Forturne & Glory, Quiz Kids... Forturne & Glory! Quizmaster Cup X Recap...

Sunday August 10th, 2014 rolled around and 30 teams, almost 200 die-hard, pop culture-hungry queeps, rolled into Milwaukee's Lakefront Brewery for a special trivia showdown. And don't forget more photos from the event can be found at our Facebook page.

Quizmaster Cup was back after a long overdue absence of over a year. In that time Quizmaster HQ gave some thought to revamping the QM Cup model, this time out focusing on pop culture film, TV and music staples.

All the good stuff featured including Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter, Breaking Bad, Friends, Seinfeld, Anchorman, James Bond, Batman, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Back to the Future and more! It was truly a fanatical affair this Sunday night.

And besides a ton of prizes, chiefly donated by the Lakefront Brewery and our title sponsor Milwaukee Irish Fest, there was also the coveted Quizmaster Cup up for grabs...

Of course that stallion of a homo-sapien situated on the top of the cup reflects the image of all quizzers everywhere. Abs-Man we call him.

And the competition was fierce in the end with 30 teams vying for five top prizes. Ultimately teams had to break at least 100 points (from a possible 120) to make the cut, with 8 teams getting a three-digit score in the end.

In fifth place were trivia stalwarts from Risky Quizness, who notched up 107 points and took a box of Irish Fest goodies and a $50 gift card to Jack's American Pub...

Next up, just one point above them were Scrambled Eggs, also a seasoned veteran on the Quizmaster circuit, who also took some goodies and a $50 gift card to the Three Lions Pub....

They're getting closer to the top!! Watch out for these guys at future big events!

Second spot was a hot contest as two teams tied on 109 points, and so sudden death (a question about the usage of the f-word in The Big Lebowski) ensued.

Third place would go to Brewery Navigation Specialists, who took a prize pack and another $50 gift card...

However, they donated their free beer (part of their prize) to another team as they work at the Brewery and get delicious free Lakefront beer 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year. BRAVO!

You Got a Question, You Ask the 8-Ball won out in sudden death and took second spot, an excellent achievement...

And that meant that the trivia cluster-juggernaut-supreme that is Fuckin' Wolverine, a previous two-time Quizmaster Cup champion, took top spot with their smashing total of 111 points...

Something tells us that they were delighted with the win, particularly after telling our Quizmasters that pop culture "really isn't our forte."

Cocky bastards indeed!!

We want to thank the Lakefront Brewery for being an awesome (and rather spacious!) host and Irish Fest again for helping us put the event together. Don't forget we host quizzes at Irish Fest this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Details on that here. 

Quizmaster Cup will return in 2015, but until then watch this space on more specially-themed events, including Friends and Seinfeld quizzes before the year is up!!

Until next time Milwaukee, drink while you think...

Sunday August 10th, Quizmaster Cup X scores:

  1. 111 Fuckin Wolverine
  2. 109 You Got a Question, You Ask the 8-Ball
  3. 109 Brewery Navigation Specialists
  4. 108 Scrambled Eggs
  5. 107 Risky Quizness
  6. 105 Miltown Junks
  7. 102 The Octogon featuring James Westfall and Dr. Kenneth Noisewater
  8. 101 4 Guys, 2 Girls, 1 (Quiz) Cup
  9. 099 Leprechaun Boners: Irish dicks are rising
  10. 099 In god we thrust
  11. 098 Insufferable Know-It-Alls
  12. 096 Wyld Stallyns
  13. 096 Little Lebowski Urban Drinkers
  14. 095 I Always Go Braless
  15. 094 Caprica Six
  16. 093 Chris Pratt, slip me your mix tape
  17. 092 That's no moon!
  18. 091 The Big Lebowski mostly hates Nickleback (Perfect Pints)
  19. 090 Dean Zajack: The Sunshine Kids
  20. 089 The Knight's Templat who Say "Ni"
  21. 087 Drunk in Love: 50 shades of bae
  22. 085 You Fucked Up, You Trusted Us
  23. 085 Little Cheetos
  24. 083 See you next Tuesday
  25. 079 Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
  26. 075 A-
  27. 074 Supersonic MEGA Wizards
  28. 072 Menace II Sobriety
  29. 062 Your Mom
  30. 036 Trash Talk


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