FRIENDS Feud night is coming to Pete's Pub

🗽 Oh... My... God! Friends fanatics this is a bar game like no other, just for you!

✨ Our FIRST ever Disney Feud night hits Pete's Pub on Brady on Tuesday November 16th at 7:30pm! It'll be the happiest bar on Earth for two hours!

🤓 The game is simple -- answer Family Feud-style questions, all with a FRIENDS theme - in 30 seconds flat!

❓ Examples of questions include:

1) What's one word that might best describe Rachel's trifle? 

2) If Roy the Stripper hadn't come dressed as a cop to Phoebe's bachelorette party, what's another cliche he might have dressed as?

📝 We surveyed 100 FRIENDS fanatics - the goal is to guess the TOP answer from those we asked! 

😏 Some questions may be of a more adult nature too (see below answers as an example) but all in good fun!

(Top answers below)


🌊 $4 White Claws
🥤 $5 Loaded Mexican Sodas


🥇 $30 gift card
🥈 $20 gift card
😂 Funniest answer: A copy of "Disney Villains Monopoly"  🎲



✍️ At the start of the game players are given a white board to write their answers on...
🕕 Assemble your house, because you'll only have 30 seconds to answer questions!


🙋 Hold up your whiteboard after the time is up and the host will come around to mark your points.

✅ Players get 10 points for the top answer and 5 points for the second-top answer. 


🖐️ The game is split into 3 rounds of five questions each, with one Final Feud question at the end, where players have to come up with five answers. 

🖍️ Plus, players will be given two pens for their white boards: a black one and a red one.

👍 ONCE per round, teams can use their red pen to answer, which will double their points for that question if they are correct.



1) Gross 🤢 
2) Firefighter 🧑‍🚒


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