Quizmaster T-Shirt Contest! Apply now!

So, we at Quizmaster are looking to print some more cool tees for our hosts (and players) to wear at our trivia nights around town....

This time, however, we're asking YOU - the Quizmaster player - to contribute to the cause! Yes, we're asking you guys to come up a cool and inspiring design for our next t-shirt.

The winner will get:

- $150 (cash money)
- Five t-shirts featuring their design
- Ultimate bragging rights!

The terms of the contest are as follows:

- Applicants can submit up to three designs each:
  1. One single-color design
  2. One three-color design
  3. One full-color (unlimited-colors) design
- Designs must be submitted by Wednesday July 4th, 2012 at Noon. A winner will be announced within one week of that date.

- Quizmaster encourages applicants to incorporate our logo in your design (download files below), although it's not mandatory. We also encourage the use of our slogan "drink while you think" somewhere on your tee - but again it's not mandatory.

Download Quizmaster logo here

- Applicants of any age may submit entries.

- We ask that applicants send us their designs in BOTH a pdf and jpg format. Please email designs directly to our owner Ryan Wickens at ryan@quizmastertrivia.com

- We ask that applicants send as the source file on it's own, as well mocked up on a t-shirt. An example of both is seen below:


Our final word of advise to our applicants is this: we're looking for something cool and unique; something that any of you would wear to quiz night, or anywhere else for that matter; for something that people would buy at our online store; something that is different and stands out in the crowd.

Good luck all, get those submissions in quickly and blow us away with your cool designs! And who knows, if we like your design that much we might actually HIRE YOU in the future to create some cool stuff for us.

Disclaimer: All designs submitted may be used by Quizmaster Trivia LLC is any way, shape and form that we choose and automatically (upon submission) becomes the legal property of Quizmaster.


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