Darth Bauer! Star Wars and 24 Themed Quizzes just announced!

The upcoming month is going to be a busy one for the Quizmaster research laboratory as we've just announced that we will be hosting two more specially themed quizzes in the approaching weeks.

First up, on Sunday April 27th (from 7-9 p.m.), we'll be hosting The 24 Quiz, covering all 8 seasons of the enthralling espionage show, ahead of its new series premiere on Sunday May 5th…

We will revisit the Three Lions Pub in Shorewood for this event, having previously hosted our Breaking Bad and Anchorman themed events there in 2013. Again the event will be $5/person, and we advise queeps to arrive a little early to grab a good spot!

The Quizmaster Strikes Back...
Switching over to intergalactic quizzing, our other planned quiz, The Star Wars Trivia Event that's being dubbed "the Quizmaster Strikes Back", will take place just one week after our 24 quiz. Sunday May the Fourth (7-9 p.m.), which naturally is Star Wars Day, seemed like a no brainer for this event, with Jack's American Pub on Brady Street being our host for the night…

Again, a $5/person entry fee will be required from all droids and Jedi's alike. Early arrivals are encouraged once more.

Any suggestions for more specially-themed quiz topics, hit up in the comments section below, on Facebook or email. We're always looking for new ideas folks!


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