Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to play?
Usually it's $1 per person to play, although there are exceptions. This is exclusively a TIP for your Quizmaster host, so don't be stingy – all the money goes to them!

And although it's cheap as chips, you better be buying food and drinks (preferably booze!) Just drinking water is not cool!! It's no big secret how we operate --- we drive business to our venues, so if everyone who shows up just drinks water and eats chips and salsa, we get fired.

Is there a team-size limit?
Yes. In the best interests of the game, teams are limited to 8 players. But we hate to break up friends (professionally speaking, that is), so if teams do come with more than 8 people, they can split into two teams or take the one-point deduction for each additional player they have. And some venues do allow players of all ages to participate but we advise that you call the venue ahead of time just to be sure.

Can we use cell phones for help?
No! Cell phone use is strictly prohibited!!! The use of cellular devices to "phone a friend" or surf the internet for answers during the quiz is strictly foul play and disqualification will be enforced on teams using such methods.

When does the game take place?
As we operate our unique trivia game as a partnership with some of the area's coolest bar venues, it varies depending on the location. Check the schedule for details, but most venues host Quizmaster on a weekly basis; on the same day at the same time.

Do we shout out any answers?
No! Please do not shout out the answers! Write 'em down and we'll grade them later on.

So, what in it for us?
As well as about two-hours of action packed quizzin' fun, teams can actually win stuff. Although our prizes aren't quite The Price is Right-worthy, most venues offer bars tabs for first place, second place and best team name (or the "people's prize" as we like to call it). Exact amounts vary with each bar, so check out venue blogs for specifics.

Does my team register in advance or not?
No. Just show up! Remember the team limit of 8, otherwise if you're a lone ranger we won't judge you (although others might!)

Is the quiz hard?
Well, like we say: it's not hard when you know the answers! We try to customize rounds and questions that are interesting, thought provoking and entertaining. We hope our questions provide good fodder for conversation between you and your team mates, and that you able to answer at least half of them correctly!

How to win?
For best results, try to rally a gang of troops that are diverse in age, gender and life experience (and seeing as are owner and chief question-creator is British, perhaps nationality too!) We try to make our questions as diverse as possible so whether your 21 or 101 you have a chance to muster an intelligible answer.

Can I quiz more than one night a week?
As far as quizzing multiple times a week, knock yourself out, because questions are different no matter what day of the week you play!


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