Funniest Feud Answers of Winter 2024


3 Sheep Brewing
  • If you were taking cowgirl Jessie out on a first date, where might you go? Answer: Andy's bedroom
  • Name a place you'd least expect to see a super hero? Answer: Strip Club
  • Name something that might ruin your date? Answer: Your date dies in your arms
  • Name a reason a woman might marry a man she just met 2 months ago? Answer: Green Card

Milwaukee Brat House, Shorewood
  • What would you do if your wife decided to not have sex with you for a full year as a New Year’s resolution? Answer: Get a prostitute

The Hive FDL
  • Name a celebrity that is famous for twerking? Answer: Chris Brown's latest hit

The Hounds & Tap

  • Name a place you'd least expect to see a Super Hero? Answer: Salon/Barber

Leff's Lucky Town
  • We asked 100 married man, what would you do if your wife new year’s resolution was to not have sex with you for a year? Answer: Buy a Boat
  • What would you do if you had Donald Trump’s hair? Answer: corn rolls (in jail) 
  • Name a house/type of house that you’d never want to spend much time in? Answer: Outhouse 
  • Name something you pick that can make you rich? Answer: Husband

Rally Time, West Bend
  • Name something an angry woman might wreck if she found out her man was cheating on her? Answer: Cut “It” off
  • What's thicker than water? Answer: Bloody Mary's
  • Ladies: name a gift you are always happy to get from your partner? Answer: dick in a box.
  • Besides a swing what swings both ways? Answer: Our trivia team

Thirsty Duck Sussex
  • If they made an R-rated Wizard of Oz, what might Dorothy ask the Wizard for? Answer: Sex w/ the tin man"


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