FeudMaster's Funniest Answers of January and February 2023


3 Sheeps Brewing

  • What’s the first thing you are likely to be asked at your high school reunion? Answer: Do you still have herpes?
  • What kind of food might be served at wedding that's on a severe budget? Answer: Bag of dicks
  • Asking 100 married women: name something you'd be surprised to hear your husband picked up? Answer: An STD
  • Name a hot place where you'd never expect to see someone to be eating ice cream? Answer: Mexico


Fat Daddy's

  • Name a talent a person is born with and can't be taught? Answer: Blow Jobs


Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood

  • Name something a dog pees on that would be weird to see a person pee on? Answer: My wife
  • Name a form of communication that would be the worst way to break up with someone on Valentine’s Day? Answer: Carrier Pigeon


Pete's Pub

  • What on the playground do you wish was adult sized? Answer: The Children 
  • What would be hard for a woman who was in her last month of pregnancy to do? Answer: Eat Ass
  • Besides “biographies”, what section of a book store would a memoir of YOUR life belong in? Answer: "Still a Virgin"
  • What does your Mom do better than your wife? Answer: Handles my penis
  • Guys, what would you do if a hot co-worker flirted with you at work? Answer: Ask for ID
  • Name a gag gift that someone might get at an “over the hill” birthday party? Answer: Viagra
  • Name an animal beginning with H that would be a disgusting entree for a Valentine's Day dinner? Answer: Hamsters


Rally Time

  • Name something you’d see on your lover's face that would make you not want to kiss them? Answer: Salty Frosting
  • How can you tell your girlfriend is turning into a mermaid? Answer: She starts to smell like fish.
  • What might a wife be holding that would make her think “I could really hurt my husband with this”? Answer: His Tool
  • What’s the softest part of your body? Answer:  Gary's Dick


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