How the Game Works

By now we're all familiar with the concept of bar trivia or "pub quizzing". Our format follows that of the old school English pub quizzes in which all teams receive pen and paper to write their answers on. Of course, this is a live-hosted, interactive trivial game, where our Quizmaster's personalities are put to work to keep you entertained. 

We tailor our quizzes with our awesome and unique "picture sheets", with one round on the quiz featuring a visual clue that goes alongside it (and we promise that we have the BEST picture questions on Planet Earth!) At the end of the game teams switch sheets (it's elementary indeed) and grade each other as the Quizmaster reveals the answers. Of course, any discrepancies or math errors are taken up with the host who can adjust the final score. After which ALL the team names are read (with the best one receiving a prize at most venues) and winners are announced.

The quiz is divided into 6 five-question rounds, making up a total of 30 questions. Many questions might be worth multiple points though (like, what four states meet at the Four Corners?)

Categories include:
    - History
    - Geography
    - Music
    - Film
    - TV
    - Sports
    - Advertising Slogans
    - Art and Literature
    - Fashion and Design
    - Food and Drink
    - Film Quote Clips
    - Music Clips
    - Science and Nature
    - Toys and Games
    - TV Theme Songs
    - Useless Knowledge

    We also like to throw in a couple of wager categories and other interesting twists to make it different every time you play!

    How long does it take?
    Each quiz lasts approximately two hours, depending on the venue and the types of questions on any given night. We also offer an abbreviated format for private and corporate events. Please inquire with us via email about hosting trivia at your private event.

    Need a better idea? Check out the video below to see what people are saying about Quizmaster Trivia...


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