
- Fuck the Braves

The Landing at Hoyt Park
- We Suck
- Quiz in my pants
- Titanic Swim Team
- Ron Goldman's last words: "Hey, you're O.J. Simpson?!"
- Alec Baldwin with the prop gun in the conservatory
- What's a Goose Buster?

Magoo's on the Mound
- More drinkin than thinkin 
- Tibet the Under
- Better not be a cactus

- We Came for Trivia and All We Got Was Syphilis (Thanks Columbus)
- J is for Jenius

- The only thing going down on me this week was Facebook
- Lorenzo Pain

Milwaukee Ale House
- Hades’s nuts 
- Million dollar pop tarts
- How do you spell Ukalaleigh?
- Souriyo's Sad Boy Country

Milwaukee Brat House, Downtown
- Harold and Kumar go to the Brat house
- Jizzmaster Ross
- 24 Karat Yellow
- hot girls, hotter boyfriends

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
- Lightning round was my nickname in high school
- Trivial travesty
- Ravioli, ravioli, send me nudes-ioli
- Here for the booooooze 
- The Milwaukee dead
- Dahmer? I hardly know her! 
- Jack the stripper is my stripper name 

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
- George Bush's Nuts
- Beer Be Bussin'!
- Silence of the sheep

- Your Mom only cost me 37 cents in 1957
- It's my Birthday, Please Cheer Loud for Me
- Gianis-ly love trivia
- Woodrow Wilson's Witches
- Suck my Tootsie Roll
- T-Rex's need help to handle their Tootsie Roll

Nutty Squirrel
- Big Tittie Committee
- Alec Baldwin is being set up…as a nee horror thriller killer
- Scream Queens 
- And then I quizzed in my pants

- Risky Quizness
- Your moms butt is Mexico's border
- quiz me baby one more time 
- Here for the booooos
- Witches ain’t shit but hoes with tricks 
- Here for the boos 
- Boo you whore 
- We know what you drank last summer 
- Trivial chainsaw massacre

Pete's Pub
- If pulmonology is useless knowledge, we wasted $120K
- Halle Berry’s Left Breast
- Beetlejuice,  Beetlejuice,  Beetlejuice! 
- Gunther, Friends' Real MVP 
- Who Ya Gonna Call?  Not Me!

Raised Grain
- 4 sausages + a chick 
- Skipper makes me moist

Rally Time, West Bend
- Bigga da hoop, Bigga Da Hoe.
- Tickle Me Emo
- We Still Own John 
- We'd Go Topless for Half A Million, But We Ate Too Much White Castle
- Dude. I'll Show You My Hooters For A Snickers
- We Need More Boooooos 
- MY Milkshake Brings All The Ghouls To The Yard

Red Lion Pub
- Condoms and snakes two things I don’t fuck with
- Dumbest people on the patio
- Jesus take our third wheel 
- RIP Colin powell, not the only dead colon after eating this pasty 

Second Salem Brewing
- With a 3.8 Quizmaster GPA, we’re on the honors list! 
- Mummy’s Little Lads
- The Scallywags

State Line Distillery
- State Line? More like Dateline if we don’t win.
- I know who you did last summer 
- Whining til wine time
- Poultry-Geist 
- Freddy Prince Krueger Fan Club

Third Space Brewing
- Turd Space
- I Still Own You
- A Clusterfuck of Bats
- Witch Better Have my Money

Up-Down MKE
- We’re not creative enough to think of a clever team name 
- The pinballerz (with a z)
- SMRT (Superior Mental Retention Team)
- Pumpkin Spice Assholes 
- Peter Francis Scare-aci

Wisconsin Brewing Co.
- We have a babysitter!
- Spooky Bible Ball 
- Par for the corpse 
- Spooky Jacket Kody Fan Club


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